The Eighth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by the Planetmates

The Eighth Prasad

All these factors acted on each other for hundreds of thousands of years: Wide-pelvis mothers giving birth to healthy, twenty-month gestated newborns vied against
the economic pressures for females to give birth earlier and become
more productive as a forager sooner as well as to be bipedal and be
able to move, even run, more quickly.

So giving birth prematurely and bipedalism had survival advantages. More and more, over a long, long period of time, the survival advantages won out over healthy,
happy newborns and relatively easy, painless births with long
gestations and fetuses nurtured near perfectly in the womb by a
divinely designed biological process.

It is at the point when narrow pelvises, nine-month gestations, birth pain and trauma for mothers and newborns, and dependency on caregivers for survival for the
first few years of life became the norm that you began to be separate
from all other Earth Citizens and began the process of becoming human.
But this early humanoid type was still a far cry from what all Earth
beings – humans and nonhumans – think of as human today.

(to be continued)

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