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Facebook Funny Revelations and the Mind’s True Liberation: Funny God, Part Two — Human Fear and the Absolute Earliest Preschool

You Ain’t Lived Till You’ve Melted and Why We Don’t See Hyenas at Comedy Clubs

Funny God, Part Two:
Human Fear and The Absolute Earliest Preschool

Part Two of Facebook…. Funny…. God(dess?)…. Experience

Meanwhile, Over in the Muslim Section….

And besides, over in the Muslim section, the part with the dozens and dozens of women for every suicide…or is it, actually, as much as seventy-six virgins to one guy? Anyway, I remember it was a lot, whatever it was. It was lots, plenty, and believe me, I was watching. And it didn’t take long for that whole thing to become normal.

Magical elves

I mean the women had plenty of time to themselves. [chuckles] Yea, I guess they would…they’d have plenty of time to themselves. And they seemed as natural in their nakedness among the forests of heavens as magical elves or something. There was nothing weird about it.


But I know you’re gonna owe me for this big time, because there’s two big questions on your minds. I know. Who wouldn’t be thinking these things? [continued after audio]

Facebook Funny Revelations and the Mind’s True Liberation

And the title, for the link:

“Funny Fantasy Becomes Hilarious Meeting with God
Who Reveals All Reasons behind Existence, God, Living Things;
So Much More Wonderful Than Ever Imagined by Humans;
and Sadly because Humans Are Not Yet Capable

of Even Imagining Such Love and Goodness”
Comedic, Philosophical Monologue by SillyMickel Adzema

For the audio monologue of this part click above for the link to the audio site…. or below on the audio player to listen to it here….
Image of Funny Fantasy Turns Hilarious Meeting with God Who Reveals All Reasons behind Existence God Living Things So Much More Wonderful Than Ever Imagined by Humans and Sadly because Humans Are Not Yet C

You Ain’t Lived Till You’ve Melted.

Now, I’m gonna think of how you can pay me back for gettin’ me melted, drunk down like a saucer of milk, and dead. I’m just realizing how much power I have here.

For starters, since you’ve never melted or the rest, and…boy, can I milk those events: Like, you’ve never had that experience, so I could be like “ooooh, the hell, the horror, the pain…you’ve never knooown.”

Sorry. I’m already boring myself. I can’t pretend that way just to get extra guilt or chips outa you because ooh…that’s too much work, because…ohhh, I hate to say it…. You ain’t lived till you’ve melted. You think a deep tissue massage is relaxing? Well you ain’t lived till you’ve actually had a meltdown in front of one of your friends. Hahaha.

And I’ll be damned if I can make like being devoured by my cat…well…was like “Jaawws! Oooh nooo, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh… ” No. I’m sorry. He.

I really love my cat, is all I can say.

So, good for me, and good for you because I’ll just tell you, and you could eat your hearts out for jealousy…how’s that?

Let’s just say that being licked up by a cat…well I’m reluctant to say, but well let’s just say that we all have certain pleasurable experiences…that involve, well, let’s say, being licked! And, uh…well bein’ taken in the mouth of another, y’know? Well, I guess I more than hinted there, didn’t I? Well how else can I say it?


But I got it all over you guys ’cause well, you can feel pleasure in certain sex acts involving the mouth and parts of your lovers’ bodies, as you know what I’m talking about… Well, you don’t know the meaning of exquisite pleasure until it is aaall of you…not a part…that is lovingly taken in…

I’m not into beastiality or something…don’t get me wrong…but I really love my cat, is all I can say, I mean….

And dying…

Inside her…or his…warm cozy belly was just some kind of bliss…I’m tellin ya…it’s….

I get the feeling once you’re out of your bodily state…well maybe it’s because the ego goes but, but, though I knew, I knew I was gone for the world, I couldn’t have been more pleased at my fortune…ok I’ll let ya off the hook…. Eehh, I’guess it’s that God influence, y’know?

Oh, I’m just to kind for my own good, and, well, like God told me in Oregon, “Well, that’s what Jesus’d do.” So ok I won’t torture you any longer.

The Questions

I know I haven’t addressed the two questions in your mind…er, actually…three. I know what they are. I know what you’re all thinking so don’t deny it! Come on!

Naked God

You’re thinking, “What does God look like naked?” right? Shew.. I knew it… I know it, I know you guys, I mean, well… just…I’ll tell you…just about anybody, well I’ll, I’ll tell you, but whatever you’re expecting, I’m sure I’m going to be a disappointment for you.

Nope, God is not a downy-covered Ken doll.

So… No, he wasn’t covered in downy feathers and all Ken-doll parts or anything that an evangelical would imagine. Remember, it’s only here that we think of nakedness as shameful. You gotta dig this. This is the guy who designed, sculpted our form… You think He’s ever had the thought that He made something nau-ghty…

Or I can tell you that a little time with Him and you’d realize or you’d think, at least, that one of the reasons…if not The Big One…how would I know?…for creating us is…well it just occurred to me that…I may have just realized why they say we were made in God’s image…because, y’know, by now, no doubt we’ve realized we are the dumbest animal on this planet….

And destructive? murderous, and totally uncaring of the other species and their fates…

As we head for the armageddon that only dumb humans could imagine to set up.

Why We’re Not So Special, Yet Still Made in God’s Image

But not for now…that’s not the thing I want to get at, just to say that our… since we know that our supposed intelligence is a disease, ok? Actually it’s our ego and sense of superiority and specialness…but our supposed superior intellect is often named as what makes us different and what makes us in the image of God. Am I not right about that?

I mean, that’s what you always hear. “We’re different from the animals cause we, y’know, we got brains, or….”Well, this won’t go over very big with the academics and such but…breaking news, folks…our words don’t make us superior…they make us inferior…to all the other species…who know, without having to struggle with symbols that are easily misinterpreted.

Their language is not language, so much as it is mind-sharing. And that can all be conveyed in a precise, precise look…sometimes a smell…or just a howl…across the forest. You think that the information contained in such things could be only rudimentary…hardly! He!

You’ve got it all wrong. Alright, let’s say we’re like the typewriters…laboriously trying to make ourselves understood to each other…and ourselfs…. Well, what we lost with our separation and ego—y’know, which come with our separation—is the kind of abilities that, as analogy, we see in computers.

Now, think of that…think of the size of a computer chip…tiny…size of a penny or something…and then the amount of information it can convey, process, et cetera….wow! Remember, it is small!

Now our egotism just does not let us see that the natural biological perfection of all things—each of which is God having the fun of manifesting Him- Herself in that form, and simultaneously in all others…. I mean, that’s His thing, y’know…. And, and since these creatures are still aware…as aware as when we go to a movie and still realize that it is not real, and that our real existence is elsewhere….

Well, check it out: All of Nature, except for our sorry asses, have the sense of watching a drama, but none of it is all that scary. They even dig the scary parts as a thrill, just the way you might enjoy a horror flick.

And of course, they have, without trying, without trying, the knowledge that needs communicating, whenever…and that knowledge they know, so it’s not all that common that a need to communicate it arises.

Sorry bout that…but I had to dispense with that, because…you’re not going to believe the one and only way that we are like God, and it’s a damn fine thing that there is something. Because after all the rest of your ego being busted, you’re glad to have…you do have a special link with that source of Love.

What is it? You can’t…can’t you guess? Remember back to my earliest experiences with God?

Let’s put it this way, God so loved the world, God felt so much compassion for the ways we humans managed to fuck up, and even to reject all His blessings…even the pain that he gave us as our greatest gift…which is like wisdom gift-wrapped in something to hide its nature until we accept it and opened it, to find the gift of wisdom which brings with it always ever more release from the fear that we have chosen….

Well, God, to hear Him tell it, was even as surprised, as an All-Knowingness can be, that we would be so fearful…that when He wanted to show us how there was never anything to be afraid of, and that fear was an imaginary creation of ours….

Well, let’s put it this way, He not only inspired the billions of human mothers to play the peek-a-boo game with their children…y’know Mom’s not there, the baby has this imaginary, horrifying fear that Mom is gone, disappeared, never to return.

Then suddenly her face appears from nowhere. How does the baby feel and react, react to it? Well, now the baby’s downright gleeful…& beside her- or himself, can’t even contain her or his joy, claps its hands, laughs, and giggles…. And, yes, I’m getting to it….

It’s our laughter….

It’s our laughter.

You might ask yourself why are we the only ones that laugh? And this is where it got really freakin interesting, and really heavy…. And I was glad that we had the laughter….

Notice, now, I was with God…and I had the best time of my life…. But then I was with God! And if you’re with God, what is it that you would never ever have, that is such a pain in the ass to have in life?

Fear. Of course there’s no fear…you’re with God!

Why you don’t see hyenas at comedy clubs.

Anyway, so it’s our laughter. Animals don’t have laughter…because…well, I’m gonna have to do a little favor for you guys like you did for me… I’m gonna have to string you a little bit along…. Course you were pretty crude the way you did it…. melting me, I mean…though it was lots of fun, y’know…I’m sorry…. I only wish I could do it for you guys…. Anyway, I don’t have a petition or nothing, but, um…

I’ll just say this about animals (a) they don’t laugh, and (b) they always have a sense that they’re one with God…. So they always have part of them knowing that they are, like, just playing an act.

So, well, if you felt one with God and thought of life’s dramas as a kind of play, would you have fear? Not a lot, would you? If you knew it was like the movie I was talking about? OK, but now…. Here’s the big reveal…but I’m gonna let it out slowly cause it’s complicated but it’s sooo fucking simple when you see it. See….

The Absolute Earliest Preschool

And a lot of it comes back to that peek-a-boo. God, you see, provided the inspiration for that game. There was a reason why He thought it was so important, and it’s hard to find a mother-child who has not experienced it…though I doubt any mother ever consciously knew why she was doing it except that it was fun and gave so much pleas-ure! scarlette_august_1-004Remember that word.The same with God, just as God inspired mothers to play peek-a-boo to train children to not trust their fears as being real….


Even to set up in us the next step, where when we are fearful, we might have the expectation, expectation…and it would be righteous…that soon the clouds will part, the sun will shine…but even more than that… you see? Like that training is: At first you’re fearful but after a while you expect Mother to be there all the time…if you have enough experience of it. That’s a big hint. For, you see, it’s training for God’s training later in life now…let’s put it this way:

Pain is God playing peek-a-boo with us.

I know it’s going to be hard to take, but

Pain is God playing peek-a-boo with us.

And I know you have so many, so many ideas or remembrances of pain. And I’m sure you think you remember pain. But I’ll tell you a thing or two…let’s put it this way,

He uses it to guide us from danger…and toward our true path.

Of course, that’s one thing we know, right? We know that when things aren’t going right…sometimes the car breaks down or we break our ankle…. How many times have we found out that was the perfect thing? That it was God that was helping us out, derailing our plans, because we weren’t supposed to be doing something? You know? We’ve all reached that point, right? Where we know that we are being guided by God, through some of these bad experiences, right? So, you got that part, right? Can I get a “right” from somebody?

Oh, Acey, you’re so stoned, I swear to God…. Je-sus, sasquatch…you do more bellowing I swear to God when you’re masturbating than…ooooh, god…never mind. Anyway….

And you shouldn’t put yourself down now that much now…I’m trying not to be judgmental, you should give yourself more credit for being smart, sasquatch… Now let’s everybody else stop laughing, ok? But I was there, alright?

Ok, so, just as God inspired mothers to train people to not trust their fears as being reality, He even set up the next step where we are… The next step is, when we are fearful we might have the expectation, and it would be true, that soon the clouds would part, and everything would be fine.So, for pain, God is playing peek-a-boo with us…He uses it to guide us from danger toward our true path…

Of course we bitch and complain when we don’t get what we want, when misfortune brings down our cherished fantasies…and sure it’s painful. But I doubt there is any of you who haven’t many, many times given a little…or sometimes it requires more time…we look back at what we had intended and what we were guided to instead, and said, “Thank God I’m not in charge of my life… If Ida gotten my way, well, hell, what a stupid idea that ended up being. God sure must love me to sustain and teach and guide me…in spite of myself.” But of course there’s much more to it, than that.

God, what’s that, Peter?

You say I forgot something, something I…I shoulda known? Too much of the blah blah blah, you say, and…you already know this stuff? Wow, you must have some kinda cell phone to the divine I never…. Oh yea, you’re living in Hawaii now. Yea, I remember. Our last phone conversation you were saying something about the vegetation. Wow. Whatever vegetation you’re liking over there it hasn’t touched…er touched your, let’s say, your bluntness. That’s ok, though. Just give me the facts, you say. What does God look like naked? OK.

Ok, Peter. Ok, I guess I gotta spell it out for you. Well, let’s say that, first, what I saw was God the way I was meant to see Him. Stop it, guys. I’m sure that God has an infinite number of appearances just as He appears in the entire Universe as Everything That Is, both living and non-living, right?

Ok, I’ll get to the point, What does God look like naked?

Well, like everything and like nothing.

Knock it off! I’m trying to give you real stuff here. Like He looks like everything and like nothing…that’s the true answer, because the question is irrelevant.

But what did God look like naked to me? Well, that is a question. But I told you you’d be disappointed.

First of all, like I said, with no consciousness of nakedness being anything but as natural as, and just as overlooked as the way animals look. They’re also naked. But how often do you think what any of them look like in detail or, y’know, you’re not thinking about…they’re not attracting your attention just cause they only have fur on them.

So first of all it was not something that I would think to note, y’know, what He looked like. But I can say my recollection is that God, naked, looked not much different than myself in the mirror, naked, and again just as uninteresting. Told you I’d be a disappointment for you there.

Fetishing and fearing what’s hidden.

But I think you’ll like the answer I have to your other question. Yes, I know, specially you, Peter. I’m sure you got your mind on those multitude of virgins, ha!

Well this was pretty interesting from what I could make out…and I don’t mean in any prurient sense. For like I said, well maybe I didn’t say it yet this way, so I will. It’s just that it reminds me of the lack of interest in nudity when there is no, when there is no shame. It all seems so clear from here.

It’s almost like there was a universal point where, that which attracts inordinate interest, and even fixation, or even fetish, is always that which has been concealed. Well, where I was, there was no darkness. No hidden truth, let alone agendas. So with everything at hand, or, “at thought,” to be more precise, you’re freed from the wondering, worrying, the interest, the fixation, the curiosity…let alone the fear, uncertainty, of terror, horror, all of which arise out of the things that are hidden, that are concealed, that are in darkness.

Remember peek-a-boo? It is the way that mothers teach their babies…by putting something in darkness, putting something out of view. That creates the trauma, right? But it’s how babies are taught to not fear….

Oh… you too, sasquatch? You’re still thinking about those virgins too, huh? Okay, I will jump ahead to that, but I…I’ll jump ahead to that, because, it’s pretty good. And, uh, I think this will still make sense in the same order…pretty much, yea.

All we are saying, is give God a chance.

Well, it’s quite funny actually because, you see, well…. only humans could come up with something as horrible as like a hell. ONLY humans. I mean, come on, God could never come up with something like that, but…and I’ll get into why later, but it’s just…let’s just put it that way, there’s no hell. Just take my word for it, you’ll understand later.

So, there’s no hell, but does that mean everybody goes to heaven? Now, not quite, exactly, you see? Because, well, let’s see…would heaven be getting what you ask for…or you think it would be getting what God—who knows everything—knows…you…want?

See? It’s a little trickier now, isn’t it? Now, think about those suicide bombers. Yeaa. Seventy-six virgins, they got their wishes, right?

“What were we thinking?!”

But you didn’t see what I saw. I mean, I didn’t see…. I mean, it was heaven and everything…there was no darkness…. But so you wanta see some draggin’ bedraggled scraggly-assed mother-blankin’ tired lil, lil…I swear to God. What were they thin-king…asking for seventy-six virgins?!

I mean…my God! What does it take to realize that you can’t handle that many?! It’d kill you! So, you know, it was kind of funny. I mean think of it! I mean, you know…I don’t know if God’s laughing at that because that might be judgmental…but it’s kinda like…it’s like, well, He’s just being kind, he gave them what they wanted. And you know what, He does that for all of us…you see?

He does that for all of us and that’s what I meant about the pain being His blessing to us. Because He might protect us from making bad mistakes through pain or something like that, but then the other thing is that He lets us go through with it… and find out…on our own…what a bad and dumb idea that was.

Continue with The Purpose of the Human Form and the Poignancy of It All: Funny God, Part Three — Pain and Peek-a-Boo

Return to Funny God, Part One: SillyMickel Melts for God’s Crops and Revelations

Facebook Funny Revelations and the Mind’s True Liberation

And the title, for the link:

“Funny Fantasy Becomes Hilarious Meeting with God
Who Reveals All Reasons behind Existence, God, Living Things;
So Much More Wonderful Than Ever Imagined by Humans;
and Sadly because Humans Are Not Yet Capable

of Even Imagining Such Love and Goodness”

Comedic, Philosophical Monologue by SillyMickel Adzema

For the audio monologue of this part click above for the link to the audio site…. or below on the audio player to listen to it here….
Image of Funny Fantasy Turns Hilarious Meeting with God Who Reveals All Reasons behind Existence God Living Things So Much More Wonderful Than Ever Imagined by Humans and Sadly because Humans Are Not Yet C

Continue with The Purpose of the Human Form and the Poignancy of It All: Funny God, Part Three — Pain and Peek-a-Boo

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Funny God, Part One: SillyMickel Melts for God’s Crops and Revelations

God Gets Me Stoned, Digs Joan Osborne, “Don’t Be So Judgmental,” He Says

Part One of Facebook…. Funny…. God(dess?)…. Experience

Yes, yes. This is what started out as my comments on Facebook’s…awfully nice but…fourteen-year-late announcement of my marriage. Now, I feel like celebrating…any excuse, y’know. But, well THREE DAYS AGO I had a little bit different reaction.

Intro – “Hey, Thanks Again for the Meltdown!”

In fact, with the unintentional help of my Facebook friends, I ended up turning to liquid, becoming a refreshing drink for my cat, dying and hanging out with God—talk about one crazy dude!!

Plus, there’s no one, I mean NO ONE’s as funny as God. aq7d4fc2hhn_1660d1047462226-funny_pics_youve_seen_recently-godWe used to say, “Know how to make God laugh?” (answer:) “Tell Him/Her your plans.” Well how little did we know.

Not only does God have the most best material (well, wouldn’t you expect that?), but goofy? God certainly taught Jim Carrey…but Jim, or any of the best of them, are Sunday School marms compared to His Supreme Side-Splittingness.

Well, enough of that, don’t want to make any of you guys jealous or nothin.

Facebook Friends Fiasco

But the reaction that started at seeing the announcement on my page in Facebook went on far longer than the six-eight comments of it that are still probably there. As for what happened, well I was thinking of giving this a title of

Facebook Friends Funny Fantastic Enlightenment,


The Tale of
the Imaginary Spat at Facebook
That Led to a Hilarious Experience
of Hanging Out With God
and to Receiving the Actual Simple Answers
to the Biggest and Most Mysterious
Questions of Existence

But, well, you guys know me. I’m kinda too shy for that.

Soooo, ‘scuse me, cause I kissed the sky.

OK, a lot’s happened. But what transpired I didn’t think should be written in text at first. So I uploaded it as an audiocast. The text is now here, too; and it begins further down.

I lost time caught up in this revelation that I’d never imagined or heard of before, in which God can, not only exist, but can be what they say God—as defined—is. That is to say, God can actually be All-Loving, All-Compassionate, and All-Goodness.

In fact, considering the way God is usually portrayed, I can’t understand how anyone could ever believe in God. For, despite what God is defined as being, in common thinking even the best ideas of goodness and Love and the rest that are attributed to Him/Her fall far short of what I know some humans to be capable of.

pumpkin-headEven stranger, most times when I’ve heard humans talk about God’s characteristics, he sounds meaner and more rotten than I think I, myself, and most of the people I know, would ever be in the same situation.

Just consider that for a minute. Then ask yourself if it might not be that the problem is not with God, but rather with the fact that He is being depicted by some relatively lowly humans who, let us say, are not all that godly.

That’s all I’m going to say at this point, the rest is gradually revealed in the transcription and audios below. If you want to hear what came through me and Mary Lynn and left us saying it was the most profound and wonderful thing we ever shared, well, click on the player below to listen here or on the link to listen to it on the audio site. [continued after audio]

Facebook Funny Revelations and the Mind’s True Liberation

And the title, for the link:

“Funny Fantasy Becomes Hilarious Meeting with God
Who Reveals All Reasons behind Existence, God, Living Things;
So Much More Wonderful Than Ever Imagined by Humans;
and Sadly because Humans Are Not Yet Capable

of Even Imagining Such Love and Goodness”

Comedic, Philosophical Monologue by SillyMickel Adzema

For the audio monologue of this part click above for the link to the audio site…. or below on the audio player to listen to it here….
Image of Funny Fantasy Turns Hilarious Meeting with God Who Reveals All Reasons behind Existence God Living Things So Much More Wonderful Than Ever Imagined by Humans and Sadly because Humans Are Not Yet C

Obvious Truths Revealed…

When not trippin’ over your dogma

And the woeful excuse for a description…I simply couldn’t imagine how to pigeonhole the incredible expanse we saw…well it goes like this:

A funny Facebook spat turns into a fantastic adventure.The Meeting with God is the most unexpected and Hilarious Meeting ever imagined.

But then, no grace being ever withheld, the still mostly human can easily understand the answers to all the great questions that humans for all their existence have struggled but failed to really understand.

It turns out that humans, unless they radically evolved, could never understand simply because they are incapable of even imagining anything close to how truly wonderful and loving God’s Existence is and how grand our purposes, and how needless fear. For even the most loving and hopeful human could not imagine the most wonderful and loving without injecting some of the darkness that is in us, even if we don’t know it.

You are left with an understanding of everything that you cannot possibly believe, because you would say it’s too good to be true. Thereby you would prove that humans, for all their talk of this supremely Loving God, have yet to really believe it, let alone take it to the only conclusions that arise from really believing or knowing that.

So here is the link again:

“Funny Fantasy Becomes Hilarious Meeting with God
Who Reveals All Reasons behind Existence, God, Living Things;
So Much More Wonderful Than Ever Imagined by Humans;
and Sadly because Humans Are Not Yet Capable

of Even Imagining Such Love and Goodness”

Better if you listen to it here, though, and then you can follow along with the transcription that’s here too.
Image of Funny Fantasy Turns Hilarious Meeting with God Who Reveals All Reasons behind Existence God Living Things So Much More Wonderful Than Ever Imagined by Humans and Sadly because Humans Are Not Yet C

And all I can say is, “whatever floats your boat!” And for the men “well, whatever fires your rocket!”


So, rewind 2+ days, and…. ball’s in your court……

SillyMickel Melts for God’s Crops and Revelations

Category: Spirituality, Philosophy, Religion, Comedy, Ultimate Truth

What follows from here is the transcription of the audio:

Wow. So, I’m checkin’ out my Facebook page here today and, uh, What the hell! What does this mean? I just got married? I mean, I’ve been married for fourteen years, I mean…What is it uh…Oh, that’s right! Oh, God, I. I was working on the profile, y’know, I never like to put that stuff in, er anything. When I joined up I just left it at, uh…I didn’t answer that question, I don’t like fillin’ out forms.

And, today I said, wait a minute. They’ve had me listed as single, so I said, Well, I’m going to fix that. I mean, that’s not fair, that’s not fair to my wife. So I listed it as…y’know, I corrected it to “married.” And, what happens? So announced, on my site, where all my friends come…and they all get it announced on their sites too, “I got married.”

Now, one of these, my friends, is my wife’s son! So, this is not convenient. Well, I’m wondering, How does this thing, anyway, this software, how does it know that? And why did it take so much time to learn that I got married?

OK,OK. So I’m sloppy when it comes to filling out profiles—I hate forms. And I just noticed today they had me listed as single, or dead, or something. Anyway, it wasn’t right, so I changed it. Now, I’m announced as married! HOW COOL!!! Everybody should try this. Does this mean I get my….ok, I’m counting, hold your pants on….. OK, fourteen years…technically, more that was untechnical, if ya catch my drift, but, uh…. So I can’t wait to tell Mary Lynn that we get to do the fourteen technical years all over again…. And I don’t think it’s gonna be so technical….Anyway, I just had the thought… would it mean I’d have to live through the eight years of the W. again?

I guess I’m going to have to talk to tech to see how I can give back the fourteen years. I’ll settle for the fourteen I had.

Wheeeew, sure glad I thought of that.

Hey, what’s this…. My friends are coming. Hey, Peter, what do you mean by that?

You too, Mary Beth!

Anna, come on, you know me better than that—didn’t I even bring Mary Lynn to class, sure I did?

Hey, and, as I was saying…you, in the corner, furry foot or whatever you call yourself, don’t give me that he-man cat stuff—KC. You too?

So, I see, all you guys think I was dissing Mary Lynn. Think that I INTENTIONALLY left it blank.

You, of all people, Sasquatch, you actually think I put myself down as single.

Oh, ow, the hurt, the injustice. My friends think I’m a cad. They’re all signing a petition to have me sent to feminist hell!!

Oh, the horror, the horror.

I don’t think I can stand the injustice, I’m …. shrinking… honestly I really do hate forms, I mean….

oh my God getting smaller. ..

I’m really telling the truth, guys. I mean, stop shrinking me and I promise for the rest of my life I will read every fucking form that comes across in front of my face…oh, oh, that’s hell, maybe worse than unbelieving feminists….

well, I’ll try to do better to fill in every blank.

I’ll be good.

Oh, just please stop.. ….

getting smaller…..

My god,



meee-eellllllttting. ..horror…….

God Gets Me Stoned, Digs Joan Osborne.
“Don’t Be So Judgmental,” He Says.

Well, that was a trip. No….No thanks to any of you folks, I mean…hey! Ya know what happened?

I melted…yea, you saw that part…then I became this puddle. OK. The cat drank me, thinking I was delicious! Hey!

So I was up there in front of the Real Justice, the Real One. And, guess what! Ha! turns…to all of you! Turns out God hates forms as much as me. So there!

In fact, we hit it off pretty good…good with god, hey, now there’s my next title, hmmmm, goodwithgod…

Shit, guys, he’s got the best—I’m telling you—HASH brownies… no lie!! Wow, you think yer trippin. Try being dead sometime and hanging out with God in, well, where he lives…I think Oregon, now, that’s what it looked like…

And these big mutha hash brownies …. De-lic-ious. I’m tellin ya! But kicked my BUTT! I’m tellin ya, God can do some shit! Didn’t seem to faze him, but he did start acting sillier than even He usually is.

Well I was toast, I was starting to brown out. But you couldn’t miss the Major and Only Consciousness, not when he’s breakin into

“What if god was one of us, just a slob like one of us. Just a stranger”…I mean, you know…

Maybe, uh…I suppose he sang a little bit better then me…I have to say that, though, cause He’s God, ya know.

Well…no, but He’s a nice guy….

Anyway, so…

“there’s a stranger on the street.”

And, and like, like that, you know,”tryin to make his way ho-ooo-ome….” ho-oome…..”

I mean He really dug it. I couldn’t help it, I was laughin my ass off. There’s God dancin and singin, smilin and trippin. Christ! …er…should I? Oh what the hell. If you knew him, you’d realize he don’t give a shit about words you say; it’s the hurtful words, oh and the greed, murder, and rape—he’s not silly bout them at all….

Anyway, there he is even gettin into the parody of it. you know, like, you know, the one that was made of it, you know, like that, uh, guy does, but anyway it was a woman…and she said

“what if god smoked cannabis, hit the bong like some of us”

[chuckle] really gettin into it…I mean God is really getting into it…He’s goin’:

“yea, yea, god smells good”

and like that. I mean, I cou…I never laughed so hard. I mean I always knew that God, that if God were good and loving he’d have to be silly. Cause well being serious all the time means you ain’t good and loving!

But this was like, Wow, God is the funniest Dude there is! Aw…Hmmm… funnygod@gmail…. Naw no one would believe it. besides, I think he’s saving that one for Himself.


It was alright…. it’s all….

It was, it was ALL great!…there was…there was one… like I said…. OK, oh…like I said he digs Joan Osborne. So….

So, when he starts breakin into her

“Let’s Just Get Naked”

you know, like…I forget the tune now…

“just for a laugh…it’s a thrill and a half”

“we’ve been together so….I hope it wasn’t just the drugs”

…something like that. I forgetting now too.

But, well, well, what would you think?

First I…but He’s getting’ into it…He’s got perfect pitch of course, you know….anyway, first, I’m uncomfortable thinkin – hey, like…I’m a guy, is this appropriate? I mean, I swear I did flash on those Catholic priests, my bad…I mean… how could I think about…God…How could I think that about God? I mean…oh that damn Catholic in me; I’m startin to think even He’s a perv.

Oh, uh, but, luckily, saved by my early youth investment in primal therapy I end…I ended that trip, man.

But then there was another, right on its heels: like He…like what if God was only appearing to me as a man…because I am and shit, ya know…and well…what about that: You know that stuff we say like [like as if praying:]

“I ask, please, that God/Goddess, aah, will find it in His/Her divine, yilly, yani, whatever…” Ya know, yada, yada, whatever.”

I mean…male, female…why…you know, it shouldn’t be, right?…so I’m thinkin…If He’s just as much…I mean what if He is He just as much a She and can be one whenever. So I’m hearing…and I’m thinkin’, well that makes sense ’cause He’s everybody so…Hell, He IS half female, and I’m hear…but I’m hearin’ this “get naked” song and now I’m freakin’ again.

I’m thinkin, oh yeah, all my mofo friends melt…melted me because they thought I dissed Mary Lynn; and…and NOW I’m having the time of my life with God, and he’s telling me to forgive my friends for being so judgmental and punishing.

He’s saying, HE’D never be as judgmental or punishing as any human would because, well, he said, because…because…I am all of you. He says, I am all of you, I am everything and, “I like to be nice to me; cause if I can’t be on my side, who can?”

Now ya just can’t argue with that kind of there’s-nothing-that-exists-but-me reasoning, I mean…especially when He’s…….especially when He’s….heh….should I start saying She’s?…proving it to you.

So anyway, there I am, and now I’m thinking, “Christ, if you turn into a beautiful chick… you know, what the hell’s with this “just get naked” stuff… great song, I mean, but, well I’m trippin, remember? I’m not quite thinkin straight so I’ve got it all screwed up in my mind that I’d be, you know, that I’d be just proving the mofo’s down there right, that I’d end up being unfaithful to my wife with god…dess… and prove a bigger cad than they already melted me for.

So, there I am all screwed up thinking I’m gonna have to choose between proving to Anna, and Mary Beth, and Doug, and Peter…you bastard, Peter, you know I love your Ma…and fuzzy feet KC-cat he Mah and Clara…aah I’ll prove all of you wrong, or turn… down sex with Goddess. And you tell me how the hell you say no to Goddess/God?…I’m still wonderin if a non-Catholic would’ve gone through that kind of hell.

Well, all I can say is that it’s a fine damn thing that the hash starting wearing off a bit… wow!…or maybe God was just laughin so hard at what He/She knew I was thinkin but…and… but then had pity on me. Because with, with more clarity I began to see how tripped out I’d been! Like, hey! Look (a) I’M FREAKIN’ DEAD! What the hell do I care about provin anything to you guys, let alone how would you know, and so on?

But also, he…(b) Hey, I’m with God, fer Chrissakes! Now, now that I think of it and look around, I know, I know, you’d think this would be the first thing I’d notice, but, well, don’t be so judg-men-tal!…I mean, I…ya..member I got that from the Main Person Him or Her self….cause…cause how do you know? Ya know?…don’t go judgin’ me… and, and…and also how you’d be after ingesting, ingesting God’s own private stash.

Seriously, do you really think you’ve ever had anything as strong…as the crop God’s got?? C’mon, a little reason, here, folks. thank you. So anyway it dawn’s on me that I’d been naked…that we’d been naked the whole time <chuckling> shesh, whileallthis’sbeengoinon…Not even feathery wings or any of that happy ho no. Wellll….

Well of course that well, of course, see, clothes…or heaven…Well (1) you’re clothes don’t have a soul. Sheesh! What were you… er, er ah, I thinkin? that’s dumb! Then the, then the hash was really wearing off and my superior intellect really started to kick in: Like…like it start to say:… “Hey dummy”…talkin to myself, see…”This is frigging heaven!”

…ya know, when I lived in Oregon, I JUST KNEW God was hanging out up there…aah, too hard to explain…

“so anyway in heaven, so in heaven” I tell myself, toler…I tell myself tolerating…tolerating me: “Do you really think there’d be sweat shops spewing out conveyors of clothes? hmmmm?”

“UH, No, I answer myself, seeing the wisdom of my self’s question.”

“And in heaven, do you think there’d be anybody having to slave their lives, er, their, timelessness, away?…Indeed!” continued the erudite little puke…that I was having second thoughts about being so proud of, now that it’s me Socratic dialoguing all over my ass…OK “Indeed!” erudite me said “It’s heaven, so why would ANYone have to work!?”

Yea, of course, he was right, but he didn’t have to stress that “ANY”…a big ol’ ANYwu… that way; it was like he was saying, “It’s obvious to everyone, dummy; what’d you do catch ‘brain deadness’ all of a sudden?” Course he didn’t say that out loud, but, you see, like I said earlier, I went through primal therapy, back in the day, so I know a little bit more about myself than the average schmuck.

So that’s why I can tell when I’m being a dick to me.

Well, long story short…oh, huh, I see, way too late for that, anyway. Well anyway, turns out that…hell now here’s where that Catholic stuff woulda actually helped me out…well, in heaven there’s no sin, no sin, means no shame, no shame means why get dressed?

Continue with Facebook Funny Revelations and the Mind’s True Liberation: Funny God, Part Two — Human Fear and the Absolute Earliest Preschool

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The “Unapproved and Hidden” – The First Prasad from the Planetmates: “A Blessing for You … To Choose or Refuse”

pandorasboxbrightlight (2)

The “Unapproved and Hidden”: In the First Prasad, Planetmates Say Our Wisest Humans Shared One Understanding – The Same Blind Spot

The Hole in Your Understanding of the Nature of All

The Great Reveal from the Planetmates, The First Prasad: The “Unapproved and Hidden”


Planetmates Release The First Prasad

Just released, here’s the latest. The Great Reveal–arranged by the Planetmates for the benefit of humans on the eve of the biggest challenge ever to face humans or even the planet at any time of its existence–is being released in snippets.

I received this; they call it “The First Prasad,” so no doubt there will be more to follow. Stay tuned. I’ll continue to update here with whatever I find out, as soon as I find out.

Primate is first consciousness at The First Prasad.


“We thought it would help if…the one and only constant…was the hole in their understanding of the the Nature of All”


The First Prasad – “The Unapproved and Hidden”

298009_1510005046893_1737376259_743931_1500214464_nDEFINING CHARACTERISTICS OF HUMANS

There were always those of you, many from even the past, whose names and words you would know; these trailblazers into truth’s jungles, these gardeners of consciousness, brave, even foolhardy, deep-sea divers into the black waters of the Unapproved and Hidden of virtually all the numberless angels_portaland diverse societies and cultures existing and transforming over the course of innumerable millennia, are even better known to us.

We thought it would help if in all their reports to you–strangely enough, among all those maddeningly different ways of life, and kinds of people, and uniquely lived lives—that the one and only constant you would find among them was the hole in their understanding of the Nature of All.

Black-Hole[3] (2)

Video Commentary by SillyMickel Adzema

What follows is a video of a reading of The First Prasad, with commentary, elaboration, and context, by SillyMickel Adzema.

“The First Prasad” From The Great Reveal by The Planetmates– the audiocast

The link above takes you to the audio only version of my commentary on The First Prasad, exactly as is in the video. Click on the link to go to the audio site, or you can listen to it here using the audio player below.
The First Prasad. From “The Great Reveal” By The Planet Mates

Pharaphrase/Elaboration of “The First Prasad”
— by SillyMickel Adzema

racoons.threefunny.mao,,trio,d,_,b,animals,funny,raccoon-f9ac724a680e436fbf75c4bc210d6b6e_h (2)The first thing we want you to know is that which defines you as humans, for it is very different, in actuality, from the way you proclaim yourselves to be. So the characteristics that truly define you are not really known Jacobs-Ladder-Artcrpdto you.

The second thing concerns why no culture ever did or could reveal the truth about humans as a species. We will tell you just why you cannot face, let alone know, the truth about who you are in Nature, in the grand scheme of things, in relation to all other planetmates and all other beings and also in relation to the Divine, God, the One Consciousness.


platoscaveunravelingtheriddleofNow, there were, of course, always those few of you who ventured into the Unapproved and Hidden in the attempt to discover your nature and the truths of your existence. hhhMany of their names and their words you would know. But these trailblazers into truth’s jungles are even better known to us as they often art-image-by-joe-bergeron1acknowledged us and honored the knowledge we could convey to them. Facing us, in consciousness, this way, we could commune with and teach them.

But there is one thing that these deep-sea divers into the Unapproved and Hidden never learned from us, partly because, for reasons that will become obvious as we continue, they would never truly be able to “get it,” to truly understand.

Accession480pxWe also thought it would help at some point if all the reports from these thinkingattherootsofthings2gardeners of consciousness had that one thing in common—that constant being the hole in their understanding of the Nature of All. For it would seem that such an obvious lack—an obvious dark spot in the otherwise bright spot of consciousness—would be more clearly seen at some point by contrast.


twistedgrowth411857669_36ae7ed1ffThis missing piece of the puzzle would lead to many convoluted and strained understandings and reasonings by your kind; that is true. imagesgggcrppdggBut when such a time would come when you could compare your understandings and cultures, you would find much that did not overlap at all and much that was similar and hazily akin among that. l11_00000001What you would also find is a perfect congruence, a clear alignment in one area in all your understandings. That area would be exactly outlined around a hole in your understanding. Like piling many jigsaw puzzles upon each other, the only place that would perfectly line up—would be exactly the same size and shape in all—would be the place where a piece was missing…where there was a hole.



jupiterSo it would be that by contrast you could be enabled, at some point, to view the outlines of the Unapproved and Hidden you created. We aided your total misunderstanding in one area so that at some time your lack there would be felt as painfully clear as hunger. This would make you ready and amenable to the understandings and knowledge you lost, but needed.

10-emergence-440_thumbThese things have now happened and that time is now. Not only are you able to now view your many understandings of you, making that hole in your knowledge easily apparent, but your hunger is greater for needing that which you lack. You need it in the most dire way, for your continued survival depends on it.




102457-10-book-of-apocalypse (2)

jacobs-ladder-jody-198x300Well, that hunger to know and truly see yourselves can now be satisfied. kapstadt-wandern-mit-pavianenThis is why we have come, why we are here, why we are intruding on your awareness: We have come to reveal to you exactly that which you have lacked and now need again for your own sake as well as ours. You can no longer go on in the ignorance you have had and still live.


Continue with The Great Reveal from the Planetmates, The Second Prasad: Truth Become Invisible

Return to The Great Reveal, Keynote, Part Three: Spirit “Word” Has It

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Breaking News — Hell Doesn’t Exist: Good—God! Hell—No! … the Comedy

Hell Does Not Exist: Jesus Ignored, God Misunderstood, An All-Loving God Maligned…. But The Great Reveal Has Begun!

Good – God. Hell – No.

This performance of comedic supposing is played for you by SillyMickel Adzema and his wife, Mary Lynn Adzema. They reenact the roles of the TV anchors Katie and Dave on one of the most memorable days in all of history, occurring not long ago at all.

Big Lies…Big Ones!

We listen in as local TV anchors Dave and Katie recall the amazing day, not quite a month ago, when the world changed drastically forever, practically overnight. They replay the TV news highlights of those incredible few days when miraculously the world’s human population was released from the Biggest Lie of all time, in fact the longest lasting—25,000 years in fact.

Zombies.SadProselytistsBut the world changed because it was the most hideous lie. It had made humans miserable throughout their lives and caused them to be terrified to live, terrified of acting or even speaking. And after such a life of paralyzing terror, at death’s door, it caused untold trillions of humans to be freaked out of their gourd and to go nearly insanely brain scramblingly, nose drippingly mad as they approached the threshold.

God Will Punish You Forever in Hell…Stiiiiiilll, He Loves You!

The Big Lie, the incredibly long cover-up?

It turns out that some quite insanely controlling and pompously superior types had long ago concocted the idea of Hell—this place of endless and unbearable suffering that would last for all time. And then as the ultimate in mind scrambling irrationality, attributed its existence to God, who was also claimed to be all-loving and all-merciful.

And if that did not make any sense, they further compounded the insanity by claiming that if that didn’t make sense to you it was because you were a sinful—thus likely to suffer forever unbearably–person who expected that God had to make sense to you, and thus you placed yourself slightly higher than dirt in your self-esteem, which was the huge sin of hubris, or thinking that you were capable of rational thinking.

A Wildly Successful Mind-Fuck

So it was the biggest, stupidest, and meanest mind fuck of all time, concocted to keep people so terrified that they would be easily manipulated by the controlling Meanies.

But it succeeded wildly beyond all expectations in that it could not definitely be disproved. And with the penalty of not believing in it so unbelievably huger than any person’s worst nightmare magnified times infinity, it held fast in people’s minds for 25,000 years with barely a soul ever courageous enough in that time to speak up and say what a rotten crazy notion it was.

Nor could people dare to realize how it didn’t coincide with ANY concept of God at all. For this insanity to be true, God would not be God, but would be the worst most evil human imaginable, times infinity, again, which doesn’t make that being a God but, well, even Satan comes across as kinder by comparison.

So Dave and Katie replay the highlights: the outpouring into the streets in every city of the world, the people—some crazed, others furious, others gleeful. It was the most emotional day in recorded history…and the world changed.

Listen in as that day is brought back to life through the observations of the TV anchors and their reporters in the streets bringing in-your-face observations and interviews with shocked, emotionally overflowing street demonstrators.

They reenact the roles of the TV anchors Katie and Dave as the first report of The Big Reveal breaks on TV. In this clip the news is first being announced. The first reports are coming in: There is talk of pandemonium in the streets and throughout cities large and small throughout the World.

You hear Dave’s transparent inability even to say the news; you hear the street reporter openly discussing his confusion about even being on the job among the heaving masses—which, with all the heavy drinking and drug taking that ensued upon the announcement, was in some parts rather more “heavin'” than others,as the street reporter remarks; and you hear the early comments from people on the streets.

This is the kind of wacky headline theology that we only wish could occur. But when it does, the changes in normal behaviors are drastic, as it seems everyone’s mask is tossed away, and people, worldwide, for the first time are faced with the idea of who they REALLY are and what they REALLY want to do…for this news is the equivalent of releasing all the people on Earth from a prison simultaneously, with added tumult caused by the sudden awakening by most to a never before considered reality: that before the Big Reveal they had ACTUALLY BEEN in a kind of a prison.

“The Great Reveal: Recalling the Riotous, Exciting First Days”
– Comedic Re-enactment by SillyMickel and Mary Lynn Adzema

For the audio skit of this chapter click above for the link to the audio site…. or below on the audio player to listen to it here….
Image of The Great Reveal: Recalling the Riotous, Exciting First Days – Comedic Re-enactment by SillyMickel and Mary Lynn Adzema

The Skit…The Big Day Recalled

“This is SillyMickel Adzema and I’ve got some news that’s been coming out. And I’m going to turn you over to the reporters on TV right now. And you can hear for yourself. I think it’s pretty amazing what’s been going on….”

Dave, in studio: Thank’s SillyMickel. What’s going on is that the…well…Jesus ignored, God misunderstood, an all-loving God maligned…but the Great Reveal has begun!

Katie, in studio: A God of all-encompassing and Infinite Love, beyond any human’s ability to even imagine exists.

Dave: Imagine that.

Katie: He is closer now than any other time, something wonderful is going to happen.

Dave: Something wonderful’s going to happen?

Well, yes, Katie, it’s hard to believe…our world changing soooo fast.

Katie: To put it all in context, we review how it all began …. Not even a month has passed….

Dave: Yea. it seems like the time before is ancient history…now. But we think back to those broadcasts:

Dave reporting from the studio a month earlier: Breaking news…..obvious truths discovered – despite 25,000 year cover-up, slander, and pervasive, omnipresent, persistent misinformation…Big Lies..big lies, big ones…and a propaganda campaign ta beat the boo…I’m tellin ya….

Katie: A virtual matrix of religiosity….

Dave: Virtual…yea….

Katie: Pompously substituting Itself for reality and truth.

Dave: How could ya…do…I’m sorry…I’m not supposed to be uh, I’m not supposed to be o-pin-ing right now..but…I gotta tell ya…Who woulda believed it…I mean, HELL doesn’t exist! For thousands of years people lived of fear of death and worse…and it’s all a big SHAM…. I mean…I’m sorry, I’m a little, I’m a little upset y’know, Katie, I mean, I mean, y’know, I m..y’o…. I’S BROUGHT UP CATHOLIC!…. I’m…I shouldn’t get personal here…be professional….

THE BIG REVEAL…the big reveal…this is the big reveal…. God is good, and all merciful ends up not just being HAPPY talk! To comfort us before death and then eternal lifenot just happy talk!? in fiery hell of suffering…. He! It ends up being

Katie: The Big Reveal — Turns out God is actually GOOD, real good, all-good, and certainly gooder than any human can imagine.

Dave: Yea, s’gotta be gooder than all those things that they put on commercials that say are good good good good good…. I mean, we’re talkin not just good we’re talkin bout…I m..w..can we say good? We’re sayin…well’p y’know…. Hey, didn’t the word God come from good or good come from God…never mind…anyway…. There just isn’t a word to explain good…y’know…as good as that God is….

Anyway, investigation into cover-up reveals that source of idea of Hell is actually tight-assed controlling compulsives who, well, well…not so good!

And that, 25,000 year campaign to control others by scar-in the crap out of them with a totally concocted and, well, most horr-ible frightening idea ever to exist…is actually the product of very sick humans! Wleegh.

Katie: Reporters rushed to record reaction on the street…. What are ya hearing out there, Dave?

Studio Dave: (whispering) Y’better ask him again, I mean I don’t think he can hear ya there, Katie.

Katie: Hey, Dave, whatareya hearin out there on the street!?

Street Reporter Dave: Wa’ll, Katie…. Katie, wha, ‘mean…Katie!… Things are nuts! I mean, people!… I thought I saw a-mok in I-raq…well I-raq’s a-mok, got no truck, with this here amok! I mean it…. I’m not worried bout no suicide bomb-ers, but, well, I just never…too comfortable in a loony bin…and it seems that’s what the world is now, Katie… I mean [singing] “What the wo-o-rld is no-ow is….” What the hell’s a matter wit me!?

Katie: Dave, did ya get to talk to any of the people?

Street Reporter Dave: Oh, yea yea yea…my job…. OK!… I mean, well shit yea…I mean, w’ll fuck it, there ain’t…. well, hell…. What the fuck am I trying not ta swear for!? Whaddya gonna do? Burn me? Haha

Katie: Dave, Dave, are you Ok, ya sound sick, or uh…. How long’ve you been awake? Are you OK?

Street Reporter Dave: Well, I don’t know, I’mean…I didn’t even know if I wantd ta come ta work, I mean, awanlosmy…yea, hell! That made me scared outa my banana…made me come to this stupid fuckin job! Thas wh…wll..there’s no hell! An I dono wha I’m doin here….

And, I’ve had some help…. I mean, y’know mean, y’know y’don’t know what your doin…. I’m a guy…y’know…I’mean…whad im a gonna do…and so…Yea, I’ve had a few of this, and that, nd…. Whadya gonna do, Katie, fire me, burn me…whadaya gonna do, huh?

Katie: Dave geta fuckin hold of yerself!

Street Reporter Dave: Wu!?

Katie: Ya gotta goddamn job ta do!

Street Reporter Dave: Oh, geez!

Katie: And I sure as hell want my paycheck. Hell’s a big freakin lie…but…money ain’t!

Street Reporter Dave: [under his breath] Ho! smell you, hu

Katie: So, SHAPE up, or I’m sendin your ex out ta do the job

Street Reporter Dave: [like he’d been hit] Hoe’t! ye, KA-tie, oh GEEZ-us…ah! [thumps his chest] Ya had ta bring er in…oh!… Hell hath no fu-ry, I…w’ i o know…guess at don apply no more now does it?….

O-oh, Katie, I see what’s da sweet ex-terior…I see whats under that now….

O-k, ya got me by the short hair don’t ya…oh, never mind…. Al-right, well…. Yeh, I’ve been among the freakin heav-in masses, nd—some of em a little more heavin too—i stay away from those crowds—

ah got some footage…I sent some of it back…well, I’ll give ya some more right now, well, actually, he!… Yer kinda sexy when your mad, y’know, we ah i never seen ya like that before in o…s’got my boner.. a..thing…ba bong a bom a bom a

Katie: Hey, drunk, just get the job done!

Street Reporter Dave: Whoe…!

Katie: And don’t say another word!

Street Reporter Dave: Scuse me uh!!

Katie: Got it?

Street Reporter Dave: Hey-ey, sugarpants, he-ey…Ka-tie!

Katie: Watch it!

Street Reporter Dave: Ok, okay, okay, seyereelfuckatear [mumbling] Oh bo-oy.[mumbling] ah! Ka. [mumbling, gathering himself]…ok!…

So! You look like the real man about the fuckin laboratory there…what’s your reaction to this great reveal there, uh, kid?

Kid: How could I be such a du-fus!?

Woman on the street: Well, of course, that’s true, how could we not see it?

Another street woman: How could they do that to us, the limey bastards?!

Street Reporter Dave: Wa’ll I cin see your pissed, God’nly’knows how much time you spent pushin out babies in your lifetime…y’ne, he! [under his breath] ‘cause ya sure look the worse for wear, uh…. did I say that?….

How bout you, sir, you look ripe as hell ta give me some bright little twitter comment, ah…aren’t you ah, aren’t ya now?

Man on Street: Wow, humans are real dumb fucks!

Another street woman: Un-believable. It was right in front of us the entire time!

Another street man: Well, I knew it…(chuckling)…but no-body would believe me. i’me, How can God be both good…and also more capable of evil than even the most twist-ed human? Hehe In fact, more evil than all of the evil of all humans who’ve ever lived combined? He, y’know what I find so amazing is that people believed that extremely sick, twisted view…never catching a whif…hehe…of its absurdity in this in-cred-i-bly lo-o-ng ti-ime. Shows how really terrified people really are on the inside….

Katie: Just breakin in to report that last quote was from someone who hates twitter.

Studio Dave: Wha d’fuck…ya’o w’mee…how dyou know that, Katie? [under his breath:] wow, they got some good people up there….

Katie: More coming, folks. We’ll keep you abreast of all the new developments on this channel so stay tuned! You don’t want to miss a thing of these world..shaking..developments!

[long pause]

Studio Dave: [like waking up] Whe uh, mmph [mumbling] akay, uh…my phu, uh….

LATEST Developments on discovery of the obvious about God and the overnight revision of and now near u-niversally accepted…scientific start-ing premise on human species…. Apparently it’s been a world wide thing…a-round the world…lick-it-ey-split timing!…[under his breath] Ga oly knows…how ey talka thmslvs uh…diffrnt time zones, uh, y’losa, losa thr connection thr uh think er…

Katie: [quietly] Well, guess we lost our connection, er

Studio Dave: Uh, kill er time, uh, Katie, just kill time, uh, sing one of yer songs uh, yknowame…one of yer swee-e-t songs!

Katie: [coyly] he he, hu uh, uh…

Studio Dave: Ga head…ya oh, g-ead, uhoh

Katie: he uh [shyly]

Studio Dave: ALL-right, Katie, all right, all right. We’ll let cha go…he he [whispering to Katie:] ya a to, go he…[insistently:] Go ‘head, sing a song!

[long pause]

We ul eh…uhhh…Ye…uh…w…LATEST developments on the obvious about God…and the overnight revision of now near-ly u-niversally accepted scientific premise on human species as…. “bunch of real dumb shits” and “seriously brain-twisted from birth”…. Those are quotes…those uh, those er…those are quotes….

Latest reveal! Includes God not just good…er, uh, real-ly, real-ly, real-ly to the infinite power good!… also that God is in-cred-ib-ly amazingly fantastically [under breath:] to the infinite power…. FUN-ny…. Actually hilarious… a “real riot”…quite the crackup….

Reports coming out saying, uh, He/She is infinitely fun to hang out with, nothing comparing to it, “you laugh your ass off!” is the quotes I’m hearin….and un-self-consciously silly beyond belief, beyond imagining…. Whew!!… aah….


Yea just like you, Katie, a real riot…and uh…yneh…SO MUCH so that reports are, “You won’t die laughing, because…he he…well, turns out…you can’t…uh, die, that is…but you’ll probably laugh so hard tears will be streaming down your cheeks…and uh…if so inclined, you may end up literally r-o-f-l-m-a-o…OR…r-o-f-l-o-ul…el uh ul…r-o-f-l-o-augh…. I, eh, ah…I always hada problem wit that, y’know, ever since, uh, ever since uh college, y’knowhaIme…. Why’dunt you say it, uh, KA-tie!

Katie: R-O-F-L-M-A-O…or…R-O-F-L-O-L

Studio Dave: Er, gad gadam er…gad dam er ex-er-cu-shun er uh art-tic-u-la-shun whadafuck er they called…art-tic-u-la-shun classes er something like that?… Any, way…. They’ll cut that out later….

[long pause]

WELL, not, ya oh…. r-o-f-l-m-a… well not literally for the “ass off” uh…hehu….but certainly for the “rolling on the floor”…huhu…and “good chance you’ll pee your pants” is what we’re hearing. Oh, uh, geez-uz…er uh we…. It turns out He/She is really, to the infinite. power good and is not offended that I just said tha…like so much so we question why we mentioned that, uh, y’know?

anywayu OK, AND more coming on this channel on these great developments, eh, right, Katie?

Katie: Ri-ight!

Studio Dave: Ok, so stay tuned and uh we’ll letcha know as more developments in the BIG reveal um, uh…(smack)…people are a jumpin outa buildings…uh…they’re sayin, uh “where the hell’s the hell?” and uh “If you can’t say ‘what the hell’ anymore…what the hell!” and uh

That’s some pretty weird, uh, suicide stuff, man, but y’know…

We’re hearin some stuff about some…we’re hearin some stuff about some things over the valley….some real-ly weird kinda, weird kinda cloud formations…and…I don’t know…I been hearin like teleportation and uh…ris-ing…er some…uh…I don’t know…I think maybe my producer…my producer’s had something in his uh…something in his drink cause this doesn’t make…this doesn’t make any sense…but uh…that’s all…I’m just readin it folks…it’s just a…something about over in the valley, and uh…we know that people a been jumpin outa buildings and uh, um, this other thing….

Ok, a’ll jest, uh…clouds. Y’know, uh, over the valley, and uh…kinda, even from afar, something about a…uh ris-ing uh…peo-ple? And uh, and uh, something coming outa the clouds… hehe…forget I said that folks, I’m ashamed, he…no I’m not ashamed…there’s no hell…. Ok! uh…so fuck yu all…hahahe…. Oh righ na…i my lose my job o’er that… SOR-ry! Eh, uh…I’ll be professional now. ok? [whispers to Katie]


OK, uh…till next time this has been uh…Dave, and Katie…giving you yer Great Reveal…wrap-up!…for the day!

G’night, Katie!

Katie: Good night, Dave.

Studio Dave: [normal voice] Whataya doin after the show, there, anyway?

Katie: Going out with some of the gals.

Dave: [scoffing] out wi some of the gals, hmph….I got a better idea, hu y’no

Katie: Hehe

Dave: Hu-hu!?

Katie: He he.

Dave: Hoo hoo

Katies: Hehe

Dave: Hey! I been known to…eh, y’know…I mean…I…I can provide references, eh, uh…y’know..uh….

Katie: He he. I’m sure you do….

Dave: All right, alright, aarrriiigghh….uhhh…aaarrhhiii

Katie: I’m sure you do…sure you got all kinds of chick out there just waitin for ya

Dave: ALLL RIIGGHHH…all riiighhh [sounding out Katie’s voice]

Katie: Just waitin for ya

Dave: Ah, yea, yea, yea… sarcasm will…

Katie: Have a good evening.

Dave: Yea, bye, bye, bye, Katie…I’ll try ya again tomorrow…

Katie: And don’t so brea…

Dave: [sounding over] I’LL TRY YA again tomorrow.

Katie: He he.

Dave: Good night.

Katie: Good , good night, Dave.

Dave: [under his breath] uuh-kay….

Continue with Funny God, Part One: SillyMickel Melts for God’s Crops and Revelations

Return to We Are All Turks Today and The Tao of Funny God: Why Turkey and What Andy Kaufman and the Turkish and Occupy Protesters Teach Us

The Great Reveal: Recalling the Riotous, Exciting First Days” – Comedic Re-enactment by SillyMickel and Mary Lynn Adzema

For the audio skit of this chapter click above for the link to the audio site…. or below on the audio player to listen to it here….
Image of The Great Reveal: Recalling the Riotous, Exciting First Days – Comedic Re-enactment by SillyMickel and Mary Lynn Adzema

“Breaking News: Hell Doesn’t Exist; God Is Really, Really Good!!!”

For a shorter clip 8-minute video-audio clip, cut from the larger 17-minute one of “Recalling Riotous, Exciting…” titled Breaking News: Hell Doesn’t Exist; God Is Really, Really Good!!! containing the heart of the skit….

Continue with Funny God, Part One: SillyMickel Melts for God’s Crops and Revelations

Return to We Are All Turks Today and The Tao of Funny God: Why Turkey and What Andy Kaufman and the Turkish and Occupy Protesters Teach Us

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Fearful of Looking Directly at Experience, We Defend Against It with Ego and by Creating Time: Experience Is Divine, Cognition Is Illusion, Part Six — The Shield of Perseus


Interpretation Brings Metaphor: Reality Is Not the Interpretation of Experience … “To Regress” Means to Go More Deeply Into the Experience of Now.


“The fastest way to get to where you are going is to be most fully exactly where you are.”


Interpretation Brings Metaphor Into Existence

Raw experience has the only ontological reality that we can know. Thus interpretation of that experience creates distortion. Furthermore, interpretation brings metaphor into existence. By metaphor I mean the symbolizing or reflecting or map-making that we do so as not to experience Reality directly. Fearful, for reasons to be described later, of looking directly at Experience, we, like Perseus, turn our backs on it and seek to discern its mirrored image in the polished shield (i.e. , psychological defenses) of our egos.


But with this first gap, error is introduced, just as a rippled pond distorts the image of the moon reflecting in it. Metaphorical realities then become all that can truly be known in the common sense of “knowing.”


It makes perfect sense then that, if metaphors are what we must use to convey one’s experience to another, metaphors that hover closest to the realities they describe, that hover close to the raw experience, have the most to say or convey about the nature of the Reality they are reflecting. This does not give metaphors an ultimate ontological status then—as is done in archetypal psychology, where the metaphors hover close to experience—nor does it assign metaphors an ultimate ontological status when they are furthest and most generalized from experience—as, for example, in the “Platonic” abstractions upon abstractions, the “fundamental” laws and principles of science.


394340_485721344772182_353499239_nNo, metaphors are still reflections at all levels, they are not the Thing-In-Itself (the Experience). Still, there are close-hovering metaphors—ones that, let us say, are reflecting off the least disturbed pond or the most polished, least distorted shields. Thus, it is the attempt to seek out better metaphors, more closely mapped on to direct Experience, closer to God (“honest to God”?) metaphors, if you will, that is the intention and purpose in this work. Thus I seek to go, in the following, below even the relatively low flying ones of Jungian psychology. I seek to find ones laid deeper, closer onto the bio-spiritual experience of the individual, and related to patterns of experience associated with the pre- and perinatal times of our lives. We find that this takes us into, and beyond, the archetypal. We find it confirming much of archetypal psychology and providing new light and new vantage points of other parts of it, sometimes major parts of it.


Then we see it opening up to new vistas on a transpersonal reality beyond even this—and likewise providing both confirmation and new perspectives.


Time Is an Abstraction As Well

61028_395675523848598_1079361759_nObviously then, this Experience that is direct and is not an abstraction must be experienced in the Now. For past and future are abstractions; they can only exist as memories or imaginings that exist in the Now. Thus there is only the Now, and direct Experience in the Now. And it is from this base upon which, I believe, all good theory on the nature of reality is based.

It is within this understanding of past and future that I weave my meanings of the terms regression, re-experience, and reliving, as they are used throughout. Regression commonly implies going back in time; more so, it means to return to a “lower” state. Yet regression in the field of pre- and perinatal psychology—which is the field that most informs this work—means simply to return in time and implies no evaluation of that state as “lower”—only meaning “previous.” In this sense it is identical to its meaning in the Freudian term, regression in the service of the ego.


578797_2214324854448_756151266_nYet from a transpersonal perspective, rooted firmly in the Reality of the Sole Existential Moment—the Now—regression is impossible. The past or future does not exist except as abstractions, usually cognitive ones, in the Now. We have to admit that to say one goes back in time is a mere conventionality of speech. We clarify it by saying that “to regress” means to go more deeply into the experience of Now. And when immersed in that experience of Now one discovers patterns of experience and feeling—which were always there, subtly, almost imperceptibly, but were simply not focused on—which one discovers afterwards to seem to have been caused in a remembered past (admittedly an abstraction), one says one has “regressed.”


We use the terms reliving and re-experiencing also for such events. But I emphasize that these are conventions of speech. We mean by regression, re-experiencing, and reliving that a person comes more fully into a Now and happens to discover patterns of experience that are related to the patterns of experience in the Now that one calls one’s memories—only one has a fuller, more vivid, and more immediate experience of them than is normally the experience of “memories.”


It is in this coming more fully into the Now that we can see the same direction in this maneuver of “regression” and “reliving” as in the more commonly known ones of spiritual practice, such as meditation.


Continue with Why We Say One Should “Look Within” … The Highest Reality Is Also the Most Immediate One: Transpersonal Perspective, Part Seven — Experience Is Divine, Cognition Is Illusion

Return to From Transpersonal Reality to the Fall From Grace: “Development” Is Actually a Reduction of Awareness Through Painful Experiences, Which “Civilized” Cultures Rationalize as Being “Good”

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Spirit “Word” Has It: The Great Reveal from the Planetmates, Keynote, Part Three – A Planetmate’s “Tough Love”


What’s In the Offing – Earth Citizen’s Planning The Great Reveal: Horse Sense, Part Three

Gophers line city sidewalks after their homes were flooded in the East Village area of Calgary

A Planetmate’s “Tough Love” Continued

It might still be that even if you do succeed…though I don’t see how you’ll do it. Each day that passes and in your most powerful country, the stupid “filthy rich” continue their game of, well, quite literally, actually, “pin the tail on the donkey” as they pull their strings and their Republican lapdogs cry out the louder being obstructionists to the good people who are trying to save, why, even your foolish hide.

And their media puppets, having been allowed to back off on the sincere and competent Obama as even the “deciders” behind the scene tired of their C-student puppet, the W, who, while loyal in doing their bidding and indeed giving them such great success was even more embarrassing than that Nixon they’d made a similar mistake on earlier.

Even the prankish filthy rich, looking out at the masses as oh, just way too many ants, were not pleased by the buffoonish, clownish behavior of the W, who couldn’t even pull off the pretense that he was working hard. Indeed, with his funny dances and playboy party behavior in the courts of the world and in front of the cameras of the world, he seemed to actually be trying to go down in history as being the realized human manifestation of that “mythical” character known since the Fifties, and introduced to generation after generation of males, in particular, usually in high school and junior high as that “What? Me Worry?” idiot icon Alfred E. Neumann.

Thus it seemed that Bush, who they thought would bring at least “good looks” to the job, in the end seemed to be aiding the forces against them by playing into this notion that this idiot icon could have been some kind of freakish premonition of the coming of the W after the turn of the century.

And so embarrassed they didn’t want to be, and yet, bad luck again, the McCain could not seem to stop being caught in obvious lies, and looking freakishly old and muddled headed, so much like the W; on top of which the Sarah Palin. They were backing the overgrown preppie Mormon, an obviously sure thing to take us back to the monotonous suppression and feigned happiness of the Fifties.

Then the Palin came along, and the legend of buffoonish Republican leaders was hardly quashed but instead reinforced.

So Obama they let the media do as they wished with. And we see now what their plans were. Not a bad stroke, to commit the biggest theft in history in front of the eyes of the world and to kneecap the Obama presidency even before it began with this huge bailout, extorted from hapless Congressmen by their lackeys who used the threat, not of an attack that “just might be a nuclear one” as they’d had Bush phrase it to scare the be-jeesus out of everyone and into a war of profit for them, but something very much like that, to our amusement. When we heard about the threats of an “economic nuclear holocaust” from which the world would never recover, and the blatant auto sales tactics to boot, it was astonishing to us that nobody saw through it and, sure enough, in broad daylight, your kind cleaned out the treasury on their way out of town. Brilliant, if it wasn’t so stupid.

For even in a few months it became increasingly known that the money was not being used to provide lending, but instead was often used to feather the nests of the bank officers. The CEO from Chase actually got caught saying he wasn’t about to lend any of the fifteen billion in taxpayer money out, for he’d be able to sit on it and be able to pick off the falling banks on the cheap.

Then there was the fact that instead of liberalizing their lending policies to the very taxpayers whose money it was, they instead began an evil pernicious policy of draconian credit card policies, apparently designed to force as many defaults as possible – raising interest rates into the mid-twenties and thirty percent range and beyond, thus insuring a default, on a loan that if the attempt were made to keep paying would go up into the millions at that interest rate, and thus would not be ever paid.

Fine by the banks, who seeing an opportunity to double dip, could gather more toxic assets in preparation for the next operation, called TALF but Ocean’s 12 would be more like it, and along with it still have these defaults with enormous interest rates which they could use to squeeze and beat back the poor, just like the royalty of yore who stripped to the bones their peasants and kept them weak and undefended, by taking away their power.

But I will talk as long as I need to, having not said anything to you before about this, but knowing that now, if I don’t do my part to say to you what I know, then if your kind does indeed do what it appears you’re going to do, there will never be a time again in which to speak.

But ever since certain people began thinking they were privileged, better, and closer to goodness simply because of, say, being luckier, they have been sucking the very life blood out of the masses and keeping the poor downtrodden, ignorant, beholden to them whether rightfully or not, unhappy, and enslaved. And Wilber, being a mere beast myself and seeing your kind forever expecting more as a matter of right is wrong enough, but I too keenly see also how forever unaware you are that suffering whether by beast or the unnamed masses is as real, as sharp, often much sharper, than that of the rich. So I’m not lifting my head and braying your praises anymore, no matter what you do.

You see, Wilber, your paid for support and theories are not only irrational and self-serving, they are not only harmful, and therefore not funny, and they not only spread waves of pain out from your high-handed actions. Your easy cruelty is not only unkind or unfair, you see, but it is murderous.

For just as Hitler once openly acted and believed that a better society would exist if the weak and unproductive and the lesser, by the determination alone, of the prejudices of him and his kind alone, and this resulted in the slaughter, suffering, murder, and elimination of millions—millions who never got to find out what life could have been for them, well this same attitude murders people now, too. For there will always be those whose fate it is to stumble, to draw the black Ace. And lacking resources as they are made to live just on the edge of survival, some small thing to you might mean the end for one of them; it being just enough to break him so badly, like a whipped horse, you see, that such a person’s mangled body will never rise again.

So, not funny Wilber, my head is down, and I won’t be part of the big lie anymore.

Or so it seemed, as the Dow’s mighty charts swung lower, then lower, then lower still. Expressing the weariness of the overworked masses and their despair as they were seeing their dreams of eking out a tad of happy existence, year by year, burdened with debt, seem to be further off, rather than closer. And the despairing millions give up their “ghosts” at that, regardless of how much longer their body manages to suffer through its daily movements, with little or nothing left to hope for.

No, Wilber, your kind has infected the world with the lies that give you your brief period of privilege and superiority on this Earth. But not only have you stolen from the poor, but you’ve killed off God’s creatures, mindlessly, in your vapid mind games, and now, even the planet itself.

So your kind will even kill off its own in the end. Your evil is in the end, at its base, the thick meaty dumbness that, and this is a bit funny, you see instead in those you despise. The jig has been up for many of the masses especially since the beginning of the 1980s. Many have suffered, fallen, and died, while you played. But now even you will know suffering. And it will be interesting to see just how much of your own entrails you will devour before it even occurs to the meaty thickness of your brain that it is you that you hurt.


Voices Never Heard

Well, Ed, thank you for that perspective; certainly it’s one we don’t often hear.

But, I thank you, because that is exactly what I’ve been trying to say here; I’m trying to say that, far from the excuses of the culpable and criminal, there are perspectives that are relevant and are never heard. And I’m talking about perspectives that are right outside the doors of power ready to talk and be heard; often having been perspectives that had been embraced not long ago, but suddenly, not having any credibility at all…so that our democracy of many voices, with an administration and a media in collusion to mine only one avenue of discourse, begins to echo the Soviet Union of old with its one voice, Pravda. [Continued below audio]

Horse Sense: The Leaders Were Liars, The Planet is Dying,
The Economy Has Imploded… Now, A Horse Talks!

Mister Ed is back. And would you believe even he’s pissed at Bush! … and more than a bit miffed at Wilber. But he’s bringing a message to all of us from our tolerant but at long last fed-up co-creators and c0-owners and fellow planetmates on Spaceship Earth.

Category: Environment, Green, Economics, Spirituality, Spiritual Fantasy, Prophecy, Mythology, Politics, Religion, and Philosophy

The dramatic, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, audio reading of this part contains additional material, elaborations of the text on this page.

“Horse Sense, Revised: The Leaders Were Liars…”

For the author’s impassioned rendition of this part, click above for the audiocast where it is posted on the Hark site. Or listen in hear by clicking the player below.
Image of Horse Sense, Revised: The Leaders Were Liars, The Planet is Dying, The Economy Has Imploded… Now, A Horse Talks! Mr. Ed is back, and Would You Believe Even He’s Pissed at Bush!… But He’s Bringing

An Addendum, After the Fact

To those who I addressed at the beginning who already have been thinking some thoughts that coincide with those of our planetmates, as expressed by Mister Ed, I want to say that what I wrote above, which was planned, didn’t feel very right when I said it, after hearing what Ed told us. Frankly, I’m not as chipper as that first paragraph at all; and I am kind of bummed.

But I am reminded of some of the things I told y’all at the outset about how this message from our Globe-Mates is actually good. Well, you know how that goes. It’s hopeful to be given the knowledge so you can do something. But I’m sure we all have that feeling right after hearing something like this, which is, “Yea, I’m better off for knowing; but I sure felt better when I was dumber.” Well, that takes time. So, I’ll start:

First, let’s remember that they show us where we foolishly rebelled against a beneficent Universe, or God. We chose instead to take over, to control, basically because we hated the one stipulation imposed by that Universe—which stipulation was in retrospect so trivial, being analogous to having to wait until Christmas morning to open one’s gifts. So this is a message of good news. Actually, if we could accept only that some disruptions in our lives chosen now are far better than our untimely deaths, not chosen, occurring at any time — what could be more reasonable—we’d have a chance.

But, then, many of us know how insistent people are in their refusal to look at this….And if that prospect comes across to you as more hopeless than hopeful, as it does to me…

Well, none of that stuff I’ve just said has worked too well for me just yet. But, I’ve got something that’s guaranteed.

If the thought of imminent environmental implosion is not one of the thoughts you like to have around all the time—and let’s face it … how could anybody … and that’s part of the problem…. But, at least at this point don’t let yourself wallow in despair. Do yourself some good and go click on one of those links to the audio version of this that’s on

No, not to hear it all over again and get worse. Instead, try checking out my audio “You Say You Want a Revolution?”—which is right there too. And you’ll see a link to bring it up, right near the one for Ed’s harangue.

Some of my other clips are also there, and there’s several in particular that point to areas of hope; or at least changes that are in the right direction. And I’ve got several pretty OK comedic monologues that might shake your mood for the better, as well as some of the others that have humorous passages.

Spirit “Word” Has It: Earth Citizens Planning The Great Reveal

But mostly, I want to tell you about some big news I received that could be really, really good. I can’t say too much about it, but I have gotten word that the Earth Citizens are planning The Great Reveal, as they put it.From what I’ve been told, it goes further than Mister Ed in giving us insight into the matters that humans have struggled for centuries to understand. All I can say, for now, is that you may be surprised afterwards as to who are the “dumb animals” on this planet.

You Will Need to Choose.

Sounds harsh, but I’ve been given some idea of it, and, well, if Jesus, or Mohammed, or Abraham, or Shiva, or well, you fill in the blank, came to Us in this time of extreme need, in the form of an animal, and was able to help you to understand and to take you beyond your previous ideas about God, goodness, and so on, and show you something much more wonderful, and yet much more in keeping with what we’ve come to know to be true and is more reasonable, not containing the nonsensicals of many religions that we are told we must accept on “faith,” ….. well, would you listen, would you accept the benefit….

Or opt for the familiar?

Unfortunately, we humans have a huge tendency to be afraid of change even when it seems really positive and when the alternative, which we know, is very bad.

That’s how we’ve ended up in this situation; where we put off changing for so long that now it’s more hopeless the longer we wait. But, just keep that in mind. For that is what I suppose the majority of people on this planet are going to have to do—get used to change, and try to remember that it’s change that’s good, and not what we’re used to or familiar with.

So, that in mind: Would you be the hero, the individual, who wouldn’t be able to turn his or her back on Greater Truth, and facing it, it would be yours?

And would you see your initial isolation in viewing it that way as a great opportunity to tell others the good news?

Anyway, that’s what I hear is in the offing, so stay tuned. As soon as I know something I’ll post it here.

Continue with The Great Reveal from the Planetmates, The First Prasad:
The  “Unapproved and Hidden”

Return to The Great Reveal, Keynote, Part Two: Message to the Half-Borns Continues

Horse Sense: The Leaders Were Liars, The Planet is Dying, The Economy Has Imploded… Now, A Horse Talks!

Mister Ed is back. And would you believe even he’s pissed at Bush! … and more than a bit miffed at Wilber. But he’s bringing a message to all of us from our tolerant but at long last fed-up co-creators and c0-owners and fellow planetmates on Spaceship Earth.

Category: Environment, Green, Economics, Spirituality, Spiritual Fantasy, Prophecy, Mythology, Politics, Religion, and Philosophy

The dramatic, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, audio reading of this part contains additional material, elaborations of the text on this page.

“Horse Sense, Revised: The Leaders Were Liars…”

For the author’s impassioned rendition of this part, click above for the audiocast where it is posted on the Hark site. Or listen in hear by clicking the player below.
Image of Horse Sense, Revised: The Leaders Were Liars, The Planet is Dying, The Economy Has Imploded… Now, A Horse Talks! Mr. Ed is back, and Would You Believe Even He’s Pissed at Bush!… But He’s Bringing

Mister Ed, Speaking for All Planetmates, Begins Humans’ Great Reveal

This audiocast contains Mr. Ed’s wearied calling out of the human race. It is a different reading from the one at the top of the page, although the material duplicates the Mr. Ed speaking part of the above.

This is Mr. Ed speaking by himself, on his own, giving the “keynote speech” of The Great Reveal, on behalf of all planetmates.

Listen by clicking the link to the audio site above or here by clicking the player below.
Image of “Mr. Ed, Speaking For All PlanetMates, Begins Human’s Great Reveal” by SillyMickel Adzema

Continue with The Great Reveal from the Planetmates, The First Prasad:
The  “Unapproved and Hidden”

Return to The Great Reveal, Keynote, Part Two: Message to the Half-Borns Continues

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Falls from Grace, Introduction — The Radical Rational View of Us and It: “Normal” Truth Is Convenient Truth … and Is Anything But True


Prenatal Spirituality and the Devolutional Model of Consciousness: A Revolution in Child Development, Parenting, Mental Health, and Spirituality Is at Hand


“Normal” Truth Is Convenient Truth … and Is Anything But True

Falls from Grace presents a radical theory of spirituality, evolution, child development, stages of life, purpose of life, human nature, and the human species. It is a comprehensive theory, which basically turns everything on its head to find the truth. For its premise is that human ego is a filter to truth and so, for the most part, turns truth into falsehood and vice-versa. Thus truth outside of ego, absolute truth—what exists when ego needs are filtered out—often ends up being the opposite of what humans’ egos have propounded as self-evident. Seemingly unimpeachable, these “normal” truths are only convenient truth, in actuality. They are meant to placate and prop up the human ego and have nothing to do with truth outside of that psychological need.

Still, while Falls from Grace is a radical view, it is in line with mystical beliefs, platonic thought, and even much of primitive or primal-like views of the world and Nature.


Falls from Grace — Description and Overview

This work brings the new information of pre- and perinatal psychology to bear upon basic spiritual and philosophical constructs regarding the nature of consciousness, child development, personal growth, and transpersonal “evolution.”


A Devolutional Model of Consciousness and Development

It utilizes the results of the phenomenon of re-experience of events surrounding and preceding one’s birth, as well as the more empirically rooted findings concerning our origins and our earliest experiences, into a coherent structure for understanding their implications. This structure is a devolutional model, meaning that the normal process of development is seen as a regression from or “forgetting” of prior, more aware states.


Prenatal Spirituality

After an initial overview of the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology, that review of the current understanding and findings in this area is built upon in making a case for the legitimacy of prenatal spirituality. Prenatal spirituality means basically two things: (1) that regression to pre- and perinatal states represents a spiritual progression and a proximity to and increased access of spiritual states and awareness; and (2) that these earliest events themselves, as they originally occurred, were characterized by a similar heightened spiritual proximity and awareness.


Making this case is important for two reasons: For one, there is a strong tradition in the field of re-experience that reduces all spirituality and spiritual experiences to early traumas and neurosis. This is the dominant attitude in psychoanalysis, articulated initially by Freud. However it has been carried and promulgated forcefully into the field of re-experience by Arthur Janov — one of the field’s leading theorists. This idea that all spirituality is derivative of underlying primal pain, as Janov contends, is addressed and disputed here.


Second, just as spirituality and spiritual experience are denigrated in the light of primal experience by Arthur Janov, on the flip side of this Ken Wilber denigrates primal and prenatal experience in the light of spiritual experience. Wilber — the dominant theoretician in the field of transpersonal psychology — claims that preverbal states, like primal and prenatal re-experience, are the opposite of transverbal states — what he considers to be true spiritual experience. I focus on and dispute this aspect of Wilber’s thinking in making the case for prenatal spirituality in Chapter Two, but also throughout this work. That prenatal states are identical to, akin to, or at least leading to transpersonal states and that Ken Wilber has made a major mistake in contending the contrary is a central theme of this book.


200278333-001Thus, the idea, presented initially — that there exists prenatal and cellular consciousness as well as an inherent spirituality or proximity to the numinous and transpersonal, if not also divinity, at these levels of development — is a crucial idea in all that follows. This case is made, in Chapter Two, on the basis of the available evidence in relevant fields and in particular from the viewpoint of findings in primal therapy.

Where Primal Re-Experience and Transpersonal Experience Meet

What will follow this analysis of the case for prenatal spirituality are examples of it from my own re-experience through the modality of holotropic breathwork — a technique of transpersonal access and reliving developed by Stanislav and Christina Grof. These pages should be seen as providing a sample of the sorts of experiences, insights, and perspectives that can occur through the phenomenon of re-experience. Though no sample could possibly represent the essence, expanse, or necessary outline of this highly individual and vastly diverse level of experience, my own experiences demonstrate clearly the overlap between the personal and transpersonal — between the biographical/biological and the spiritual/numinous — that characterizes this arena of experience.


“Normal” “Development” Is Devolutional for It Is About Gradual Separation from Divinity

Following immediately afterwards, are the chapters that present the ontogenetic model of consciousness and devolutional — meaning the opposite of evolution — development based on such inquiry. It is the heart of the vision of this book. This work, titled “Falls From Grace,” details a process of removal from divinity or a higher state during the process of coming into this world as a series of stages, four stages, in fact. These stages center on the events of conception, birth, the primal scene (around age four or five), and puberty or the identity stage. Astonishingly, they happen to correspond to Wilber’s (1977) levels of consciousness in his “spectrum of consciousness.”


Implications of This Are for an Overthrow of the Usual Ideas of Child Development, Parenting, Personal Growth, Psychotherapy, and Spiritual Evolution

Finally, what will follow is a presentation of the implications of this model for child development and parenting, for psychotherapy and personal growth, and for spiritual evolution and higher consciousness. This part carries forward some of the themes presented thus far to their logical conclusions in terms of their effects on current models and thinking and on society and culture. The earliest indications are that the implications from including the prenatal and primal perspective are vast. For indeed this new perspective, this new information seems to call for an overthrow, or at least a reversal, of many of the aspects of the dominant paradigms in parenting, child development, psychotherapy, and spiritual growth.


A Radical New Vision — Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology

So, now we look at an overview of the field of pre- and perinatal psychology. The findings from this new field of science make possible this radical new vision into ourselves, our place in the Universe, the purposes of our lives, and the directions along which our efforts to better ourselves might most fruitfully be aligned.


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