Audio clip of The Sixth Prasad by the Planetmates, commentary by SillyMickel, released. Can be downloaded – mp3.

At, audio clip just released

For the audio clip:

The full text of the Sixth Prasad, as received from The Planetmates, reads as follows…the audio clip includes my reading and some commentary and explanation.

The Sixth Prasad

So instead of the truth that, for reasons unknown, you were
unfortunate enough to be deprived of the full and perfect nurturing of
a near perfect divine Nature, as other species are, until they are
ready to be in flesh…

instead of the obvious truth — obvious to all other species —
that this prematurity leaves a scar of hurt and rejection, for

but also, helplessness and hopelessness, second;

and third, that this occurs right at the beginning of known flesh
existence so as to create the very unusually twisted unwholesome roots
of humans;

but then, fourth, this lack must be somehow mitigated for the species to not die out of pure despair, right at the outset.

This mitigation is accomplished through the creation of an alien
consciousness construct which serves to both separate humans from the
realization of your lack, to essentially muffle or obscure your
horrible and precarious plight from your awareness, acting like what
you would call an opiate essentially,

but also it serves as an alternate but OPPOSITE construction of
self — opposite from the truth of your nature — taking all your
flaws, like language, and turning them into supreme accomplishments, in
this way acting as a euphoriant.

This alien consciousness construct, this child as well as parent of all your wrong-gettedness, is what you call Ego.

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