If you see a “demon” on the path, shake its hand!

I wrote this in response to a friend who’d seen an “entity” and had become afraid.  This is the second time a friend had related an experience like this; and both of them responded with “Be gone!” or an equivalent of that.  One person added “In Christ’s name!”

I wrote (names changed, of course):

Please, Rosannadanna, do what you can, short of primal feeling of it which
would really get rid of it, to not give energy to evil. The Native
Americans didn’t. It’s interesting that you called out to “Jesus” when
you were afraid — because yes it is the Christians who’ve diminished
God so much that rather than being the Supreme Being and the All That
Is (including Nature), there is another will in the Universe that is
not His/Hers that would want to make us suffer forever.

Try to
imagine a God/Goddess who REALLY, REALLY (NO SHIT REALLY) GOOD! And if
that entity is All That Is as well; then how could there possibly be
evil entities attacking you? The saints have always pointed out that a
god is most often seen as a demon until one is (w)holy enough to
recognize him. Next time you see a fearful anything, or a terrifying
anything, remember that you were terrified, you were hurt, and you
would of course see something that is new or strange to you through
those feelings. But strip away your fear, and there is either nothing
there, or there is a being — as terrified as you — who just needs
some love. Remember that what happened to you when you were young was
done by someone who saw you through that same filter of fear and
terror, and did not recognize your innocence. That is sad; but it also
made you the wise woman (wise, not all-knowing — none of us is) you
are today!

Remember: our greatest challenge is to recognize the
things in us that are just like our perpetrators. Without awareness, we
do to others exactly what was done to us. That is why awareness is so
important to liberation. Without awareness that the present is not the
past, without then looking deeply into the present and seeing that
difference and then creating a different behavior than the one you are
familiar with (as a victim, but you also learned the perp’s behavior),
you end up fearing, and then doing to the innocent other what was done
to you.

But the awesome news is that with awareness, and courage (and
primal therapy helps tremendously there — in giving you courage) you
can think of alternative behaviors to the ones you are habituated to —
like instead of “scary, strange, non-human thing, get away and be
gone,” you might say “how do I know for sure that I’m in any danger,
after all, it seems that I’m just about to be the first one here to go
making someone feel like they are a monster!” (a bit disrespectful when
you don’t even know the entity, don’t you think?).

Thinking that, you
might say to yourself, “I’m not going to be the first one here to be
dissing and ferocious. Instead, knowing that God is love and that God
is literally All That Is (including this entity) as well as God is
closer to me than my own breath (so how can I feel alone or, fearful?),
why don’t I take a good look at this entity and see if maybe I can see
a little of something other than fearful things — like maybe the
entity is, I must not turn away and must look deep now, hurt…maybe.

Or maybe the entity is frustrated, like it’s looking at me with a “Aw,
c’mon, Rosannadanna! OK, so this time I didn’t get all dressed up like a
Native American Wise Woman and didn’t go all Pocahantas on ya, but like
I was in a hurry — Christ, didn’t even get a chance to shave — but I
knew you needed to have this message right away! So I came as I am,
thinking that you would be past prejudging upon appearances by now
(ain’t that what the white man did to the Native Americans? hmm, now, Rosannadanna? Ain’t that?). But, Christ, you’re all “get the hell out of
here and all — “hell, don’t you remember me?” — and then you go and
drop the J-bomb on me. Chirst! I mean Jesus is cool and all, but what
they made out of him is nothing at all like He is and what they made
him into was a freak, a reason to not do their own learning, and to
allow themselves to keep recreating their hell of fear”

Or something
like that you might be seeing in this entity.

And then when you see
that, even a fraction of it, you might try putting out your hand, face
up, in friendship. You might embrace, but no need to go that far until
you’re ready.

Anyway, the Native Americans didn’t have any
concept of hell. They saw Nature and the Heavens as equally beneficent;
and their role was simply not to forget that. And because they were
good at that — the “not forgetting”… what we might call “faith,” we
call them noble. Because they stood tall on this Earth, fearing neither
man, beast, nor spirit. For they knew that they were part of the one
all-encompassing weave of Existence, no better, but then no worse than
any other part.

So they stood tall, felt themselves strong and solid
their feet on the Earth, knowing that they had purpose and meaning,
knowing that they belonged here (Earth), and that nothing could ever
harm them that was not in their best interest in the long run, and was
a gift from Nature — which could not help but be on their side and
intending to help them, for indeed they were part of Nature, so why
would they be against themselves. And beyond that, what else exists
that could possibly be against them.

That’s native American. But
Sathya Sai Baba in this century said — and all religions have the same
one wisdom at their base since there can only be one Truth — “Why fear
when I am here?” More succinctly put. But know that when He says I am
here, he does not mean, I am here alive on Earth, he means I am always
and everywhere and in all times HERE…there is no space, neither in the
physical metaphorical reality nor in Consciousness Itself, which
encompasses and is actually equivalent to All That Exists (with nothing
existing other than it) that is not supremely suffused with God….with
God’s Love, God’s caring, mercy, compassion, All-knowingness, and
All-powerfulness. And that God, being Love, is not only here, but is
more loving and caring about your welfare than you are yourself.

is why it is said “Let Go, Let God,” because we realize, at a certain
point, that were it not for God screwing with our plans, and had we
gone forward with what we intended, we’d be nowhere near in as good a
place as we are now. I.e., if it weren’t for God’s mercy, and with His
All-Knowingness, we’d all have screwed up big time long ago, and no
doubt would even be dead already, without having even learned from our

So God is always Here, and God is more loving of you
than you are of yourself (How can that not be true? For is not God,
Love itself? And yet can you say that of yourself?) So God is better at
loving than we are, even when it comes to loving ourselves.

upshot of all this is that we are challenged by God in every lifetime
until we get it right to throw off the shackles of fear, hatred, and
negativity — which has its roots in our very early existence before,
during and after birth; it has its roots in a time when in the throes
of pain we forgot that we had indeed asked for the pain so that we
could strengthen ourselves in awareness over time by remembering it.
And hence realizing anew the wondrous news (Gospel? = good news?) that
the only thing that is not heaven here and now is the blots in our
vision obscuring that heavenly vision and creating in those dark spaces
things that exist only in our selves. But we’ve chosen to have those
blots so as to have again the adventure of realizing over time just how
incredibly wonderful is Existence-God-Awareness-Reality-Truth.

we are gods who have decided to take an adventure in being sinners so
that we can create a darkness (evil) against which the wondrous
qualities of our divine nature, when in time they are realized, shine
so much more brightly or are seen in their incredibly beautiful and
loving complexity only against the black backdrop of our life during
our period of intentional forgetfulness.

This is simple to us
all, so simple, yet it continues to sound complex, because we have
chosen that as well, and made that part of the obstacles that we
overcome only making the homecoming that much sweeter. However, we can
summarize; and maybe this will help.

As Arlo Guthrie once put it
discussing this very thing about evil and God (no shit. On one of his
albums, he waxes philosophically this way.): “Y’know,” he says, “If
you’ve got a light. I mean, if you’ve got a really really nice light.
Well, don’t you kind of want to go looking for a dark to put it in?” 

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