The Twenty-Sixth Prasad, of “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates

The Twenty-Sixth Prasad

All these controlling tendencies of all-seen-as-not-ego were alike in their estimation and implementation: control of life ways, all Earth Citizens – Fauna and Flora, other humans, and dependent newborns.

They were all seen increasingly as “things” to be manipulated and used for Ego survival. They were all gradually deprived of their status as being conscious, of having consciousness, as being akin to self and one’s consciousness.

So separation from the Divine meant separation from all else, all others, even one’s own offspring and increasing isolation, increasing reinforcement of the alien, backwards, consciousness construct, Ego.

Newborns were seen in exactly the same way as other beings being controlled: that is, they were viewed as just as worthy an investment as the raising of kidnapped Earth citizens and their forced enlistment in the survival schemes of the rootless, directionless Humans.

(to be continued)

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