The psychology of Extinction: Murder of untold billions through greed, laziness, egotism..well, I say, EVIL!

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Mar 20, 2010 2:18pm by Open Intelligence

The economy works by making people selfish. Mass extinction is merely collateral damage.

Species are going extinct because humans can’t see it happening, and therefore we can’t believe it is happening. It is as simple as that.

Believing that the elephant will no longer be around is like believing that one day the sun will rise in the west and the stars will fall as rain.

We can only really get a handle on the short-term. A generation at most. Long-term planning means the next year or two. Our minds can’t cope with anything longer. That’s why we choose to govern ourselves by means of a comfortable timescale. Four years, five years: that’s Politician’s Time.

Extinction is a happening thing, as I have pointed out more than once before. But it is happening in slow motion: you don’t see a monkey turn into a man, and you don’t see an animal go extinct. It’s just that one day you notice that they haven’t been about for a few years. The current rate of extinction is one species an hour,

Which brings us to the disaster of Cites. TRead more at


Elle D’Coda  

A prediction, if we survive without the necessary animals (& plant life), one of the most popular passtimes will be playing virtual reality games where virtual flora and fauna are nurtured and protected religiously.


A. A. Lee  

If it were possible you’d be exactly right! Fortunately it’s not & word from the other side is those who remain after the shift will still be playing in grass which actually tickles the toesies…


Mickel Adzema  


Scientists are saying we will see a 50% die-off rate (extinction) rate of species within the next 20 to 50 years, i.e., within that time, half the species we see now (or actually a few years ago) will be gone forever. To think that we will be around, at that time, even to watch video games, is the same as a doctor saying to someone “Sorry, within 20 to 50 years, half of the organs in your body will be gone. They’ll die and “fall” away.”
OK, now you tell me that that we’re going to be alive to even see what happens after this! Does no one realize how much death that means? Does no one see any interconnections between us and planetmates? The world will come to an end if bankers don’t get money, if they did away with roads, or trucks…it’s Mad Max time, right? Well, how about when the bees didn’t show up. One species of untold hundreds of thousands or more and our economy was going ape shit! What happens with hundreds of thousands of species gone forever?
Well, so sorry to disturb. Enjoy your hamburger, now.


Open Intelligence



RT @OPEN_INTEL The pyschology of tragedy – Extinction? I’m afraid haven’t got time for it It’s not just the immense amount death, suffering and loss caused by industrial civilisation, it is the lack of lamentation which makes it even harder to take.


Mickel Adzema  

So, so true, Open Intelligence. It is unfathomable. I’ve written up my observations of people actually looking forward to it; even feeling celebratory about it. Is this not the biggest, most pervasive, most massive “case” of Thanatos we’ve ever seen? I look around and see a global “Will to Die”? Is that part of what you are saying…”the lack of lamentation”?


A. A. Lee  

We’re assuming here that death is indeed an evil…


Open Intelligence  

Good point. Early thinking on the ethics of extinction presented extinctions as opportunities for new species and paths of evolution. In the normal course of things, there is no problem with a positive view of extinction. If the dinosaurs had not become extinct, humans would not have evolved. The difference with the current wave of extinctions is that they result from ecocide inflicted on the rest of creation by a single species. Neither death, nor extinction are evil, murder and ecocide are. p.s. Come to think of it, I prefer multiple evils over a single Evil.

by Mickel Adzema:

Concerning extinction of species — ourselves and other species — which is going on, the idea is put forth that we are assuming that death is evil, which is meant, in context, to be taken spiritually, philosophically.

My reply was:

Mickel Adzema: You make the point that needs to be considered as it sits deep down in the hidden center of this particular wordpool. It’s a mind-bender and mind-stretcher when you stray down your road for sure. But after having been down it a fair number of times, both on my own as well as with companions, I find one tangible, unshakable thing, only, to still and focus my vision and guide my stance, actions, and position with surety. It’s this:

I, for one, am not assuming death is an evil. I don’t believe that death is evil at all, quite the contrary. That is a spiritual perspective; and that is a perspective about death in its essence.

But in asking the question you are making a common mistake, and in this situation a highly attractive, almost irresistible, siren soundingly powerful one.

You are mistaking, as analogy, the beautiful precise utility of a finely honed and balanced knife (e.g.) with what is really important and what is so hard to look at or fathom or even let into one’s thoughts: that is, the horrific, ghastly, unbelievably bloody and messy, grotesque, garish… infinitely hellacious and mind-drippingly insane scene that is right in front of all of us: that of the angelic young girl and her vulnerable innocent and kind-hearted mother, their bodies slashed, cut up, stabbed, gouged, even chopped and minced, and strewn widely and randomly in this ungodly lake of blood framed within this just recently homey, comforting surround of simple comfortable living room furniture and accouterments, which now, however, are awash and stained and forever nightmarish as they record in blood, guts, and other of that ilk, but of which we do not want even to know, the violence, wild aggression, horrible pain, fear, terror, and trauma of the event — the murder… the murder that was so precisely perfect in its nightmarishness as it was aided in its perfect horror by such a beautifully crafted, finely honed, exquisitely and marvelously sharp, perfectly balanced and joyous to feel, hold, and use KNIFE.

A.A. I’m saying, OK death is beautiful, and going back to God is, my belief, the highest accomplishment and culmination of a life lived well. But we’re not talking about my death or your death. We’re talking about you and I deciding, by refusing to fight back the apocalypse (merely by changing some of our greedy, wasteful, egoistic ways) the death of untold billions of other living conscious beings, indeed, of conscious things that we are not evolved enough to even be aware of. We are deciding that THEIR death, because of our actions…well, that’s not so evil, eh? Well, that’s easy for US to say. But how about them? Don’t you think they might be a tad upset that we would be deciding this FOR THEM…(Jonestown-style)?

So, A.A., you bring up the point that needs to be addressed before we can really commit ourselves to the fight and the struggle to change that is being required of us. But I offer that I have never found anyone able to shake or even threaten the principle I’ve found to stand on: God’s creation, which includes death, in His time and in the way He would have for each of us, is beauteous perfection. But, MURDER…that is, MY deciding…or ANYONE (but God) deciding for another that death is good, well… well… Isn’t that what Hitler did? what the Nazis did?

Death — not evil, may be beautiful.

Murder of untold billions through greed, laziness, egotism, hubris, and extreme lack of empathy and feeling for the feelings/consciousness of those others…. well, I say,

Evil beyond all imagining. Evil beyond anything ever conceived or acted ever before in the uncountable millions of years of existence of this planet.

EVIL — even the killing of the planet — its systems so perfectly balanced, so far beyond our comprehension — of a nature that is beyond our comprehension, for all we know is akin to a higher consciousness, a deva, a god, goddess. Yes, evil to murder, incredibly evil to bring to an end such things so far above and beyond our understanding that we cannot even comprehend the magnitude of that evil.

Now, that’s my conclusion, A.A. I deem that murder on a scale so huge as to be inconceivable and of beings that we have no way of knowing how great is that crime, not to mention our own species and their uncountable numbers…

Well, yea, A.A., that is something I don’t think that I want to ever think that I helped to happen…indeed it is EVIL so huge that I think that I would not feel right, ever again, in the consciousness forever after this life and after my death, if I did not expend every once of my energy while I still can/could to try to prevent, to try to stop, to work against, to struggle to keep from happening. I think that consciousness can not be destroyed — so death is not “evil” — but as we stand on the precipice of this planet murder and hugest crime of all time as far as we know before us and with us, as a species, being the cause of it… Well, friend, I can only say the worst thing that I can imagine is having an eternity of consciousness knowing that I could have been part of the solution, but I trivialized it, I used a convenient spiritual belief/teaching/awareness to rationalize it so that I could continue asleep and unaware of the horror I participated in as I chose, through being afraid to look at the immense suffering involved, to blind myself with distractions (the perfect knife, the death that is not evil), and so instead of an eternity of peace knowing that I stood against the greatest evil ever known and fought as hard as I could, although we failed… instead it could be an eternity of regret and loathing not being able to be unaware that I was a part of the horror, the monster, participated in the killing, and helped others to also, by participating in the feel-good cover-up, the blinding of eyes, the zombification of brains, as the deepest darkness ever known gradually but unmistakably arose on the horizon and came toward us, increasing in speed, becoming more fiercesome, detailed, clear, unmistakable, unavoidable, and ever harder to be blind to, ever clearer in its brutality and the suffering, and unimaginable pain in its aftermath, and so I would spend an eternity knowing, not being able to not know that I WAS it, that I became it, helped it…that I was, er, “part of the problem”… and I didn’t have to be.

How about you A.A.? Care to choose what you’d like to have sitting around in that imperishable unending forever consciousness that we’re “blessed” with?

[In fairness, AA. replied:]

A. A. Lee: Re: @OPEN_INTEL
Check, check, check and check. All correct! As well as beautifully written… I was just pointing out one facet of the whole truth. And don’t worry about my choices, honey ~ I’ve been a loose cannon in the army of light my whole life…

[And my reply:]
Mickel Adzema lol. and… ty…ty…ok, got your point, and, yes, like I said and meant — it needed to be said and addressed, so appreciate your “voicing” it….and….
right on, sister!

  1. #1 by brightlight on June 13, 2010 - 3:09 am

    There are those who say that we are on a route to evolution and that those who survive this destructive phase of our species at the moment will evolve into Class 1 humans, with a resource economy instead of financial economy. Thus there will be no need to destroy animals, environment, etc. because it will not produce money, which is the main cause of our destruction.

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