Mind and Motion ~ Being and Forgetting; We Are Stardust … Sorta; and Where the Poignancy Comes In: Reality Is a Funny God


Only in the Human Form of Total Forgetfulness Can God, in Waking Up, Have Fun. Experience is Divinity, Part Twelve — What Knowledge Needs

being-needs- becoming-2make-perfection

Heaven Slickers

peekaboo-112985720581pu430990_10150547919349514_1536913684_nWell, “City Slickers” brings us forgetful divinities a metaphor for our lives as humans. And in the same way as those city slickers, we as “heaven slickers,” when we take this adventure of human existence, we have to do it honestly. We have to forget that we are all knowing; we have to come down from being God and allow ourselves to be a limited self in order to have all the experiences fully, which in the end are known to be fun.


Had to Have Faith

angelblessingjumpfrombldgintofiremanarmsBut what the city slickers did need was faith. They just had to have faith and persevere. And so therefore they won, at the end. So, also, we as forgetful divinities simply have to have faith and to persevere.


What Knowledge Needs

img_1841Now, if we are somehow the thing that we create as an experiment in truth, or, as an experiment, in returning to truth…there’s no, like, good or bad; there’s no A’s, B’s, C’s for doing it….

It’s like… we’re all God, and all experiences are all … well that’s all there is, is the accumulation of experience. That’s all there is, is experience, because knowledge is already knowledge. The only thing that knowledge needs, that could ever be better, is the addition of experience.


One might think that we have experience in order to share and to experience Love. But that is starting from the premise that we are trying to get to Love from a starting place of, essentially then, non-Love … that is a human perspective.

But we ARE Love in essence. We are already the experience of Love … and Truth, and Awareness, and Bliss. So what we need to add to that is the experience of non-Love … that is, separation, then duality … both of them brought about by forgetting our Divine nature again.


Where the Poignancy Comes In

lunch-21imagesSo experience of human life is not where the love comes in, it is where the poignancy comes in, by which the love is made more magnificent, by which the love is glorified. So human experience (becomingness), added to Divine “knowledge” (beingness) is where the poignancy comes in, is where the drama comes in, is where the fun of the game comes in.

And it’s more than that. Because, in an infinite Universe, with an Infinite God, can you not imagine that there would be an infinite number of experiences, too? And so that there would always be something that hadn’t been tried?


What I’m saying is that…I don’t like to say God is still learning…It’s not like God is still learning. It’s…God is all-knowing…God is all creation. God knows everything, God Is Isness Itself, Beingness—total and aware of itself … as I was saying above—Knowledge. But what kind of life would it be, what kind of beingness would it be, if where there wasn’t some kind of newness or growth? If there wasn’t some kind of becomingness?


We Are Stardust … Sorta

What kind of Reality would that be? Sure there could be a Universe that was just knowledge existing, but would that be Ultimate or Infinite? Would that not be less than something that included change and magnificence? One that added adventure, surprise, and fun?


au-gg-composite-500x364And you say, well how would we know what is a better Ultimate Reality than not? But you see your question implies we would be so separate from Ultimate Reality that we would not have an inkling. And do you not see that is a delusion? How can you be Real and not be part of Reality? So don’t you think the Nature of the Universe might have some overlap, at least, with your nature? Is this not the real meaning of that idea that we are stardust? We are physically stardust, yes, but big deal!

The big deal about that idea of our being stardust is that our nature is essentially the same as the Nature of the Universe, for we are part of it and cannot be otherwise.


Mind and Motion ~ Being and Forgetting

So, what Knowledge needs, or what makes Knowledge better, is the addition of Experience.


Or, to put it more exactly, one consciousness researcher I know phrased it that, “Ultimately what the new physics is going to determine is that all that exists is Mind and Motion.” Well, I’ve been talking about the Mind part—that is All That Exists, All That Is. And what I’m adding now is that this human experience part is the Motion part. That this All That Is is perfect also in it’s being changing and interesting. It is total without human experience, but it is complete and perfect with it.

we-are-more-open-to-the-unconscious-nowAnd how can It be changing and interesting, and still be Everything and Omniscient, unless it allows itself to forget itself at times … unless there is the Motion, as well? How can light know itself as light unless it allows part of itself to be dark? How can Perfection know itself to be perfect without allowing part of itself to seem to be imperfect? How can beauty be known as beautiful without there being some ugly manifested as well with which to contrast it? Pleasure without pain? Poignancy without dullness? Kindness without meanness?

And how can that which is essentially Good manifest that which is not itself, Badness and Dark, unless it forgets who it is? And being perfect, how can it not be a conscious and willing forgetfulness … much like bungee jumping and forgetting we are still attached by a rope and cannot ever be hurt. Or like all those movies and TV shows of recent decades where someone shows up somewhere and does not know who he is and how he got there, and the rest of the plot involves this main character following all these clues, some of which he actually might have left for himself knowing he was going to forget, to get back to remembering who he really is. Memento, Vanilla Sky, John Doe come to mind for starters.


The point is, It makes for a pretty interesting story overall and the ending and revelation is all that much more satisfying. Like in peek-a-boo, the end warrants shrieks of laughter and relief.


Reality Is a Funny God

So the addition of Experience to Knowledge makes Reality better than just Knowledge alone. And the addition of non-knowledge … that is, forgetting … to Knowledge + Experience makes Reality even better. It adds magnificence, poignancy. Bottom line, it adds fun. God is fun. Reality is a funny God.


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