>Republicans demonstrate their tendencies to enact "Shariya Law" here in the U.S. News out of Georgia (America!)


Its occurred to me that when Republicans were attacking imaginary outbreaks of “Shariya Law” in America they were really seeing projections of their own inner leanings. This is evidence I was right.

Amplify’d from www.huffingtonpost.com

Are lawmakers from the “women are chattel” set having some sort of nation-wide competition to see who can get the most sick-minded anti-abortion law enacted? Sure seems that way! Last week, a public outcry forced South Dakota lawmakers to shelve a bill that opened the possibility that abortion providers would be endangered by people who believed that killing them was a justifiable homicide. Today comes word that Georgia state Representative Bobby Franklin is shopping a bill that wouldn’t just make abortion illegal in Georgia, it would criminalize miscarriages to boot.

Jen Phillips of Mother Jones — which has of late been America’s premier harbinger of this sort of cockamamie legislation — has the details of a law that she terms “the apex…of woman-hating craziness“:

Oh, wait, sorry! Did I forget to mention that the death penalty is involved here? My bad. That’s precisely the sort of thing that you read about and do not want to believe it so fervently that, at first, your brain rejects it outright, as if it were some alien tissue grafted onto your medulla oblongata. Here’s the relevant portion of the law itself:

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