The Sixth Prasad

The Sixth Prasad

So instead of the truth that, for reasons unknown, you were unfortunate enough to be deprived of the full and perfect nurturing of a near perfect divine Nature, as other species are, until they are ready to be in flesh…

instead of the obvious truth — obvious to all other species — that this prematurity leaves a scar of hurt and rejection, for starters; but also, helplessness and hopelessness, second; and third, that this occurs right at the beginning of known flesh existence so as to create the very unusually twisted unwholesome roots of humans; but then, fourth, this lack must be somehow mitigated for the species to not die out of pure despair, right at the outset.

This mitigation is accomplished through the creation of an alien consciousness construct which serves to both separate humans from the realization of your lack, to essentially muffle or obscure your horrible and precarious plight from your awareness, acting like what you would call an opiate essentially,

but also it serves as an alternate but OPPOSITE construction of self — opposite from the truth of your nature — taking all your flaws, like language, and turning them into supreme accomplishments, in this way acting as a euphoriant.

This alien consciousness construct, this child as well as parent of all your wrong-gettedness, is what you call Ego.

  1. #1 by Mickel Adzema on February 4, 2010 - 8:00 am

    All good questions. The Prasads, however, need to be read in order in order to be understood. The sixth is the latest. For the first five, they are posted many places, but –my blog: “The Great Reveal by SillyMickel and the PlanetMates” has all of them at YouTube has my videos on the first Three of them, including my commentary at: link takes you to the video on The First Prasad, and from there, there are links to the other three videos I’ve made on it.Finally, there is the audio mp3 files, which are taken from the videos, at at–The-First-Prasad-Fro…And like above, there are links from the this one to the other three audio clips.And there is much more coming.The Planetmates are providing us with another look at ourselves, something that is meant to benefit us and save them, at this time when we are on the brink of destroying our planet within the next 20 to fifty years. But they are not done yet, by far.

  2. #2 by Julie Eliason on February 4, 2010 - 8:00 am

    How could we communicate without language? Course when people talk I often hear their infant (inside) crying. I don’t think language is a flaw. We just use it instead of crying or flaying about. If we had perfect nurturing wouldn’t we still have language?

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