Surviving After Bush – Hippie, Dippy Dietician Serves Up Tips for Making it Through the Second Great Depression

“The Hippie Dippy Out-of-Work Fast & Healthy Eating Show!” is a
food show set in a near future. Sliced from its context, still its
minimalist world hangs in the air, drips out with the dietitian’s
unimpassioned words.Through that prism, one flashes on masses of out of
work, skilled, knowledgeable Mad-Maxians, twisting in city winds like
leaves of autumn – beaten down bedraggled remnants of Reagan’s
“tinkle-down-piss-on-the-poor” and Bush’s “you’re on your own, the rich
have paid us to let them plunder you” economics. Down, not out, they
use what they know to help. Bums are experts now sought by newbie
corporate “suits” for tips on dumpster-diving. Sillymickel also helps,
passing on his nutritional & hippie tips. Expect him next among the
homeless millions, entire families, crowding America’s cities. Former
proud corporate lackeys clutch their useless laptops in pathetic
denial. Dry humor & playfully exaggerating a possible outcome of
rob-the-poor-Republican policies hopes to lighten up a bit our worried

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