On Thin Ice, Global Warming Impacts Expedition


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Dear Mickel,

Switch to Safer Technologies

More than 100 million Americans are at risk of injury or death in the event of an accident or terrorist attack on any of the 6,300 plants that the Department of Homeland Security has identified as high risk. Urge your member of Congress to support comprehensive chemical security legislation (H.R. 2868 and H.R. 3258 as introduced) and vote for strengthening amendments and oppose weakening amendments when this legislation comes before your Committee this fall. Take action

On Thin Ice – Arctic Sunrise documents Arctic Impacts of global warming

Since mid-July, our ship the Arctic Sunrise has been in the Arctic documenting the impacts of global warming on Greenland’s glaciers. A team of Greenpeace campaigners and independent scientists onboard the ship have carried out some groundbreaking work to understand the mechanisms that are contributing to the unprecedented meltdown of Arctic ice over the past several years. Just last week, it was reported that the minimum area of summer Arctic sea-ice extent has plummeted to the third-lowest level ever in recorded history.

You can read about the expedition, as well as view some amazing photos and videos, by clicking here.

The Age of Stupid global premier event

This evening, the largest live film event will be held to celebrate the premier of the movie The Age of Stupid. Over 400 movie theaters across the US, as well as theaters in 45 countries around the world, will participate in the “simulcast” of the Green Carpet event held in New York City. Greenpeace partnered with the makers of the film, which is a stark warning about the perils of inaction on global warming, because we felt the movie delivers a powerful and timely message.

The movie is part documentary, part sci-fi flick, and stars Oscar-nominated actor Pete Postlethwaite as an old man living in the global warming-ravaged world of 2055 watching actual archive footage from 2008 and desperately wondering: Why didn’t we stop climate change while we had the chance? Read more

Attention College Students!

Do you know a student who’s passionate about the environment? The Greenpeace Organizing Term is a semester long training program where students learn how to use their passion to create change! On our site you can hear from some of our Alumni about their amazing experiences training with Greenpeace.

For more info about the program and to apply click here.



Greenpeace Debit Card
Let your everyday purchases protect the planet with new Greenpeace Debit MasterCard. There’s no need to change banks – you just connect the card to your existing checking account. But every time you make a purchase you’ll be supporting Greenpeace, at no cost to you. Plus, the Greenpeace Debit MasterCard is 99.9% PVC-free – it’s the first and only payment card in the U.S. made of PETG, an alternative to PVC that is less harmful to the environment. Click here to apply.

Upcoming Day of Action
On October 24th, we will be participating in an international day of action on climate change. And there’s going to be lots of exciting “Greenpeace” ways for activists like you to get involved. So keep your eyes out…more information will be coming soon!


Save the oceans by making a donation to support Greenpeace.Your gift today will give us the urgent support to end pirate fishing, bottom trawling and whale hunting and create worldwide marine reserves to protect our oceans. Donate.


Radio Ads

Greenpeace continues to fish for the truth by sinking our hooks into Trader Joe’s greenwashing. The supermarket is still selling red list seafood and hiding the truth from the public. Listen to these new Greenpeace radio ads that tell Trader Joe’s to stop selling unsustainable seafood and to show some respect for our oceans. Have a listen.



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