To Know God, Go to Children, Not Church

It’s hard for me to find a greater joy than allowing myself to be a child again among children. Not judging, not being “the authority,” being just a friend, children are absolutely delighted when you approach them that way; for it is all they ever wanted of you, to see them as they are — imperfect and learning — and not as compared to what they will need to be when they grow up. A lot less teaching; a lot more fun. If you can remember that children are only little friends who simply have less experience in some matters than you, you will view them no differently than a friend who has less experience in some field in which you have lots. And when you can see and approach them that way, you may just hear and see and learn again so many things you wish you’d never forgotten; and you’ll remember that when you were a child you had a much more palpable sense of the divinity all around, and within…just like these children have. Being with children is the closest thing I’ve found to feeling divinity present.

Audio Reading of This Piece:
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