“Woodstock? Isn’t that the kind they use to make rifles?” … No, i don’t believe history is being taught much, anymore.

Or how about, “Kent State? Oh, i know. That’s the state where superman was born.”

R.I.P. History.

it does seem that people have forgotten history….. 

I am reminded of a conversation i was overhearing on the bus in Eugene, Oregon, last week. An old-timer was talking to a young hip woman. He explained how he was one of the original “flower children,” and he was giving her inside information on how it all had gone down in those days. He was a close friend of Ken Kesey, and he had been part of the original goings on in San Francisco. What struck me, though, was when he was asking her what she knew or had heard about it…. He asked, “Have you heard about Woodstock?”

Answer: “No”

His response detailing it as the coming together of a million people, peacefully, the largest such gathering in history, … and so on … was depressing to hear. … In that it should even have to be done….

No, i don’t suppose history is being taught very well in the schools … not since 1971 … because to know history would embolden people to resist present day propaganda meant to control them. 

see “Culture War, Class War: Occupy Generations and the Rise and Fall of ‘Obvious Truths'”




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