About Culture War, Class War and its Author, SillyMickel Adzema

Culture War is Class War disguised. The Wealthy Elite–the “Filthy Rich”–foment Culture War in society to distract and cover their real economic motives. Culture War, Class War explores the resulting cultural divide–how it was instigated and kept alive for fifty years in America by certain elite powers and how and why they choose to benefit while tearing families in two and keeping America paralyzed.

I am the author of this site, Culture War, Class War, and my name is Mickel Adzema, I also go by the names sillymickel and Michael Adzema. I am a writer, independent scholar, primal therapist, breathwork facilitator, and political activist. My expertise is in the fields of pre- and perinatal psychology; primal psychology; humanistic psychology; cross-cultural religious practices and rituals; great world religions and theologies; spirituality; altered states of consciousness research; Asian, especially Indian religious philosophy and culture; politics; Sixties politics, culture, movements, and people.  I am a journeyman scholar in these fields: economics, anthropology, psychological anthropology, environmental studies.

Things I’m proud of: Being one of the group of people–out of Springfield, Oregon, early Eighties–who worked to stop nuclear power and succeeded in bringing nuclear plant construction to an end in the entire United States. My reasons: the apocalyptic dangers of nuclear energy. My part: going door-to-door every night for a few years in Springfield and towns up and down the Willamette Valley educating people about the dangers of nuclear and the financial scandal of the WPPPS plants. How it was done: Enough grass roots pressure was brought to bear. The organization I worked for, Oregon Fair Share, discovered Springfield law that stipulated that its citizens could not be indebted/taxed over a certain percent without a vote of the people. There had been no vote. The costs overruns of WPPS would have led to indebtedness of approx. $8,000 per household throughout the Northwest – just to “mothball” the plants. This led to a lawsuit. Current US Congressmen Representative Peter deFazio became involved and helped in the lawsuit, which was taken on, pro bono, by Bob Ackerman, a local attorney. We won, creating the largest bond default in U.S. history. Other municipalities followed suit. Nuclear power was shown up to be the financial gravy train for investors and the financial ripoff for consumers that it is. No applications to build a plant in the entire United States were filed after that.

Other things I’m proud of: all of my writings; any way I’ve helped clients in therapy; any way I’ve helped students when I taught at the university; my websites and blogs, the fact that I was a hippie and a young radical and antiwar activist in the Sixties; the fact that I lived during the incredible Sixties and got to experience and get bitten by the idealism and global visionary bug, which I hold fast, to the this day; and the fact that I was the perfect age to understand and experience it – in my late teens and early twenties; the fact that I had the sense and courage to do thorough primal therapy in Denver during the years 1975-1980; my wife, Mary Lynn, my stepson, Peter, my brothers and sisters, my nieces and nephews, in particular, still growing up, Timothy; and especially my Godchildren, JoAnn, Tyler, and still growing up, eleven year old, smart, athletic, and amazingly for her age, sensitive and loving, Elizabeth.

I’m also proud of my ability to be silly as hell without caring, to be madcap, to make people laugh, to be rational, to wake people up, to be comedic, to be able to write more wisely than I have any realization of knowing, to notice the person left out in a group and to include that person, to care about the suffering of people I don’t know, as well as those I do, and to feel their pain, to care about the plight of our planetmates, the other beings on this planet who don’t have to resort to rarely effective language in order to communicate, to be able to forgive, to be tolerant, to be non-judgmental about what people do that doesn’t effect others, and to be able to be on any person’s level – from child to working stiff to university prof to corporate cog – and to hear, understand, and share with them in their language.

The most fun I’ve had:  playing with nephew, Timothy, and Goddaughter, Elizabeth, and being in their world and playing with them and sharing with them my ability to make up wild outlandish fantasies of reality that we’d laugh and play around with, at the same time giving them the support, love, role model, advice, and acceptance of the adult I am; also the “work” I did with the developmentally delayed and emotionally disturbed, where I found that they had more ability to share in laughter and to be funny and clever, and to be loving, than most “normal” people – child or adult.

Another thing I’m proud of: Learning through the work above that everyone, no matter their level of intelligence or their emotional problems, are beautiful sparks of divinity with bits of genius, and certainly unique wonderful qualities, that make them delightful to be with.

My main mission in life: Searching for truth in world of Lies, Liars; wanting to help as we kill the planet, all of us, all our children, grandchildren, and all the planetmates, all the beings, of which God made millions of species, who have lived and had a home on this planet until only lately, the planet-killing half-borns, the species, Homo Sapiens, evolved, to the extreme detriment of the millions of other planetmates.

Damn good example of why you should get references, ALWAYS, before allowing anyone to move in.

Just for Fun

A Big “Thank You” to George W. Bush, with Admiration for the Great Bush-Paulson-“Filthy Rich” Caper by SillyMickel Adzema

A Video.  A satirical piece. A supposed admirer-fan-chum of George W. Bush encourages thank-yous for Bush’s “accomplishments, ” which, described glowingly by the fan, sound quite the opposite to the listener. The fan has the most admiration for the great caper Bush “pulled off” at the end. Combining the actual facts of recent news with a simple, unspun speculation of them, coming from the mouth of a fawning admirer who, for that reason, is allowed to elaborate on the shady dealings.

So Bush, it is intimated, basks in the glory of having his ideas for illegal dealings praised as clever and awesome, or even cute.

This is political satire that will have you laughing from the total incongruity and irony of the monologue, but it will also leave you more informed and thinking. This is provocative, funny stuff.

Auto Salesman Speaks His Mind on SillyMickel

An Audio.  Click the video below for some highly self-deprecating humor by SillyMickel about SillyMickel, which makes a point.

More Seriously … And So You Don’t Think My Voice Is Actually Like the Ones Above

Love’s Wake-Up Call and Why We Must Give Our All: Apocalypse Emergency – FULL

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  1. #1 by joyce bovee on November 26, 2011 - 2:10 am

    hello we maybe from same era? what is your current focus please i am interested you have a mind a rare attribute today article about poor and having mind not terra- what?- planed by media
    i am poor according to stats does not bother me cause i grew up in berkeley oakland in the 40’s in union organizing household knew what was up a young age all working class students in my home
    threw the tv downstairs in 1970 have not had one since tho i love my laptop
    so i do hope you read this i mentioned mort sahl in comments tho spelled it saul
    here’s peace to you bro

    • #2 by sillymickel on November 27, 2011 - 2:28 pm

      Hello, Joyful! (i’d know you anywhere 🙂 My current focus? If you are ready to have your mind blown, read ahead in this book, oc, but go on to the second book, Apocalypse-No! (link at top of page). But don’t go on to the third book, The Great Reveal (link at top of page), unless you are ready for a major change of life. I am told that it is like taking acid. 🙂

      And tx for adding your comments. I love hearing about your experiences and your life.

  2. #3 by James Lesní on April 29, 2012 - 3:47 am


    I am managing e-promotion for the new novel, Nine Inch Bride, literary fiction set in the near future in which a uniquely talented revolutionary pairs up with a fallen Wall Street analyst to fuel a bonfire of American political culture. Your site came up in a search for bloggers interested in the novel’s primary themes.

    We admire and thank you for Culture War, Class War and invite you to download a complimentary copy in pre-publication release at nineinchbride.com. Short and long book descriptions, excerpts, reviews and comments are also available there, along with book downloads (and e-readers) in your choice of format.

    We’d be keenly interested in your impressions, and would appreciate a review or comment on your site or ours.


    James Lesni
    Web Manager

    • #4 by sillymickel on April 30, 2012 - 5:19 am


  3. #5 by sillymickel on July 26, 2012 - 9:52 pm

    Gary Kutcher adds –

    The lawsuit was also important because it led to the closure of two other WPPSS nuclear plants that were never completed. The fifth of the WPPSS-sponsored nuclear plants was built and runs today.

    The Fair Share lawsuit led to default on biilions in municial bonds held by WPPSS, which was, at the time, the largest such default in US history and freed the City of Springfield of a $124 million debt owed to WPPSS. Eventually, after a countersuit by insurance companies that had insured the bonds, a negotiated agreement resulted in ratepayers absorbing about 20% of the debt.

    In 1995, Oregon ratepayers were successful in closing Oregon’s only nuclear plant through a series of citizens initiative petitions and non-violent civil disobedience.

    Oregon Fair Share members helped pass Ballot Measure 7 in 1990 which prohibits licensing if new nuclear plants in Oregon without voter approval and a federally licensed nuclear waste depository (still not built). This law is still in effect in 2011.

  4. #6 by James on October 14, 2012 - 10:44 pm

    October 14, 2012
    Advance Review Copy giveaway – Final Days

    Book One of the Nine Inch Bride series is subtitled Conundrum and Complimentary Reviewer Copies will be freely available through October 15 only. Thereafter only by reviewer request. On sale later this week at all major eBook outlets.

    Book Two, A Stone of Conscience is expected to be out early in the New Year.


    The wry, symbolic tale of a consummate revolutionary who co-opts Wall Street to fuel a bonfire of America’s corporate political culture.

    Book One: Conundrum
    In this symbolic political fiction set in the near future we meet a young Wall Street analyst facing financial ruin in a major market crash. He is rescued in his descent by a uniquely talented young woman with a dedicated revolutionary agenda. Together they form a most extraordinary partnership in a mission to change the world.

    What others are saying…

    “Nine Inch Bride is not so distant a scenario . . . its predictive details are logical developments; a believable extension of our own times. Its observations draw a short straight line of direct relevance back to the world as it stands today, and in doing so offer a sharp and intelligent indictment of the evils of our time and their possible effect on the shape of our future.”

    “There’s depth in this near future, in the emotional development of the characters as well as in the understated sci-fi and unfolding espionage, which buffs of those genres will appreciate. Emotions ring true and the relevance to contemporary America is unmistakeable. For me NINE INCH BRIDE fills a void as the literary answer to Atlas Shrugged.”

    Reviewers, download your preview copy at: http://nineinchbride.com/download-novel-now.html

    Your choice of MOBI, EPUB or PDF format.

  5. #7 by Lee Tolson on May 13, 2013 - 5:45 am

    Listened to Love’s Wake up Call, and enjoyed it. Had some thoughts about saving the planet:

    So, to me the last 100 years of irresponsible plundering of our planet corresponds to the time cannabis/hemp has been prohibited. As a result, instead of using hemp-oil based diesel, we are frakking the ground to extract the lymph of mother earth, use petroleum-based, non-recyleble plastics, which swirl in a poisonous gyre in the ocean. We pollute our rivers and lakes petro-based fertilizers attempting to grow cotton instead of hemp. Western medicine turned away from cannabis which directly balance and restored the bodies endo-cannabinoid system, in favor of harsh allopathic remedies. We cut down our trees for lumber and paper, when hemp could provide an renewable source for both.

    I’ve wondered for years what the driver was behind prohibition of the most perfect gift of mother nature supplying complete protein, a perfect balance of Omega 3’s and 6’s. Then it hit me. Here is one plant that could completely reboot civilization. A plant so valuable that those who control it can extract profit from its prohibition. It has been banned because it makes people healthy, and happy, and can feed and medicate them, and they can grow it in a pot on the fire escape.

    Therefore, I am working hard to wrest control of this incredible resource out of the hands of the 1%. Do you remember when we used to say, even if this shit cured cancer they wouldn’t legalize it? Well, my friend cured herself of stage three lung cancer using hemp oil, as did the first cousin of my partner (he had kidney cancer and had an 8 pound malignant kidney removed). Using Simpson’s oil, he is now cancer-free. And, yes, it is still prohibited!

  6. #8 by SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ on March 27, 2023 - 1:59 pm

    Dear Mickel Adzema,

    What a substantial “About” page you have created to introduce yourself and your blog! Well done! In turn, may you find the curiosity to peruse my “About” page, where I look forward to interact with you. In addition, I wonder whether my “About” page will make you smile and feel relaxed, and whether it will make you feel other emotions.

    I am very struck by your following paragraph:

    My main mission in life: Searching for truth in world of Lies, Liars; wanting to help as we kill the planet, all of us, all our children, grandchildren, and all the planetmates, all the beings, of which God made millions of species, who have lived and had a home on this planet until only lately, the planet-killing half-borns, the species, Homo Sapiens, evolved, to the extreme detriment of the millions of other planetmates.

    I concur with you here. As you probably already know, we are already in the midst of the Sixth Great Extinction. The main issue is twofold: speciesism and anthropocentricism. Until we critically deal with the main issue, even environmentalism in all its diversity may not suffice to turn things around. As for other reasons as to why I am not very optimistic about human intelligence, and more deeply, the human psyche, they are provided in great detail in my post entitled We have Paleolithic Emotions; Medieval Institutions; and God-like Technology“, published at


    This is a very substantial and topically important post, even dealing with the fundamental problems and the existential crisis of the human species, looming ever larger.

    Wishing you a wonderfully productive springtime doing, enjoying or blogging whatever that satisfies you the most, including writing more posts to inform us of your latest concerns! Keep up the good work!

    Yours sincerely,

    • #9 by sillymickel on March 28, 2023 - 11:15 pm

      many thanks for your kind words and for your interest in my work.

      we definitely need to stay in touch. thank you for all you do. solidarity.

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