The Twenty-Eighth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Twenty-Eighth Prasad

What we end up with, without going through the long and circuitous routes of each of these supposed human “truths” – which are all seen to be in the light of clear Earth citizen consciousness, overly complicated and therefore, well… would we have a concept for stupid before we saw the behavior of Humans? No, probably not at all.

So let’s say we would see this overcomplication as humorous and silly, demented, ignoble, as being random and rootless and temporal, as compared to the eternal or at least perennial truths which stabilize, root, in fact, define us.

What we see: Humans in ways that cover the entire range from caring to cruel and even tortuous, “raise” your children very much akin to the ways that we see you humans “raising” your unfortunate, captive brother-and-sister creatures – your planetmates, us.

(to be continued)

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