“You are invited to a return to unity with Nature and a harmonious understanding of our role, perhaps our destiny, in the grand scheme of things”: A re-visioning of humans in Nature

The idea that humans are rational is now a joke. The idea that we are “God’s chosen species” and magically endowed with the senses and quality of those perceptions to see reality better than any other species that we even know of … well, that would be a joke if the inherent arrogance in that were not so un-funny.

This book goes a long way toward overturning these and many other biases we have — self-congratulatory prejudices humans have in looking out at Nature. You will be challenged and confronted to think differently about many things you thought were certain. Attitudes and habits of thought are undermined.

But what remains is something stronger. You see humanity in a new light. It is one that opens a door on a reality greater than the one humans have contrived for their benefit alone. In doing this, you are invited to a return to unity with Nature and a harmonious understanding of our role, perhaps our destiny, in the grand scheme of things.

Central to all this is an acknowledgement and understanding of how we have come to set ourselves against Nature and all life on this planet. That is the starting point for a re-visioning of humans in Nature: We must begin with looking at the consequences of our estrangement. Certainly, as in any other process of revelation, seeing clearly allows an opportunity for transformation, whereas staying stuck in counterproductive habits of thought leads only to increasing stagnation of life process and a slow, though feverish, slide to death. Beyond that, vistas of larger possibilities for humanity abound. One might very well see their own destiny and future within them.

– excerpted from “Planetmates: The Great Reveal'” 



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