Dire Portents – Chief Shares His Dream of President Obama

The chief wants help in interpreting his dream of President Obama.

I’ve been interpreting dreams for 43 years. It’s pretty obvious what he’s seeing…and unfortunately it is how I feared that Obama’s current situation was as well.

Obviously, Obama has lots of “controllers”–men in black and white. He is caught between them. He is in a “cell”–imprisoned–and he is distracted by so many things he cannot really focus. He cannot see what is directly before him (can’t see the forest for the trees). That is typical for his situation right now, with everything going on, but as our first Gen X president (born 1961 and coming to adulthood under Reagan), he doesn’t have the visionary ability of a Boomer. Look at his life. He has played by the rules, and he has climbed up the ladder and excelled in the white man’s world. He does not know what to do in the current situation when the rules don’t apply. Being an academic he has been taught that there are formulas for everything that can be applied to solutions. He does not know what to do in the unique and extraordinary situation in which he has found himself. He does not have the visionary ability to be able to create new solutions…his temperament is a managerial kind–typical of a yuppie/ Gen Xer.

So what does he do with Fukushima on the horizon–an extinction level event. Does he risk upsetting the economies of the world, as this event warrants, by even acknowledging it?

No, the shit is hitting the fan, and Obama is lost. What comes to mind also is the “loss of executive function” that is a part of radiation poisoning. No doubt the dream is portending this as well. No, this is not a dream that portends anything good; and it says that the present situation is dire. (sorry, folks)

Oh, yes, I forgot. He leaves the room and goes about the motions of the Presidency. What would one expect? He continues following the rules. He wants to be the first black president and leave a legacy like other presidents. He is in the extraordinary situation of being the most powerful person in the world at what looks like the end of times. What the hell is he going to do? What would you do? He is going through the motions, giving the appearance that everything is normal, until he can think of something better to do.

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