I’m laughing because at times I still can’t believe it; even my brother and sisters, who lived through it with me, feel that way at times too!

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Primal Spirit

handy audio rendition only of 
My Personal Tale:
Part 1:  Fathers, Sons, and 
Everyone Inherits a Laundry Room

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For more:

My Pers. Tale: Reflections..Persecution..Talented, Sensitive, Unique; & Culture’s Sick & Contradictory Purposes http://bit.ly/9yOcG6


http://bit.ly/pers1amp – text&mp3…This is a very personal tale, raw with unabashed emotion, yet comfortably humorous, often heart-warming,


My personal story is 1 like many others U’ll C URself in & yet 1 unlike any other – 1 many won’t believe possible http://bit.ly/bOEGOu


http://bit.ly/pers2amp – audio, mp3 “My Personal Tale” — “a life..openly & unashamedly shared, like Michael Jackson’s, is a gift 2 all”


My personal story is 1 many won’t believe cud actually have happened in this modern era; or even in this century! http://bit.ly/bzRtOW


http://bit.ly/pers3amp – mp3, audio “My Personal Tale, inspired by Michael Jackson” – I am laughing as I write this story – But it is true.


I’m laughing ’cause at times I..can’t believe it..my siblings, who lived..it w/me share feel that way at times 2! http://bit.ly/9wdMdS


http://bit.ly/perst4am – text+mp3 “My Personal Tale” It’s rich in psychological drama..3 generations, 3 men, & the unconscious, unwanted but


But unavoidable inheritances we receive, father to son or mother to daughter, from one generation to the next — http://bit.ly/cxmPJa


http://bit.ly/pers5amp -mp3 -the unavoidable inheritances – strange mixture..scars — tended 2 correctly, may show themselves 2 B blessings.



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