Lefties, Get Back to Reason on Libya. Listen up, Michael Moore and Farrakhan

I’m sick of hearing people on TV and internet pointing out:

a) that since we aren’t going into Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, etc., it is wrong to go into Libya. Even someone I respect immensely, Michael Moore, made that argument. That’s so stupid it makes my body ache to just hear it. It’s the simple argument: since I can’t wipe out world hunger by giving to this needy person in front of me, it would be WRONG to help this person in front of me!

b) that America has done wrong things in the past, so it shouldn’t do something correctly now. As Farrakhan put it yesterday: America does not have the “moral authority” to go into Libya. As I tweeted in response to his statement yesterday: [Farrakhan says US no moral enuf to help] uh, yeh. so Libyans have to b raped&killed until such time as US gets more moral? [Farrakhan says US no moral enuf to help].I’m sure Libyans so condemned feel better knowing the high ideals thr dying 4. [Farrakhan says US not moral enuf to help] So Libyans 2b raped&killed for US past sins? (im sure thr gonna like that!). [Farrakhan says US not moral enuf to help] So Libyans 2b raped&killed becuz moral fiber of rescuer is shaky? [Farrakhan says US not moral enuf to help #Libya] Y not then give US a chance to do better this time? US has done it b4. [Farrakhan says US not moral enuf to help #Libya] Y not then let US GET moral authority. How else do u get it? [Farrakhan says US not moral enuf to help #Libya] Wudn’t saving Libyan lives b a start? (& US did it b4 – Bosnia, btw)

So also, we simply cannot be criticizing our government for not going into Libya, initially, to save human lives because we wanted to protect our oil deals with Gaddafi; and then reverse ourselves after Obama goes into Libya saying that we’re going in to GET oil! And if someone should mutter that, well, we wanted to protect our oil contracts with Gaddafi until we saw he was going to be toppled, then backed the rebels when we saw we’d need to go through them for oil:  well, explain why Obama didn’t go into Libya until Gaddafi had fought back, was about to crush the rebellion, and looked like he, Gaddafi, would be victoriouis? Also, why DID we go in at that point against our oil interests? And doesn’t the humanitarian rationale for going in as Gaddafi was surrounding the final rebel holdout in Benghazi stand up since the only real advantage beyond what we’d get allied with Gaddafi is that we would be stopping a massacre? A massacre that would actually have been IN our best oil interests to allow?

Michael Moore and Farrakhan: if I wanted to hear impulsive irrationality I would listen to Limbaugh-Palin-Beck. I don’t. Please do our side a favor by showing the other side that WE, at least, can still think clearly while everyone else, and especially the pee-partiers, are spouting rabid confused nonsense.

A footnote: Obama being criticized from the left for going in to Libya to get oil, from the right for going into Libya when we’re not going to get any oil! On Piers Morgan tonight, Donald Trump says Libya supplies oil to China not us, so, he reasons, why go in to protect China’s oil!?! [in the damned if you do, damned if you don’t department]

And an oldie but goodie from the wtf? department:

“Libyan People” &…..Gaddafi? “Long live the resistance of Libyan people!” says Uruk Net on Facebook while posting a link from Uruknet.info re people in Tripoli making human chain to stand in front of Gaddafi compound at beginning of the Libyan no-fly zone.

My response: Yea, we gotta fight off them hopped-up on hallucinogens, al Qaeda backed, terrorist-inspired, fluoride-saturated, airline food liking, postal service appreciating, hippie long-hair, freedom-wanting, democracy loving…er, imperialistic..protesters, students, scholars, and the Western dogs who would dare to want to save their sorry lives… er, uh… (Rosanne Rosanadanna style:) “nevermind.”

Also wtf?! About Libya; Michael Moore & Dennis Kucinich on same side as Boehner, Putin, totalitarian China, Limbaugh, majority of Republicans? I don’t care what Boehner, Limbaugh, Cantor say… I’m getting on the other side of it from them as my FIRST instinct!

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