Our Daily “En-lighten-ments” Which Reveal Our True Nature as Bliss and the Nature of Creation as Play: Experience Is Divinity, Part One—The Cosmic Giggle


How, From Birth, We Are Taught by Love, Prodded Out of Ego, and Embraced Again Into Unity: The Koans of Everyperson and How We Are “in Love’s Image”


Our Supposed “Superior Intellect” and Language

60713_292030697575169_877345650_nOur supposed superior intellect is often named as what makes us different and what makes us “in the image of God.”

But our words don’t make us superior…they make us inferior…to all the other species…who just know, without having to struggle with symbols that are easily misinterpreted.

The language of the planetmates is not language; so much as it is mind-sharing. And all that needs to can be conveyed in a precise look…sometimes a smell…or just a howl…across the forest. One might think the information contained in such things could be only rudimentary, but this is hardly the case.

One might compare humans to typewriters…laboriously trying to make ourselves understood to each other…and ourselves…. 247776_10151113142564775_1664432107_nWhereas, what we lost with our separation from Nature and our devolution into ego—which came with that separation—is the kind of abilities that, as analogy, we see in computers.

Think of the size of a computer chip. It’s tiny. Now consider the amount of information it can convey, process, and so on.

Our species filter—our ego—just does not let us see that that kind of pure understanding among the parts of Nature is consistent with the natural biological perfection of all things.

Further, remember that each part of Nature is God having the fun of manifesting Him- Herself in that form, and simultaneously in all others…. 385280_2620769495833_132488932_nAnd since these nonhuman beings are not split off from the All That Is like we are they are still aware of their identity with Divinity. They are as aware of their true nature as when we go to a movie and still realize that what we see is not real and that our real existence is elsewhere….

So, all of Nature, except for unfortunate humans, have the sense of watching a drama, but none of it is all that scary. One might imagine they actually enjoy the scary parts … as a thrill, just the way you might enjoy a horror flick.

So, of course, they have, without trying, the knowledge that needs communicating, whenever. And that knowledge they know, so it’s not all that common that a need to communicate it even arises.


Language Is Our Attempt to Remember What We’ve Lost

It is only our separation from All That Is and our delusion of being separated from each other that brings up a need for a language. Language is our attempt to remember what we’ve lost and to connect back with each other, since we’ve forgotten we are each “other me’s.” Language is our act out of the loss we feel inside from having separated ourselves out as individual egos. But it is a mostly futile attempt, as act outs tend to be, for it directs us away from the direct knowing of our unity with each other which is discovered in feeling, which is discovered within. And when caught up in words, most folks most of the time are distracted from feeling their unity with each other, let alone All That Is.


How We Are “in God’s Image” – Our Daily “En-lighten-ments”

425015_4278692883491_586541788_n_thumbSo it is not in our big brains, supposed intelligence, or language that we are different from the rest of Nature and “made in God’s image,” so to speak. But there is a way that humans have a special link with the source of Love … with Divinity.

Let’s put it this way: One might say that Divinity felt so much compassion for the ways we humans managed to stray from Nature and thereby magnify our suffering that It gave us the most ordinary everyday reminder of our true Nature as unity and of the real nature of It All that we’d forgotten.original In us, humans, God reflects the essence of His manifesting Himself as Creation and the delight that comes with such play. Creation is Love’s leela, or play…. And it is very much like a play.

And it requires disintegration into parts, which—essentially alike, but with this fact forgotten—can interact in dynamic, infinite, and wondrous ways. Like the Universe expanding and becoming ever more complex and differentiated, Divinity manifests. The further from original unity is this expansion, the greater is the forgetfulness, the greater is the separation from All Else and each other.


The Cosmic Giggle

But there are constant reminders of our original and essential unity and of our nature as God… daily “enlightenments” … literally… daily epiphanies if you will.

They are like the koans of every person which reveal our true Nature as Bliss.

The Universe displays the Nature of its Creation as play—which all the rest of Creation and all planetmates know intuitively—to humans in a most common yet profound way. Love is ever teaching us there is never anything to be afraid of, and that fear is an imaginary creation of ours—just the same as and going along with our separation from Nature.


It is there at the very beginnings of our lives, in fact. Love inspires the billions of human mothers … and more and more, fathers, too … to play the peek-a-boo game with their babies. Mother is not there …. the baby has a flash of distress. Where did Mother go? There is that momentary imperceptible fear that Mom is gone, disappeared, never to return.

Then suddenly Mom’s face appears from nowhere. How does the baby feel and react to it? Now, the baby is downright gleeful…and is beside her- or himself, can’t even contain her or his joy, claps its hands, laughs, and giggles….

godmovingmysteriouswaysdancejpeg_thumbThis play, this game is the essence of something humans do throughout their lives. It is a way of toying with fear, toying with distress … over and over reminding ourselves that there is nothing to fear in life. Other planetmates don’t have it … not the way humans do.

Later in life, we have people making entire careers out of doing this “peek-a-boo” for others. It is called comedy and these peek-a-boos are called jokes, but they have the exact same structure of the early games we played as babies: There is something introduced that indicates something unwanted or stressful might happen or be happening. You are led down that path a little and feel in yourself a slight discomfort, a tension.


Then, suddenly, you discover there was never anything to be afraid of. You hear the punch line and realize, to your delighted surprise, that it was not about what you thought it was. In an instant you are aware you were wrong, you were fooled, and everything is actually right with the world. One “is downright gleeful…and is beside her- or himself, can’t even contain her or his joy, claps its hands, laughs, and giggles….”

So, the way we are made “in God’s image” and reminded of our true Nature as Bliss and our essential Unity?

It is our laughter.


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