Cultural kneecapping, Michael Jackson, birth, & technical-assistance angels. Or “Narcissism Epidemic?” – Bullshit


Sandy Weymouth writes:

And experiencing all feelings completely, I argue, is precisely what
every human culture in the past has committed itself to preventing.
They had to. We today are different. We’re living at the climax of life
on Earth. We no longer have to keep ourselves from experiencing our
feelings. But we do anyway. And we use hosts of aids and techniques to
“relieve”–i.e. suppress–feelings that present the slightest discomfort.
And we give each other enormous support for doing it. An ethos of
feelings suppression permeates our surroundings and comes at us from
virtually everything that talks.

Mickel Adzema says:

From “Remembering Michael Jackson”:

“….All of this got me to thinking about culture’s double-fuck on us all:

The first function involves the way cultures “welcome” babies into the
world. The cultural kneecapping we receive at the start serves to keep
us manageable and usable and from not soaring or being free, therefore
unusable as an economic resource.

It does this, first, in its brutally separating us from our source of
life, guidance, and inspiration and creating a blank slate at birth,
which would otherwise have been a map of life, with contact numbers
directly to God and technical assistance angels — a kind of Jacob’s
Ladder for when the going got rough; then, culture tells you to be an
individual and aspire to greatness and puts up examples of people who
have done so and made a difference for their society and the world; and
then culture punishes severely any one who is exceptional and shows it
and/or strives to do exactly as the cultural teachings were inspiring
him or her to do.

And the question was, why would culture be structured that way, and why
would people hate exactly those kinds of people that would most likely
be the ones set up for future generations to learn from? And the answer
follows from the basic sickness of the societal members, which as
mentioned is caused by the double-binding culture.

So we have sick societies and cultures, and within them we strive,
still, for authentic lives of richness of experience, truth, love, and
connection with our spiritual roots of strength to be the unique person
God intended, as well as awareness of the sacred map of our destiny,
buried along with the source, which when found provides a felt inner
compass that, if followed, daily brings us closer to God, more openness
of feeling, and more desire for spreading love, joy, and for giving of
oneself, and eventually brings us down the line directly to liberation
— all of which must be done, fighting a culture and its sick members
who want us to be anything, anything (that is like them) but not

And, again, the contradictory or mind-fucking quality of the cultural
tenets is seen in that it is only through people who defy and buck the
soul-murdering immersion in the cultural bosom that culture improves,
that people receive help for their sufferings, and that anything good
greater than the average can come into the world….

So, in evaluating Michael’s message, I had to show what a contrast and
example he was in relation to both cultural functions – the destruction
of the individual self and then the immersion in the fake world and its
substitute gratifications to keep us unaware of our double mind-fuck.

So that’s the dilemma of culture, that’s the mind-fuck, and that’s the
buzz saw that Michael Jackson got sucked into in the end.”

(from “Remembering Michael” at
“Remembering Michael Jackson” culture’s double-fuck on us all: says strive to excel; punishes anyone who’s exceptional

Audio Clip of “Remembering Michael..Authentic Life & Courage in Shattering..Cultural Mold, “Jar,” “Laundry Room”

Message from Michael Jackson’s life.”Some people mistakenly think that it is egotistic or selfish to be yourself”

Audio Clip of “Message from Michael: What Michael Jackson Life Teaches Us”: “Michael Jackson is sleeping with the angels…”

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