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Keep on Cosmic Giggling and HumanLand — Fun, New Amusement Park: Experience is Divinity, Part Thirteen — Fun Times Waking from Nightmares


Human Darkness, The Cosmic Game, and Why God Is LHAO: Life Is Like God’s Joke, Requiring that She Forget the Punch Line in Order to Enjoy It.


The Cosmic Game

Keep on Cosmic Giggling

Grof_CosmicGameiconSS005_peek-a-boo_F_detailSo you might think of it as the game, the Cosmic Game…the only game that God can play in which there is such high drama and all the pizzazz that goes with that, and in which, at times, all these different viewing points are created, these different beings or foci of awareness, like different camera angles on the Thing as a Whole. And they all witness different perspectives on it all.


Additionally, the human view has it that they are individual, separate actors going through different experiences, suffering from a very fun idea of having free will and being actual creators—little mini-gods, if you will—of what they view.


Human Darkness, God’s Nature, and Why God Is LHAO

486593_2953994869324_1064373835_n430990_10150547919349514_1536913684_n1So the one that’s human is where you have the delusion—the darkness—that will allow you to have the biggest, whooping, howling, wake-up of all when you realize it’s not real. So life is like God’s joke, requiring that He forget the punch line in order to enjoy it. Like I said, God’s nature, and ours, is laughter. And that’s what He wants.

That’s why She created us, why She created humans. Because there’s beauty, and all that, in all the rest of creation. But it’s only through becoming much less than Herself and totally forgetting who She is and becoming us, that when She remembers…when He/She remembers…that She can go, “Wow!!!! THAT was FUN!!!”


(From a Billboard in Heaven:) HumanLand — Fun, New Amusement Park

I mean, we are God. And what did we create? Amusement parks! What do amusement parks do? Lots of peek-a-boo, don’t they?

So much of it is set up to scare the hell out of you. You go on a roller coaster. It’s going up and then reaches the top. Then it drops. You feel a rush that you are going to die. You scream….

But nobody’s going to die. Nobody dies. And we say it’s fun!


Why We Insist on Haunting Houses

0025-oc_websterimages_thumb1But, there’s more obvious ones. How about that haunted house thing? Where it’s like do-de-do-de-do-de-do-de.… And you’ve got all these scary things. You’re trapped inside and you can’t get out. Oh, and they will get you! And surely you will die, you will be haunted forever….

You’re thinking, “Oh, my god! Oooohh!! Nooo!”


And then what? Suddenly it’s all over and you walk out and it’s sunshine, it’s Disneyland, and people are eating cotton candy… So, it’s like, “Holy fuck!”


You see? But you see you have to really believe it for it to be so much fun. Unless you forget… If you go in there knowing it’s an amusement park…. Well, it’s not so much fun! Right?

Fun Times Waking from Nightmares

carnival5_thumbjacobs-ladder-mccaulay-culkin-and-tim-robbinsBut when you do allow yourself to put your awareness on the shelf for a while and get in to it as if it IS real, then it’s an in-cre-di-ble fun. It’s like the most fun. It’s like when you have a nightmare. You ever have a dream that was sooo horrible… that you were sooo glad it was a dream when you woke up?


Tae Kwon Horror Movie — New, Fun Spiritual Practice