Commentary on the 10th Prasad Continued: Descent Into Savagery Begins, by SillyMickel Adzema, just released

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For the video with text and commentary:

Commentary on the 10th Prasad (from “The Great Reveal” by The Planetmates) Continued: Descent Into Savagery Begins.

This is a continuation of the commentary of The Tenth Prasad, as received from The Planetmates. (Go to
for The Tenth Prasad commentary on “faith vs. fear, playful vs.
predictable.”) The issues highlighted in this commentary relate to the
descent into savagery that began with the switch from a completely
vegetarian diet to one that included planetmate flesh and involved
hunting and killing. Very importantly this led to the ability to be
able to kill other humans as well. This momentous development — its
significance and consequences — is elaborated upon.

The full text of The Tenth Prasad reads as follows:

The Tenth Prasad

than the natural state of being, awareness, and bliss, your state of
omnipresent fear caused you to be ever more unable to accept the gifts
of life and survival on Nature’s terms, which were uncertain, but on
the other hand, adventurous and surprising. It is the state we enjoy
and find blissful and playful and always interesting.

fear made you unable to bear the uncertain state. So, being impatient,
and therefore unwilling to receive sustenance and nurturing on Nature’s
timetable, you first began taking control of when you would be
nourished by adding planetmate flesh to your former vegetarian diet.

descent into aggression and savagery started here, because when you
learned how to kill fellow planetmates, which had not been in your
nature prior to the prematurity trauma and your constant adult state of
tension, it was not too long before you began to be able to kill each

Continuing to lose faith in the reality of divine
perfection, love, and nurturing, which all other planetmates know
without doubt, you thought you needed to compete over resources and
sometimes to kill your own to keep from starving, or to keep from being
killed. The first was your delusion, the second was your delusion made
real among yourselves.

(to be continued)

Video at:


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