“Have You Heard Gaia’s Been Looking for You?…. Needs a Hand…. She’s in Trouble, and Especially Needing her Primal Allies

Primal Reaches: “The Cure” – Its Process, Its Benefits, Its End Home


The path, process, and experiences of people who do Primal Therapy
and the greatest benefits possible if pursued long enough

“Have You Heard Gaia’s Been Looking for You?…. Needs a Hand…. She’s in Trouble, and Especially Needing her Primal Allies

the environment on the brink, and a real DoomsDay for ourselves and all
species on this planet rushing toward us, we’re going to need to be
authentic, real, primal, and truthful.We’re going to have to adopt
primal ways of being, e.g., we’re going to have to learn to be fearless
in facing the horribles outside of us and commit to giving what we
authentically can give to the challenge of all challenges, to save all
life on this planet, including our own and that of our families; just
as many of us faced the horribles inside, knowing that if we did not
our lives would end miserably and tragically. Just as we say Primal
saved our lives, we’re going to need our realness, our primal
“truthiness,” or, dare I say, our primal refusal to swallow the
palliatives, distractions, trivialities, misinformation, and outright
lies put out by the media bullshit-machines to protect the profits of
their corporate and “filthy rich” owners. We’re going to need to follow
our Primal need to know and face the truth, whatever it is, knowing
that only lies can kill you. Well, when it comes to this kind of truth,
lies will guarantee everyone’s demise; our planet will become another
Mars. The truth may not stop that, for it will require more than just
you and I or other primal people, but certainly our primal stance to
face truth is what Nature is needing right now. We are being called out
by Gaia, all our fellow planetmates — the other non-human beings we
share this planet with — Nature, and the “better angels” of our being
(as Obama so richly expressed it one time) to put our Primal benefits
into action on behalf of something other than ourselves.

that, incidentally, is what I’m calling the third “half” of the primal
“cure” — when we reach the stage where we slowly and gradually begin
finding that the center of our motivations expands beyond our
skin-encapsulated ego. It is when our real self begins the process of
becoming more and more the transpersonal self. I will take this up now
on a new page.

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