The Transformational Element of UFO Abductions and Its Blow to Materialism: We Are Being Booted Into a Higher Awareness and a Need to Save the Planet.


Matter As Metaphor, Part Six — UFO Abductions: Are Abductions an Attempt by Higher Others to Instill Us with a Heightened Spirituality and Environmental Concern?


575248_383286685086078_1253136916_nMore recent understandings of the phenomenon of UFOs also bring us to conclusions such as these. Psychiatrist and UFO abduction researcher, John Mack, is insistent about the radically new view of reality that comes out of our encounter with UFO abduction phenomena. In his work with treating the trauma caused in abductees by such “alien abductors,” he discovers consistent affronts to our common-sense views of reality.


As he put it,

asdafasdfaOne man, for example, says, “When we witness their coming it is like scrim [a piece of fabric used in a theater to create the illusion of a solid wall or backdrop], or a movie screen. When they arrive you are looking at ordinary reality as a movie screen in the optic nerve. When they come it is like someone shines a bright light behind the movie screen and obliterates the scene. What we perceive as the movie screen, what we call reality, they burn through, proving it’s only a construct, a version of reality.” (Mack, 1992, p. 10)


Terry (1992) explains further concerning Mack’s findings and viewpoint:

Mack argues that abductees’ reports point . . . to a world that exists not somewhere out there in the physical universe, but in an entirely different dimension.

425890_245561848903491_1999040877_n“In the experience of the abductees,” he says, “the aliens seem to come from another dimension. They seem to break through our sense of the reality of this space-time physicalist world, to come from some other place. Abductees will describe the sense of space and time collapsing, or of coexistent multiple time dimensions.

“They have the feeling that they have been introduced to another universe which is just as real as this one, but which is other-dimensional,” he says. “It’s as if it’s a dimension that seems to enter our physical world but is not necessarily of our physical world.”


408730_3145132727651_1983195184_nAlthough he admits that such possibilities have yet to be proven by the physical sciences, Mack laments what he calls “the unwillingness of the official intellectual community to be open-minded about a reality that doesn’t fit their world view.”  As he sees it, the abduction phenomenon could ultimately present mankind with a “fourth blow” to its collective ego.  The first, he says, was the Copernican blow, which proved that man and Earth were not the center of the universe; the second blow was administered by Darwin, whose findings on evolution proved that man did not spring from “some higher level of spiritual biology”; and the third blow was pv-magical-thinking-300x410delivered by Freud, whose explorations of the unconscious revealed that man’s conscious mind was not all that was in control of his life.

. . . . Mack sees a more transformational element to the abductions: an attempt to alert humans to the need for change in their lives.



Abductees frequently report that during their time on alien spacecraft, they are shown powerful visual images of environmental destruction on Earth.  Many return with a passionate commitment to protect the planet.  Mack interprets the warnings, and the increased awareness among individual abductees, as an attempt to reconnect humans with a heightened sense of spirituality. It’s a quest, he says, best summed up by the poet Rainer Maia Rilke, who wrote:


“That is at bottom the only courage that is demanded of us: to have courage for the most strange, the most singular and the most inexplicable that we may encounter. That mankind has in this sense been cowardly has done life endless harm; the experiences that are called “visions,” the whole so-called “spirit world,” death and all those things that are so closely akin to us, have by daily parrying been so crowded out of life that the senses by which we could have grasped them are atrophied.  To say nothing of God.”


Other civilizations, including Eastern and native cultures, have been far more fluent than the West in communing with experiences that defy understanding in terms of physical reality, says Mack.  He argues that the Western world of the past few hundred years may have reached a dead end of sorts — and that the abductee experience may be part of a move away from the strict confines of materialism.



“It may be that we’re on the brink of some kind of major opening to our proper place in the universe,” muses Mack.  “I think, in this society, we’re involved in a major epochal shift.  I don’t know what the purpose of all this is, but it certainly is some kind of profound connecting of us beyond ourselves.”  (Terry, 1992, p. 27)





Therefore the physical world cannot be anything but a manifestation of the psychic in its basic rootedness and concurrence with the psychic. It follows that the messages that one discovers in contemplating the phenomena, as “given,” of the physical world are endless.  And they are messages both universal and personal, corresponding … exactly, one might guess … to the fact of there being shared physical realities as well as individual physical realities—that is, spaces which one sees in one’s unique way, or in which one has sole or near-sole dominion.


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