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24,000 Years From Now We’ll Still Have to Be Guarding Spent Nuclear Fuel (Guess I’ll Have to Stay Up Late!)


Spent Nuclear Fuel a Danger 250,000 YRS!

Spent nuclear fuel needs to be guarded for 24,000 years just to reach its half-life; needs to be kept away from humans for 250,000 years; and it is still highly radioactive after that.

Guess I’ll have to stay up late!

My comment: Oil Spills and Reactor Blowups: “Where is the fierce urgency of Now?!!!” I can’t believe the nonchalance around the huge environmental catastrophes that have gone on in just the last year alone: specifically, the Gulf Oil Spill and the Fukushima Japan nuclear disaster. When the BP disaster was ongoing and gushing devastating amounts of oil into the Gulf, Donna Brazille, frustrated with the Obama Administration’s response to the Spill, fumed aloud, “Where is the fierce urgency of Now?!!!”

But these hugely unprecedented environmental catastrophes, daily spreading the damage to our planet, are just two canaries in a coal mine.

We are just beginning to understand the immensity of the damage to our planet the Fukushima disaster did. We will probably not be told the degree of radiation exposure from it we are receiving until long after people have been dying in droves from it.

The BP oil spill of 2010 is, similarly, presenting ongoing planetary damage, which, like the Japan nuclear disaster, is, as I speak, not being reported. At this moment, in fact, dolphin carcasses in the hundreds are washing up on Gulf beaches, birds are dying and some are simply dropping dead out of the sky, and we know of at least one dead zone–caused by the BP oil spill–a dead zone being an area in the ocean where nothing can live for lack of oxygen–which is a hundred miles long and 12 miles wide. That is the only one that is being reported on, who knows how many more there are and how great is the ongoing damage?

But none of these dire events are being mentioned much in the media. We hear the reports, but then the media directs our attention to something else. So we cover our eyes to what is going on. We dismiss these events thinking that someone higher up than us is surely attending to the problem (dream on!).What’s worse is these things are only the tiny beginnings of much more that is bound to happen. If we don’t listen up, and wake up, we’ll be just as unprepared and helpless when the even worse and more dire events unfold. This is not a time to curl up under the covers.

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Mar 29, 2011

How many people truly BELIEVE that all of these accumulating hundreds of thousands of tons of nuclear spent fuel with a HALF life of 24,000 years, can truly be guarded safely without any incidents for even 1,000 years? Can anyone truly guarantee that they and their future 80,000 generations will guarantee the safety of these tombs for 24,000 years? How many generations is it for 250,000 years? 

Remember, the radiation load only reduces by 50% in the first 24,000 years. This poison must actually be guarded and kept safe for something like 250,000 years to actually make it somewhat safer, even though it would still be highly radioactive. 

I cannot even think five years into the future, much less 1,000 years. How far into the future can you think? Who will pay for this? Not the nuclear industry, that is for sure. 

What chance do we have of pulling this off AT ALL? The pyramids are only 5,000 years old, and no one can tell us how they were built, what they are REALLY for, or who built them, or why they were constructed. Has anyone taken a radiation reading inside? Maybe it was a tomb for nuclear waste….Silly point of course, but I am helping people to see, rather than stay in denial about what is happening here. 

How are we going to guard something for MUCH MUCH LONGER than the oldest pyramids, and even have a chance of passing on the knowledge of the danger to another 20,000 years worth of future generations beyond that? It is totally ridiculous.. and it is not going to happen. We do not even track what happens to the poisonous plutonium and uranium mine tailings, which are highly poisonous and radioactive. Many are being used for construction, and no one seems to care, that they are poisoning everyone who takes part. 

The danger is growing, in the form of spent fuel pools containing thousands of tons of spent fuel at each nuclear plant. Spent fuel is still dangerous, much like the Fukushima Chernobyl crisis illustrates. One spent fuel pile has gone into at least partial meltdown, despite assurances that this ‘could never happen’.. Right, just keep drinking the KoolAid. 

I have only pointed at the tip of the red hot radioactive volcano that can erupt at any time, poisoning everyone on the planet. 

Want to know more?…

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Posted: Tuesday March 29, 2011, 7:28 pm
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Chernobyl only had 180 tons of fuel. Fukushima has over 4,000 tons of radioactive potential fuel that can ALL melt down and/or explode spread out  inside the Fukushima facility that is in BIG trouble.  What if all of this 4,000 tons of n…
#Fukushima #Radiation Reactor fuel melted through bottom of containment core vessel 100% meltdown now happening?  Hot Radioactive fuel now eating through concrete floor underneath vessel. Radiation levels will increase from here.. unless d…


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Lefties, Get Back to Reason on Libya. Listen up, Michael Moore and Farrakhan

I’m sick of hearing people on TV and internet pointing out:

a) that since we aren’t going into Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, etc., it is wrong to go into Libya. Even someone I respect immensely, Michael Moore, made that argument. That’s so stupid it makes my body ache to just hear it. It’s the simple argument: since I can’t wipe out world hunger by giving to this needy person in front of me, it would be WRONG to help this person in front of me!

b) that America has done wrong things in the past, so it shouldn’t do something correctly now. As Farrakhan put it yesterday: America does not have the “moral authority” to go into Libya. As I tweeted in response to his statement yesterday: [Farrakhan says US no moral enuf to help] uh, yeh. so Libyans have to b raped&killed until such time as US gets more moral? [Farrakhan says US no moral enuf to help].I’m sure Libyans so condemned feel better knowing the high ideals thr dying 4. [Farrakhan says US not moral enuf to help] So Libyans 2b raped&killed for US past sins? (im sure thr gonna like that!). [Farrakhan says US not moral enuf to help] So Libyans 2b raped&killed becuz moral fiber of rescuer is shaky? [Farrakhan says US not moral enuf to help #Libya] Y not then give US a chance to do better this time? US has done it b4. [Farrakhan says US not moral enuf to help #Libya] Y not then let US GET moral authority. How else do u get it? [Farrakhan says US not moral enuf to help #Libya] Wudn’t saving Libyan lives b a start? (& US did it b4 – Bosnia, btw)

So also, we simply cannot be criticizing our government for not going into Libya, initially, to save human lives because we wanted to protect our oil deals with Gaddafi; and then reverse ourselves after Obama goes into Libya saying that we’re going in to GET oil! And if someone should mutter that, well, we wanted to protect our oil contracts with Gaddafi until we saw he was going to be toppled, then backed the rebels when we saw we’d need to go through them for oil:  well, explain why Obama didn’t go into Libya until Gaddafi had fought back, was about to crush the rebellion, and looked like he, Gaddafi, would be victoriouis? Also, why DID we go in at that point against our oil interests? And doesn’t the humanitarian rationale for going in as Gaddafi was surrounding the final rebel holdout in Benghazi stand up since the only real advantage beyond what we’d get allied with Gaddafi is that we would be stopping a massacre? A massacre that would actually have been IN our best oil interests to allow?

Michael Moore and Farrakhan: if I wanted to hear impulsive irrationality I would listen to Limbaugh-Palin-Beck. I don’t. Please do our side a favor by showing the other side that WE, at least, can still think clearly while everyone else, and especially the pee-partiers, are spouting rabid confused nonsense.

A footnote: Obama being criticized from the left for going in to Libya to get oil, from the right for going into Libya when we’re not going to get any oil! On Piers Morgan tonight, Donald Trump says Libya supplies oil to China not us, so, he reasons, why go in to protect China’s oil!?! [in the damned if you do, damned if you don’t department]

And an oldie but goodie from the wtf? department:

“Libyan People” &…..Gaddafi? “Long live the resistance of Libyan people!” says Uruk Net on Facebook while posting a link from re people in Tripoli making human chain to stand in front of Gaddafi compound at beginning of the Libyan no-fly zone.

My response: Yea, we gotta fight off them hopped-up on hallucinogens, al Qaeda backed, terrorist-inspired, fluoride-saturated, airline food liking, postal service appreciating, hippie long-hair, freedom-wanting, democracy loving…er, imperialistic..protesters, students, scholars, and the Western dogs who would dare to want to save their sorry lives… er, uh… (Rosanne Rosanadanna style:) “nevermind.”

Also wtf?! About Libya; Michael Moore & Dennis Kucinich on same side as Boehner, Putin, totalitarian China, Limbaugh, majority of Republicans? I don’t care what Boehner, Limbaugh, Cantor say… I’m getting on the other side of it from them as my FIRST instinct!

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Hope IN, if not FOR, America, From Vermont: Single-Payer Poised to Be Passed by Legislature


Hope IN, if not FOR, America, Fr Vermont

Bill would BAN and abolish most forms of private health insurance.
My reaction: Wow. Is there maybe hope IN America (since no hope FOR America). Gotta pick your states; I know I am!

(How bout a Keep the Republicans in the South Initiative? Think maybe we should have let the South secede, helped Blacks escape.)

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Vermont Poised to Pass Single Payer

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Vermont is poised to abolish most forms of private health insurance, Lauren Else reports for In These Times. The state’s newly inaugurated Democratic governor, Peter Shumlin, unveiled his health insurance plan in early February. If the state legislature passes the bill, Vermont will become the first state to ban most forms of private health insurance.

The bill is getting support from some unlikely quarters:

On February 24, the Republican Mayor Christopher Louras, of Rutland, urged the state to adopt the single-payer legislation, noting that more than a third of the city’s $7 million annual payroll is consumed by healthcare costs. “The only way to fix the problem is to blow it up and start over,” Louras said.


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The model/comparison/template for what the U.S. is doing in Libya is hardly Iraq, Vietnam, or Afghanistan. It is Bosnia. Bosnia where we did a nofly zone, stopped a genocide, STOPPED a lengthy regional war and brought PEACE to a country, were rewarded with the gratitude and appreciation of nations, where it was NOT done for consideration of resources or oil or advantage, where our President is considered to this day to be a savior and almost a saint, where not a single American soldier died, where we went in with a GENUINE coalition (all of the NATO countries), and, finally, where we were led into engagement by a DEMOCRATIC President (Clinton). WHY IS NO ONE POINTING THAT OUT!!!!

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First they took the bananas, then the ice cream. Since I wasn’t ice cream, I didn’t protest… #poetweet

First they took the bananas; then the ice cream. Since I wasn’t ice cream, I didn’t protest.

But when they went after the Queen, I knew we were all in danger, I had to speak out…

We just got back from the Dairy Queen. We were jonesing for banana splits. The man said, “We don’t have any bananas.”

I was shocked! A banana-free Dairy Queen world was approaching fast. I felt the need to throw myself behind something to avoid the collision.

“What do you do when you don’t have bananas?” I asked, astonished out of my wits. “We use a powder that tastes like candy,” he said. “But it’s not a banana split.”

I knew my world would never be the same; but I didn’t want to know it just yet. “The candy we use tastes a lot like bananas and people like it.” I quaked.

Later, he produced our turtle sundaes and told us, “Sometimes we run out of ice cream.” “What DO YOU DO when Dairy Queen has no ice cream!” I yelped!

We had reached the existential crater, the black hole of unknowing. It was still smoking, so we called it the cloud of unknowing.

We left the DQ and headed out onto the street. People were driving down the boulevard. Cars were walking down the sidewalks.

We saw a policeman putting out a house fire, while a Doberman ran past the scene, chased by a Siamese cat, who was in training.

It was nightime, but the sun was awfully bright. The pale moonlight lit up the boulevard. Good thing. People were not used to steering themselves.

I had been told that bananas were arriving in the morning, so I knew that I had until then. The DQ wasn’t set up for overnites, so we’d have to get a blanket.

We passed a newstand, where yesterday’s newspaper had just arrived, fresh off the presses. The headline: “George W. Bush leads as Chief Justice of the World Court”

A thought suddenly hit me! “The dish didn’t run away with the spoon,” I said. “Because the cow couldn’t have made it ALL the way over the moon.”

“Am I to believe you,” my wife intoned, “or what has been written and believed for thousands of years.” It was a tight corner, no doubt.

I could always refer to other cultures, I thought. The values are the same, in every one, but you don’t have to believe that moon was ever fully hurdled.

No doubt, the issue that divided nations, that put people to going to war and slaughtering each other was now infecting my marriage.

“No bananas, no bananas!” I shrieked in my mind. “What rotten luck, and why did the night have to start this way!??”

This bizarro, no-ice-cream-Dairy-Queen world was taking its toll. We could lose everything. We could lose each other. It’d be bad for our health!!

The morning alone would bring hope. But we’d have to capture that moment for it to be real. How else would people know there were bananas?

I’d heard of paradigm shifts, of shifts in techtonic plates! But no one wants a split, no banana. “They’d eat the powder and deny it,” I thought.

So I’ll be there late tonight when the sun goes down. At the crack of dawn the bananas are supposed to arrive. I’ll do it for you. For I love you all.

You won’t know I did it, if I do. If I don’t succeed, I’m sure you’ll blame me. There’s nothing like the responsibility of making the world safe for bananas….

Or, for that matter, the responsibility of keeping Dairy Queen free…free to be…all that SHE can be. It’s the least we can do for the Queen.

So wouldn’t each and every one of you stand up for the bananas if you knew what was at stake? I knew you would. And so will I.

It’ll be a long cold night, alone, dark with all that reflected pale sunlight, and tense. If I fail, the bananas won’t really win. So I think my chances are good with them.

Still, if they are as crazed as the World Court, and if they drive their bodies down the street as crazy as you folks do, then tell my wife I loved her.

I’ll throw my body on the banana crater to keep it from exploding. What is one life, when a paradigm shift is at stake?

You can give your thanks to my wife, if I don’t come back in one piece. I’ll be listening, even if my eyes are closed. And I’ll respond, if ever I can walk again.

But don’t cry for me, after all. I didn’t tell you, and maybe you don’t deserve to know.

But if there’s not enough bananas for everyone, I’m taking all that there is down with me…so there!!

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Support for the “Libyan People” and…..Gaddafi? (yea. get them freedom-hugging hippies!)

“Long live the resistance of Libyan people!” says Uruk Net on Facebook while posting the link from below,

My response: Yea, we gotta fight off them hopped-up on hallucinogens, al Qaeda backed, terrorist-inspired, fluoride-saturated, airline food liking, postal service appreciating, hippie long-hair, freedom-wanting, democracy loving…er, imperialistic..protesters, students, scholars, and the Western dogs who would dare to want to save their sorry lives… er, uh… (Rosanne Rosanadanna style:) “nevermind.”

Also:  wtf?! About Libya; Michael Moore & Dennis Kucinich on same side as Boehner, Putin, totalitarian China, Limbaugh, majority of Republicans? I don’t care what Boehner, Limbaugh, Cantor say… I’m getting on the other side of it from them as my FIRST instinct!


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Libyans form human shield at Gaddafi’s compound [ 76001 ] –

By Michael Georgy
March 19, 2011

TRIPOLI, March 19 (Reuters) – Thousands of Libyans packed into Muammar Gaddafi’s heavily fortified Tripoli compound on Saturday to form a human shield against possible air strikes by allied forces.

Fireworks erupted into the night sky and people fired defiant shots into the air at the compound after allied warplanes went into action in eastern Libya to stop the Libyan leader’s forces attacking the rebel-held city of Benghazi.

Libyans from all walks of life streamed into the Bab Al-Aziziyah compound, shouting slogans and holding portraits of Gaddafi. Loudspeakers boomed songs praising the leader.

“My mother and father told me that they (Western warplanes) would attack the compound so I came here to protect our leader,” said one 10-year-old boy, Mahmoud.

About 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) to the east, French fighter jets were destroying tanks and armoured vehicles to halt Gaddafi’s advance on rebel forces around their stronghold of Benghazi.

The huge Tripoli complex, which includes military barracks, was the target of a 1986 U.S. bombing of Libya. Then U.S. President Ronald Reagan said it was in retaliation for what he called Libyan complicity in the bombing of a Berlin night club.

The government took foreign reporters to the normally closed site on a rare visit to showcase people’s support for Gaddafi.

Inside the compound’s high olive-green walls, people danced to a song setting an oft-repeated phrase from a recent Gaddafi speeches — “house by house, alley by alley” — to a melody.

Nearby, a man watched the crowd from the back of a pick-up truck equipped with an anti-aircraft gun.

An image of a hand crushing an F-16 fighter was superimposed on the window of a house gutted in the 1986 attack. Men with AK-47 rifles stood nearby. Soldiers looked on from watch towers.

Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha paid an unexpected visit and stood on a vehicle as flag-waving supporters cheered her.

The gates of the compound, the heart of Gaddafi’s powerful security apparatus which is usually off-limits to the general public, were wide open, and people continued to stream into it throughout the evening.

“We are here. We are ready to die for our leader,” said Om Abdel Qadir, an Arabic language teacher. She said her six sons had all volunteered to fight for Gaddafi.

“Even if we do not have weapons, people will do everything they can to fight. You will see people on every street, pouring hot oil on the enemy.” Mahmoud el-Mansouri, a farmer, said people were angry.

“There are 5,000 tribesmen who are preparing to come here to fight with our leader. They had better not try to attack our country,” he said.

“We will open up Libya’s deserts and allow Africans to flood to Europe to blow themselves up as suicide bombers. … We are ready to attack embassies abroad.” Mustafa Abdelgadir, a 27-year-old man, added: “Everyone has weapons training and we are all prepared to fight.” (Writing by Maria Golovnina; Editing by Louise Ireland and Paul Taylor)


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Gaddafi Bombing Benghazi Now! LiveStream

Bombing Benghazi. Gaddafi bombs. Residents wonder where the UN is? LIVESTREAM Video. Now!

Watch live streaming video from libya17feb at


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Libya Alhurra

ليبيا اليوم في مظاهرات مستمرة ولن تتوقف أبدا حتى تتحرر من الطاغية معمر القردافي

ليبيا اليوم في مظاهرات مستمرة ولن تتوقف أبدا حتى تتحرر من الطاغية معمر القردافي


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The Cost in Lives, Suffering, and Sweat of Obama’s Lack of Spine

Why Always Wait Till Something Has Become an Alamo Before Sending in a Cavalry?

Libya, Nuclear power, Collective bargaining rights…Wisconsin, Off-shore oil drilling…Gulf oil spills, Tax cuts for the rich, the public option in health care…

UN oks a no-fly zone for Libya. But, why did they wait this long? Qaddafi is attacking Benghazi, the last holdout. Isn’t this like sending in the cavalry when only the Alamo is left? Does Obama have to concede EVERYTHING ahead of time!?

And then have a last final futile battle when all is lost, often accomplishing little or nothing. Look at the lack of fight on health care, in particular the public option part of it. Look at the lack of fight on (and then total capitulation to) tax cuts for the rich (requiring that we will be fighting a running, losing battle against overwhelmingly funded adversaries indefinitely)! Look at the lack of action on Wisconsin, leaving only the lame recourse of people having to try to pull off a recall of elected officials. Look at the lack of action on the Gulf Oil Spill; the health and environmental repercussions of which are out of mind now, but are there forever, and will be back to haunt us soon enough, just like the danger of nuclear reactors never really went away.

Obama’s preemptive concessions to Qaddafi; to BP, to offshore oil drilling; to Republicans about the public option, tax cuts for the rich, & collective bargaining rights; to the nuclear industry in the US, and so on are weakness, dilly-dallying, mealy-mouthedness, and lack of cahonies by our President that we will be dealing with and suffering because of for a long time.

A little more spine by Obama in crucial areas such as these would have saved what will be required instead: the loss of innumerable thousands of lives to Mideast tyrants and environmental hazards and pollutions and the years, decades of hard work, sweat, tears, and sacrifice by the even greater multitude of activists and workers needed to just TRY to regain, or gain, what has been conceded.

Mr. President, your generation wanted to avoid confrontation at all costs in reaction to the Sixties tumult that involved speaking truth to evil, right to its face. Your generation invented the word, “wuss.” Watching you (so sadly), I see why.

My generation didn’t want to be part of the problem but part of the solution and had a moral barometer of “you can do anything you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone.” Your generation’s moral rule of thumb was whether something was “inappropriate” or “appropriate” and so divided the world along arbitrary lines that gave greater weight to whether something was unseemly rather than whether it was true or authentic.

But a lot of evil is being done now because it would have been “inappropriate” or “unseemly” for you to have taken a strong stand on principle. President Obama, Harry Truman and Teddy Roosevelt are rolling over in their graves. (Cf: #Obama #nofly #tax #union #nuclear #BP #UN #Libya)

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U.S. ‘set to bomb Libya within hours’ as UN approves no-fly zone and Gaddafi announces ‘There will be no mercy tonight’ [ 75934 ] –

March 17, 2011

  • UK and French ‘would lead first airstrike’

  • Rebels use three jets and a helicopter to attack Gaddafi forces

  • Gaddafi threatens attacks on Mediterranean targets if no fly zone enforced

  • Warnings from America ‘a massacre is about to happen’

  • U.S., UK and French diplomats have forced the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Libya tonight, with reports allied bombs could ‘drop within hours’.

    The dramatic intervention comes as Colonel Gaddafi this evening warned rebels in Benghazi to lay down their arms or expect ‘no mercy’ as his forces push towards their stronghold.

    The news follows a reversal in rebel fortunes, with reports anti-Gaddafi militias had used up to three ‘stolen’ fighter jets and a helicopter in a desperate bid to halt the advancing army.


    Fight back: reports have emerged of rebels flying at least three jets and a helicopter against loyalist Gaddafi forces. This jet crashed due to ‘mechanical failure’ according to witnesses


    Desperate: If a no fly zone is imposed tonight, bombs could drop ‘with in hours’ military sources have said

    After weeks of hesitancy over imposing a no-fly zone in Libya, the United States made a dramatic about-face, calling for even more expanded action, including strikes on Gaddafi’s ground forces besieging rebel-held cities.

    The U.N. Security Council voted this evening on a resolution that would open the way for that, establishing a no-fly zone but also authorising member states to take ‘all necessary measures’ to protect civilians from attacks by Gaddafi’s forces.

    The BBC reported that China and Russia, usually opposed to such actions, abstained from the vote.

    It is also expected that if the resolution goes ahead, planes from at least five Arab nations will join the international force in strikes and patrols over Libya.

    The BBC also said British and French war planes would be among the first to launch an attack if the go ahead were given, with the U.S. joining the campaign at a later stage.

    The change reflected the past week’s swift reversal of the realities on the ground, where once-confident rebels are now in danger of being crushed under an overpowering pro-Gaddafi force using rockets, artillery, tanks, war-planes.

    That force has advanced along the Mediterranean coast aiming to recapture the rebel-held eastern half of Libya.

    Gaddafi troops encircled the city of Ajdabiya, the first in the path of their march, but also had some troops positioned beyond it toward Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city and the headquarters of the opposition’s leadership.

    In an address this evening, Gaddafi proclaimed that the ‘hour of decision has come’ and that his regime would begin ‘tonight’ to put an end to the rebellion.

    ‘The matter has been decided … we are coming,’ he said, calling in by telephone to state TV and addressing the people of Benghazi.’

    ‘There is amnesty for those who throw away their weapons and sits in their house … No matter what they did in the past, (it’s) forgiven,’ he said.

    But for those who resist, he said, ‘there will be no mercy or compassion.’


    Retaking power: Gaddafi’s forces appear to be gaining the upper hand in Libya


    Cornered: The rebel situation is looking increasingly dire as Gaddafi troops are reported to be less than 100 miles from their stronghold in Benghazi

    The warning comes after Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, currently in Tunisia, spoke of bombing Libyan targets.

    She said: ‘A no-fly zone requires certain actions taken to protect the planes and the pilots, including bombing targets like the Libyan defence systems.’

    Visiting the region for the first time since protesters in Tunisia and Egypt toppled their long-time autocratic rulers, Clinton said the U.S. would support U.N. actions that gain a ‘broad base of participation, including from Arab nations,’ and that military action short of boots on the ground might be needed.

    Gaddafi must go,’she said, calling him ‘a ruthless dictator that has no conscience and will destroy anyone or anything in his way.’

    ‘If Gaddafi does not go, he will just make trouble,’ Clinton said. ‘That is just his nature. There are some creatures that are like that.’

    Several witnesses said rebels in Benghazi succeeded in shooting down at least two of the attacking aircraft. Mohammed Abdel-Rahman, a 42-year-old merchant who lives nearby, said he saw one of the warplanes shot down after striking Benina – a civilian and military air facility about 12 miles from the centre of the city.

    He said the strikes caused light damage.
    Possible attack on Benghazi by Gaddafi forces

    Another witness, medical official Qassem al-Shibli, said he saw three planes attack the airport and nearby rebel military camps before two were shot down.

    A third witness saw fire trucks fighting a blaze at the airport, and black smoke billowing from the area. Another witness reported that a rebel war-plane crashed north of Benghazi, apparently after running out of fuel.

    At the same time, the rebels were sending their own war-planes in an attempt to break the regime’s assault on Ajdabiya, a city about 100 miles south-west of Benghazi that has been under a punishing siege by Gaddafi’s forces the past two days.

    Three rebel warplanes and helicopters struck government troops massed at Ajdabiya’s western gates, said Mustafa Gheriani, a spokesman in Benghazi, and Abdel-Bari Zwei, an opposition activist in Ajdabiya.


    Attacks: A wrecked Libyan commercial plane sits on the tarmac of Benghazi airport. Gaddafi forces bombed the rebel stronghold today in anticipation of an all out assault

    The U.N. negotiations took place against a backdrop of increasing scepticism in Congress about the Obama administration’s Libya strategy.

    Questions focused on what action the U.S. was willing to take to back up its strong calls for Gaddafi’s ouster and whether the crisis could lead to military conflict.

    Both the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democratic Senator John Kerry, and the top Republican, Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, expressed frustration with the administration and its articulation of policies.

    Burns said Gaddafi’s forces ‘have made significant strides on the ground over the course of the last 24, 48 hours … taking full advantage of their overwhelming military.’

    He said a Gaddafi victory could mean a reversion toward terrorist support and could destabilise the region.

    But he said U.S. action must occur with international support.

    We ‘need to approach them with a sense of humility about our role and our influence,’ Burns said.

    ‘That’s why we’ve attached so much emphasis to making this an international response authorized by the U.N. Security Council and attach so much importance to active Arab partnership, not just declarations.’


    Doctors working at a local hospital join other protesters in calling for a no-fly zone over Libya during a rally at a square by the sea side in the eastern Libyan town of Benghazi

    Clinton said discussions were going beyond specific actions toward broader authorization so countries can enforce any U.N. measures, though no ground intervention is being considered.

    But with Gaddafi threatening to ‘rescue’ the people of Benghazi from ‘traitors’ and promising no mercy to those who resist, it was unclear if the U.N.’s efforts would be concluded in time to protect areas remaining in opposition hands.

    Senators were in disagreement over the no-fly zone. Lugar doubted that U.S. interests would be served and said the step would require a declaration of war from Congress under the War Powers Act. He asked that Arab governments pay for any U.S. military involvement.

    Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican, said the administration’s response was too weak and relied on Russian and Chinese support for a U.N. resolution.

    Rubio questioned whether the U.S. had a backup plan if the resolution failed.


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    So, You Actually Believe US Nuclear Plants Are Safe?

    So, You Think Our US Nuclear Plants Are Safe?

    Dream on.

    In addition to the post below pointing out how workers fear for their job if they expose safety issues at San Onofre (CA), we have the fact that radiation nuclear releases, which have happened and currently are going on at Fukishima, stay in our ecosystem for many thousands of years. So our only hope on that last one is to change the laws of physics; but in actuality, apocalypse know! (Thanks a lot corporations, “filthy rich,” and your Tea Party lackeys)

    I’d also like to share these facts relayed by today:

    from YankeeOtaku at

    ‘Experts’ get it very wrong when it comes to Japan’s crisis
    Posted on March 16, 2011 by yankeeotaku

    “As the four Fukushima reactors take turns blowing up, catching on fire and generally irradiating everything around them, the “experts” share with us the following myths:

    *** The Japanese nuclear incident is “nothing like Chernobyl” and not nearly as serious. Wrong. The Japanese incident is more serious because it involves four reactors, not one, and the radiation is not going to go away any time soon.

    *** The reactor casings are invulnerable. Wrong. No matter how strong they are built, they can be breached. The Fukushima reactors are blowing up, plain and simple.

    *** Dumping sea water on the open reactor shells will cool the fuel rods. Wrong. It could take years for those fuel roads to cool.

    *** The reactors “shut down” immediately after the earthquake, stopping the fission reaction Wrong. Why, then, is coolant still paramount? Obviously, the fuel rods did not stop their fission process. Oops.

    It’s time for the “experts” to get real and level with all of us.

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    Republicans “claim” to be worried about burdening our “grandchildren” with debt (“claim” because they are liars who in fact have been responsible for the run up in the National Debt), as they pursue policies pushing things that will ensure that there will be no humans, let alone grandchildren, alive. Thanks a lot, mo-los!

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    Staff at California nuclear plant fear retaliation

    The Associated Press
    Posted: 02/19/2010 07:02:50 AM PST

    Staff at California nuclear plant fear retaliation

    The Associated Press
    Posted: 02/19/2010 07:02:50 AM PST
    Updated: 02/19/2010 10:07:17 AM PST

    SAN ONOFRE, Calif.—Workers at the San Onofre nuclear power plant fear retaliation if they report a safety concern, according to a leaked internal company memo.

    Still, a survey of workers conducted by a commission inspector shows workers fear for their jobs if they report safety issues. The findings were included in a Feb. 3 company memo leaked this week to the environmental group San Clemente Green

    According to the memo, the commission received 63 allegations of safety concerns at the plant between 2008 and 2009, and 25 of the people making the allegations feared retaliation.


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    Everything Happening at Fukushima Was Predicted Long Ago/ How we Stopped Nuclear Plants Being Built in US

    Everything that is happening now was predicted a long time ago by antinuke activists. That is why we stopped nuclear plants being built in this country in the early 80s. We did manage to do that, unfortunately we still have 104 in this country, which each provide a danger, and of course we are not safe from the plants in other countries, as Japan shows. With half-lives for radiation being in the thousands of years, you can bet all that is being released anywhere in the world will make it into our ecosystem and affect us all (and that means YOU, whoever you are).

    Btw, others who helped in the movement below and are still doing admirable activist work today include Gary Kutcher and Michael Carrigan, both of Eugene, Oregon. There were others, of course, but I’m reluctant to name names under the current veil of corporacrisy (see, e.g., “Fascism Has Come to America..Hello, 1984” at

    For more on nukes and environment, see and (apocalypse emergency),

    Things I’m proud of: Being one of the group of people who worked to bring nuclear power to a halt, in Springfield, Oregon, early 80s, and succeeded. My reasons: the apocalyptic dangers of nuclear energy. My part: going door-to-door every night for a few years in Springfield and towns up and down the Willamette Valley educating people about the dangers of nuclear and the financial scandal of the WPPPS plants. How it was done: Enough grass roots pressure was brought to bear. The organization I worked for, Oregon Fair Share, discovered Springfield law that stipulated that its citizens could not be indebted/taxed over a certain % without a vote of the people; there had been no vote; the costs overruns of WPPS would have led to indebtedness of approx. $8,000 per household throughout the Northwest – just to “mothball” the plants. This led to a lawsuit. Current US Congressmen Representative Peter deFazio became involved and helped in the lawsuit, which was taken on, pro bono, by an attorney, whose name I’ve forgotten. We won, creating the largest bond default in U.S. history. Other municipalities followed suit. Nuclear power was shown up to be the financial gravy train for investors and the financial ripoff for consumers that it is. No applications to build a plant were filed after that.

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