“White Man” by Steeleye Span [video, song] It SAYS it!

I just love this song. I’ve been searching for it for a long time now. I used to have a recording of it on an old Steeleye Span TAPE (“Portfolio” I believe). But lost it .So glad to see it on youtube, thanks for posting it whoever did.

The audio recording is easier to hear and understand and is unbelievably good. I’ll be searching for that next. One of my top few recordings of all time. It gives me chills, and I get choked up when I try to sing along…can’t finish. Powerful.

The words:

White Man by Steeleye Span 

some sing of their glory,

few tell the true story.

most men they don’t need it,

white man he kills for it.

they took to the seas,

searching for a land that they could call paradise.

stealing the breeze that carried them towards the sun,

with lust in their eyes and a gun in their hand.

they said we’ve found paradise,

think of the glory look at the prize we’ve won.

we know who they were,

they were the ones who killed their brothers.

to steal from others,

we know who they were.

they were the ones whose sons and daughters,

are doing it still.

and in their hearts what did they feel?

did they think they had the right to steal.

another man’s land who had no name?

o they didn’t think he’d feel the pain.

so they sailed away from their own country,

to another man’s land far across the sea.

and they stole that land from the people there,

and they called that land australia.

why did he do it

white man?

they sailed away one winter’s day,

to a sunlit land that was far away.

and they stole that land from the people there,

and they called that land america.

why did he do it

white man?

Pasted from < http://www.lyricsvip.com/Steeleye-Span/White-Man-Lyrics.html>

Amplify’d from www.youtube.com

White Man – Steeleye Span


234 videos




1987 Philadelphia Folk Festival

Read more at www.youtube.com

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