Recipe for Game of Humanness — Take Equal Parts Emptiness and Stupidity … Add a Belief in a Death: Experience Is Divinity, Part Five — Life Is the Divine Playing Peek a Boo with Herself


Evils Are Concoctions from the Minds of Forgetful Divinities: Since God Is All, and Is All Good, How Can Evil Exist Unless Divinity Forgets Who She Is?


How Can God Be Devilish?

So it is only humans, forgetting their nature, who can conceive the incredible horror and act out the most hideous things possible.


But that also is part of the plan or game for humanness. For how could God act devilish and murderous unless He allowed Himself? Think about it.

And I know you’re saying, why would God want to act devilish and murderous? Ok, maybe I’m ahead of myself, but just hold that thought.


How ’Bout if He Allowed Himself to Forget?

But say there was a reason. And I know you think there’s no reason—God is good, blah blah blah, lightness and light and all that; but just check this out now.

How could God act devilish and murderous if He wanted to, unless He allowed Himself, willingly, to totally forget who He is…that is, Goodness, Awareness, Bliss?


389335_10150741534982477_261144863_nLet’s remember that there is no such thing as death. It’s another impossibility. For God is All, and always existing. And all things that seem to be actual things and therefore separate are actually only variations on the One and Only Reality… I say reality, I won’t even say one and only thing or form, for they are illusions, too; they are Illusory props of the game.

It’s simple when you know. But knowing requires seeing or apprehending accurately. And the point of this game as humans is that seeing so clearly is impossible, as we are filled with the illusory. Totally wiping the God consciousness of knowledge, of its foundation, source, whatever, allows a kind of vacuum into which anything can crawl, in which anything can respond…in which the most obvious untruths are allowed to dominate the play of the game as if they were more than just the smoke they are.



It Is the Greatest Adventure

So it is the greatest adventure, fraught with the greatest possibilities of extreme fear, terror, and so on.


In this way God, who is not darkness, creates darkness. Now why would She want to do that?

Remember, that the darkness She creates is only fake darkness. Remember peek-a-boo? The baby’s alarmed…but he was wrong.

If you think of the nature of peek-a-boo…of what is happening, what is involved…. If you’re starting to see that, you’re starting to get it.


God Playing Peek-a-Boo with Himself

Peek_a_Boo_by_punkviciousSo, you see, God cannot possibly be darkness, but in this way He does create it. Now, you ask, why would He do that? I’ll get to that specifically. But for now just think of it as like allowing a game of peek-a-boo in which one does not recognize one’s mother even when she’s in plain sight. So imagine the baby’s cries and traumas then! Imagine: Mommy’s not there, mommy’s there, and the baby still thinks mommy’s not there!

So, it is this total amnesia of the game of humanness that creates the possibility of not even knowing that—not knowing God is actually there … impossible to be anywhere else—even, even when not seen. This amnesia creates the possibilities of even more extreme…oh, how can I say…more intense pain. The baby becomes totally convinced that indeed momma is gone forever…and that he is totally alone, and must live without love…so surely he will die!


Indeed this does describe the state of many a human when in a state of total forgetfulness if you think about it. For, staring directly into the face of God, so to speak, he can be so overcome with fear as to only see the relatively tiny sliver of unique attributes that he, as God, has decided to adopt for this particular game of being in the world, as a human.


It Was in Front of You the Whole Time!

What I’m saying is this total amnesia unique to humans allows for the possibility, unlike any other game, where such fear can be held, that you can totally forget the face of God even when it’s right in front of you. The source of comfort is right in front of you, and all you can see is yourself.


trobriandAnd by that I mean you can see yourself, not you as God, but you as the unique creation that you created yourself so as to try an experiment. Because every, every living thing is an experiment in creation. And so it’s those little things—things that make us different—that might be the only thing we’d see. As humans, most of the time, we don’t see God or even Reality except the parts of them that happen to mirror the limited self we chose to manifest, especially the parts of that self that are hidden to us. So that’s another part of it.


So, the adventure of humanness is such a fascinating game. For it allows darkness and hideousness, and war … murder … torture! … all that we abhor to exist. However, keep in mind that the fact that we abhor these evils—these concoctions from the minds of forgetful divinities—is a sign that we are finding some roots in our true nature which is light and goodness.


Why We Create Hell and Satan

This game even allows the creation of a belief in the opposite of truth … truth being no thing, except goodness, light, and bliss. It allows that humans, in their forgetfulness, and in their fear, existing without a glimmer of real truth, to conjure the opposite! So, a hell is concocted, and even an opposite of God, a Satan.


Recipe for Game of Humanness: Take Equal Parts Emptiness and Stupidity…

So we’ve got a game that has components of total emptiness and utter royal stupidity, which allows a belief that death is both an end to life and that it is painful. Don’t we believe that? Well, that’s not the truth. But that’s what we come to believe. That death is an end, and a painful one, to our lives is what we come to believe coming into human form. [Footnote 1].


Add a Belief in a Death…

Think of it. We have a game that has components of total emptiness and utter royal stupidity which allows a belief that death is both an end of life, and that it is painful. And that it is terrifyingly real, and terrifying because there is that darkness beyond it which…aaaaas usual!…all the yet unprojected interesting details of this temporary creation of God, this ego, can be viewed like on a movie screen. And lacking the fundamental truth that it is just a movie, well, the parameters of this game allow for the most terrifying, most extreme feelings of any kind that is possible.


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1. How we end up believing in death being an end and it being painful while coming into our human form is explained in detail in my writings about our prenatal and perinatal traumas. A good deal of the book, Apocalypse—No! has to to with how our early traumas in the womb and at birth imprint us for life in ways that make us inordinately fearful and untrusting. See especially Apocalypse – No! Chapter Seven: “We Ain’t Born Typical”” and from there on.

Also, a good number of the Prasads of The Great Reveal deal with this subject of humans having a birth unique among planetmates that makes us inordinately fearful of pain and insecure. See especially The Great Reveal, Chapter Eleven: The Third Prasad – Humans Only Half Ready for Life at Birth and from there on.

Continue with Our Divine Adventure in Forgetfulness Has Us Misunderstanding the Pain We Give Ourselves to Wake Up: Experience Is Divinity, Part Six — The Poignancy of It All

Return to Fetishing and Fearing What’s Hidden … Life Is a Dark Screen: To Be Ignorant of Identity with Divinity Is the Purpose of the Human Form.

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