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“Like the wicked stepmother, your infants are hidden behind a mirror reflecting only the caregiver’s countenance — her needs — to herself”: The Planetmates reveal on parenting, child abuse, who the real “animals” in Nature are, and other blasphemies


“Naturally, your children were hurt by this early inattentiveness to their real needs. Very much like Snow White’s stepmother, in your children’s story of the same name (which is so full of Unapproved and Hidden wisdom, by the way), your infants are hidden behind a mirror reflecting only the caregiver’s countenance — her needs — to herself. Your babies are not often really seen by you; their needs are dimly ascertained, mixed and diluted thoroughly with your own. 


““Who is the fairest one of all?” expresses that you are threatened by your babies, and jealous of them. For how dare they come into the world, being beautiful and delightful and having needs of their own, when you, in your beauty and charm, still have not managed to get all you needed back then (or now)? The stepmother wants to hang on to being the desired one, the noticed one, the wanted one … in this fairy tale. In the same way, in real life, mothers and fathers, caregivers and adults of all kind, are ever and too caught up in their own struggles to be noticed, attended to, appreciated, and wanted, to really see another, let alone a struggling, needy, and crudely assertive other, a child. Children are new to the attention and Ego games of adults, unpolished in their communications to express their needs, and riddled with mixed messages about whether they should even express them. So how can they compete with adults with decades of experience and thousands of hours of practice in the confused and complicated requirements of these games? 

“Guaranteed, children will be, to inhabit the bottoms of all totem poles and be the last on all lists of concern. But gifted with hereditary traits of charm and appeal, and extra abilities of cunning and excess mentation to devise new schemas of attracting needs attention, they have a fighting chance. And struggle they must, be clever they must, for all parenting is suffused with the emotional deprivation and resulting twisted consciousness of your fully growns. Pure and guileless babies, white as snow in intention and closest to divinity, are offered the apple of nurture and need satisfaction, but it is poisoned. They are attended to by fully growns, but that attention to their bodily needs — like the comb is for Snow White when evil stepmother attends to her hair — is poisoned with the tainted intentions and self-centeredness of the caregiver. And parents outfit children with a way of being — a skill and personality set like their own — with which to interact with and to allow them to go out into the world, but, like the bodice given Snow White, it does not fit. It is too tight; it is laced in a way to be too constricting. And how can it not be? For it is not crafted to fit the child, it is made to suit the adult: These are ego, personality, and skill sets that the caregiver would impress upon the child to mold them into something which is desired by the adult and rarely wanted or helpful to the child him- or herself. 

“In all these ways, as expressed in the fairy tale, is shown the hidden desire to get rid of the child, expressed, historically, by infanticide and abandonment. Additionally, in all times and currently, the stepmother’s intentions are demonstrated by child abuse, child neglect, and poor parenting. If not in blatant ways, this ambivalence toward the child, containing the annoyance and irritation, as well as the even more secret jealousy and hatred, shows itself in the simple reluctance to attend to the needs of the child by having the baby “cry it out.” It is seen in the decision to not breast feed the child at all, and if it is done, by pushing the weaning process. It manifests in the insistence on toilet training (not necessary in Nature or even among many of your hunter-gatherer societies), and even early toilet training. (Babies must poop properly!) It is evident in circumcision and female genital mutilation and in all the many, many ways children are beaten into shape by humans to mold them into something not conducive to their thriving or happiness but simply to make them, for adults, less burdensome, less intrusive, more appealing, and … finally, even this — more useful. 

More about that last, in just a bit. 

“But for now consider the blasphemous quality of what we are telling you. In human circles, you simply cannot say out loud what we just conveyed to you. You cannot say parents are really like this … like Snow White’s stepmother. This is an example of how the Unapproved and Hidden manifests all about you, for example, here, in a fairy tale; but nowhere and at no time is anyone allowed to notice what these stories are saying. No one ever thinks, and certainly never expresses, what this fairy tale is really saying about you: That in your treatment of your young, it is you, not “animals,” not planetmates, who, being conflicted, are often cruel….”

[More coming…. ]


[Pt 1 of 24rd prasad — Family “Investment” 

To see the entire book, to which this will be added eventually (book is two-thirds updated), go to the blog page at … Planetmates: The Great Reveal is also scheduled for print and e-book publication in mid-March, 2014 ]

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Culture War, Class War book released. Occupy Generations and The Rise and Fall of “Obvious Truths.” now available. Order Information

Culture War, Class War released.
3rd Book by Michael Adzema now available –
Culture War, Class War: Occupy Generations and the Rise and Fall of “Obvious Truths.” Order Information.

Culture War, Class War, the third book – of the four being published in October-November, 2013 – is now completed also.

This book can be ordered now.

Click below to order.



  • What is the American Awakening?
  • How have Americans become so dumb, so that they have so often voted against their self-interest? Or did they?
  • What exactly are the Millennial Generation, Generation X, Yuppies, Boomers, the Fifties-Eisenhower, and the World War Two Generations? What do the drugs they use have to do with the events and the America they have helped to shape?
  • Everyone knows what happened in America in 1963 and 1980 that changed its direction. But what happened in 1971 that did the same thing, and much more profoundly? How is it continuing today? And why do you not know about this?
  • Has there ever really been a conservative backlash in America? Were Yuppies former hippies? Did Boomers become conservative as they became older?
  • What of Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring, the Tea Party, and the Wisconsin union movements?
  • What is the Matrix? What are the things you know to be obviously true that are not? And why is it you think that way?
  • Why is there now, suddenly, hope for America and the world?

Class War is disguised as Culture War. The 1% foment Culture War among the 99% to distract and cover their real economic motives.

This book looks into why America’s “privileged class” — its “royalty,” “blue bloods” — started a “culture war” against the middle class, working class, the poor … and the educated, artists, and humanists in the early 1970s. We discover how their fear of Sixties activism panicked them into an all-out assault against elements that threatened their wealth and privilege in all institutions of American society — media, education, medicine, government, politics, publication, religion, especially higher education — and restructured them for their ends.

Culture War, Class War—Occupy Generations and The Rise and Fall of “Obvious Truths” is about how that reversal and restructuring happened and what has transpired in the last fifty years to bring us to this crisis. We see how Americans’ minds, personalities, beliefs, and their daily lives were orchestrated to a tune not theirs any more, but one that was sweet and harmonious to the profit-takers.

We see how this culture war, class war continues today: blatantly so in the Tea Party movement, the Republican Party, the Wall Street giveaways at the expense of jobs, tax cuts for the “filthy rich” and corporations, budget battles and cuts in government services and entitlement programs, rampant anti-environmentalism, and anti-minority, anti-immigrant laws and attacks.

Finally, we behold a worldwide global awakening. As the strains of war and financial oppression increase to a point no longer bearable, the American mind reawakens, beholds the obvious lies that have created the matrix of their lives, and sees more clearly….

About the Author

Michael Adzema is a writer, activist, teacher, and psychotherapist. In addition to Culture War, Class War, he has authored the books, Apocalypse Emergency; Primal Renaissance; Apocalypse NO; Experience Is Divinity, and Falls from Grace, which is listed as a reference on prenatal and perinatal psychology. In the last decade he authored and managed the popular blogs and websites, Culture War, Class War; Apocalypse No; and Things That Want to Be Said, among others. In the early Eighties, working as an anti-nuke activist with Oregon Fair Share, he was one of a small group of people whose actions led to the lawsuit that ended nuclear plant construction in the United States. He was the editor of Primal Renaissance, a professional journal of primal psychology, and was the first person in the United States to teach prenatal and perinatal psychology at the university level, which he did at Sonoma State University in the early Nineties. Culture War, Class War: Occupy Generations and the Rise and Fall of “Obvious Truths” is the first volume in Michael Adzema’s Return to Grace series of ten volumes, of which four are currently in print and six more scheduled for publication in 2014 and 2015.

Final Cover, Culture War

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Eating the Apple: “You Dismissed Divinity’s Perfect Banquet … Perfect in … Your Primary Purposes in Being Alive, Not Just Existing,” Say Planetmates in The Fourteenth Prasad

Eating the Apple, Precluding Divine Assistance: When You Controlled Your Diet You Created New Diseases for Yourself, Say Planetmatesthe-truth-of-the-fall-of-eden

The Great Reveal from the Planetmates, The Fourteenth Prasad: Eating the “Apple,” Defying Divine Assistance 


Planetmates Release The Fourteenth Prasad

Rhino Leads at The 14th PrasadIn determining your less diverse, unhealthy diet..precluding Divine sustenance, you created new diseases for yourself.

Rhino is First Consciousness at The Fourteenth Prasad.

When you controlled your diet, you dismissed Divinity's perfect banquet… perfect in the sense of its effects on your primary purposes in being alive, not just existing. It is for this reason that you have myths of very early ancestors living to ages of up to one thousand years, which was indeed possible, but for reasons that will be clear later, not particularly desirable.

The Fourteenth Prasad – Defying Divine Assistance

Second, Divine Providence is perfect providence, in ways that you cannot see ahead of time. You are not only taught, but your physical needs for food, water, shelter, and so on, are more perfectly provided by Nature in the ways most beneficial to the health of both your minds and bodies.

When you controlled your diet, you dismissed Divinity’s perfect banquet…perfect in the sense of its effects on your primary purposes in being alive, not just existing. It is for this reason that you have myths of very early ancestors living to ages of up to one thousand years, which was indeed possible, but for reasons that will be clear later, not particularly desirable.

So, in determining your much less diverse and unhealthy diet, because of your insistence on your own ideas for sustenance over the sustenance perfectly provided by Nature for your nomadic, foraging forebears, you created diseases you never had before.

The Four Noble Truths 03 birth

Video Commentary by SillyMickel Adzema

The video following is a reading of The Fourteenth Prasad, as received from The Planetmates—what I’m calling “Defying Nature’s Perfect Banquet, Creating Diseases”—with additional explanation, context, and some commentary by SillyMickel Adzema.

The issues highlighted in the commentary relate to further separation from Divine Providence through increasing resistance to naturally provided food resources and the establishment of human-created or manipulated food sources with the intent of pleasing the palate and ignorant of nutritional needs, which had previously been provided by Divine Providence through Nature’s ways of sustenance.

Also, it discusses how this led to diseases never before experienced by our species—totally the product of our ego-designed diet. It mentions how myths of humans living inordinately long Smeagollives at one time is a product of the fact that such things were possible—though not necessarily desirable for reasons to be made clear later—during the period when humans diet was still divinely provided through Nature and before human ego wrested this control away and began its own ideas of sustenance, built around the twisted desires of the palate, itself made crazed in being swept up in the attempt to artificially fill emotional shortcomings stemming from humans’ half-born status and resultant crazed, over-amped brain and consciousness.


“The Fourteenth Prasad” From The Great Reveal by The Planetmates– the audiocast

The link above takes you to the audio-only version of my commentary on The Fourteenth Prasad, exactly as is in the video. Click on the link to go to the the audio site, or you can listen to it here using the audio player below.
The 14th Prasad. “The Great Reveal” By The Planetmates “Defying Divinity, Creating Diseases”

Paraphrase/ Summary/ Abstract of “The Fourteenth Prasad” — by SillyMickel Adzema

The second major way that Divine Providence serves all Planetmates is in its being perfect providence, in ways that no one can see ahead of time. We are not only taught and guided toward our ultimate life fulfillment by Divine Providence, as we’ve said, but even our physical forms are most perfectly sustained in following Divine Providence. So both our existential and physical needs are most perfectly provided by following Divine Providence. Re the physical: physical needs for food, water, shelter, and so on, are more perfectly provided by Nature in ways that are most beneficial to the health of both our minds and bodies. So when you separated from the Divine, even defied divine assistance, when you decided it would be you who would control your diet, you dismissed Divinity’s perfect banquet…perfect in the sense of its effects on your primary purposes in being alive, not just existing.

Yet before you wrested control of what you would eat, and you let Nature lead you in your diet, your kind lived much longer lives. It is for this reason that you have myths of very early ancestors living to ages of up to one thousand years, which was indeed possible, but for reasons that will be clear later, not particularly desirable. But, when you determined your much less diverse and unhealthy diet you created disease you never had before. Your life expectancy rapidly diminished.


You would often choose foods that would please the palate and not necessarily nourish you. Previously you had a perfect alignment, as we do, between what is desirable and pleasurable and what is most beneficial to our health. But with your increasing split from your own feelings and instincts, your crazed brains sought foods that satisfied imaginary, not real physical, desires.


So with this insistence on your own ideas for sustenance over the sustenance perfectly provided by Nature for your nomadic, foraging forebears, you added the suffering of unnecessary physical illnesses and earlier loss of strength and even of physical form itself to your unhappy lot.

Continue with The Great Reveal from the Planetmates, The Fifteenth Prasad: Eden Scorned … Planetmates’ Compassion, Planetmates’ Pity

Return to The Great Reveal from the Planetmates, The Thirteenth Prasad: Breaking with Divinity, Resisting Divine Assistance

To Read the Entire Book … on-line, free at this time … Go to The Great Reveal from The Planetmates

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Every Path Is Magnificent and Maximizing Your Poignancy: Time and Uncertainty Are the Screens We Erect to Block Out Knowing Everything


Experience Is Divinity, Part Eleven — Heaven Slickers: How Forgetting Our Divine Nature Makes Us Feel More Alive, The Turbulence of Life Keeps the Life Force Moving


The Darkness Getting Blacker Means the Lightness Becoming Brighter

Backing up, it follows that by experiencing in life even the “horrible” things, so to speak … and really being rooted in them and experiencing them, kind of knowing them … that then one would experience the opposite of it, the love and bliss, as being all the more wonderful … beautiful … exquisite. It is all the more of a deep experience of beauty because you have the deep experience of the other which contrasts.

That is the meaning of the metaphor of having a darkness or blackness which the light is made brighter by.


More Icon Clasting

A blackness? No. I have to stop trying to fit words on it for the word is an an icon.

…because after all, it’s not light and darkness that we’re wanting to contrast….


Experience Is God, God Is Experience

487678_447166328656354_1133392780_n539353_2276252202593_868722872_nIt is experiences, feelings that we want to contrast to reveal the magnificence of it all. And they are harder to fit words on or to picture. So we use analogies like light, dark. But they are icons and therefore obscure the truth, not reveal it. They need to be removed for us to think clearly again.

So, yes, It is experience, individual experience, that we as God want to contrast so as to manifest it all more wonderfully, more poignantly, in its happy and sad “flavors,” its good and bad experiences of existence.


We Don’t Know Good Till We Know Bad

For we don’t know how good we are as God!… Until we know how bad we are as God, but not knowing it.

All in all, it makes for the most PERFECT, PEEK-A-BOO, EXPERIENCE…OF ALL!

Life – Like One Long Peek (a-Boo)

istockphoto_4971968-peek-a-boo-girl_1_thumbAnd that’s what I’m getting at: That it is all about peek-a-boo. It’s like, life is like one long peek….

And God teaches the peek-a-boo game to everyone. Why? Because no matter how many lifetimes it takes, no matter how much time passes in which that shield is up, blocking out true reality, and we do not see Momma, or God’s face, so to speak, it doesn’t make any difference. It simply does not matter.

The point is, Is there such a thing as a short or a long time for returning to God, for remembering our true nature as God? No! If it is longer we are able to magnify the magnificence of the drama, expanding its flavors of experience and poignancy. If it is shorter, we’ll have happiness and bliss; and we’’ll have the experience: “Wow, ok… Now I remember! Wow! That was incredible! I would not have believed it!” We’ll have that sooner, but either way is magnificent.


That Was a Trip!

And when we remember…. Well, put it this way, how many people come back from harrowing experiences and say, “Wow, that was a trip…I’m just glad I survived it!” But they’re glad they went through it! They’re glad to have had the experience of it. They say it was like, “Wow! I really woke up to life, during that!” You know? It’s like, “I may have almost died, but I never felt so much alive!”


Heaven Slickers

In fact, some people pick up on this. There was a movie. It was called, of all things, “City Slickers”! And it was pointing out the dead lives that people live in the city. These friends decided to have an experience away from their wives where they would experience living on a dude ranch and being real cowboys for a spell. They expected some physical manly work out in the fresh air and some hearty cowboy chow.

In Spite of Ourselves

thumbs-upWhat they got, though, was all kinds of complications and troubles where they ended up being left totally on their own to bring the cattle to market. This was supposed to have been taken care of, and they were supposed to have been just along for the ride, just for the experience. But people died, bad folks were run into, there were complications and they ended up being responsible and having to face the dangers and challenges head on.

And guess what? Against all odds, to their utter surprise, and in spite of themselves, they did it.

Life Is a Board Game of Time and Uncertainty

Keep in mind that, when they started out, they did not know they were in for such an adventure. They were under the illusion they were going to be taken care of on the whole trip. They did not know that they were going to experience pain and all that. So when it happened all those harrowing developments were a big and terrifying surprise.

So, you see, for the sake of having the experience fully, if they had been all-knowing as God is, or even if a part of them knew, they couldn’t allow themselves to know.

So, as Divinity, we create time and uncertainty as part of the game, as parameters in the game. These are the screens we put up to block out knowing everything—time and uncertainty. They are also the covers beneath which we hide and the foils to heighten the drama.

Maximizing Your Poignancy

0These city slickers were speculating at the end…”Hey! We almost got killed, we almost got shot, we got robbed, we almost got left in the desert, and then there was a storm, and then this, then that, and oh, how horrible!”

They say it was horrible and awful, but they’re actually so much happier about the whole thing than if it had gone as planned. For they left the city and went out into greater feelingness, and they felt more alive than they ever felt in their life because they had finally experienced something that scared the shit out of them. In truth, it is the turbulence of life that moves out of us the otherwise stagnation and boringness of existence.

A Very Long Peek-a-Boo

peek-a-boo-4f288fc13b1ffBut they also, you see, didn’t know it was going to turn out ok when they were going through all that bad stuff they didn’t expect. They believed it all. They believed they were in real danger and would not survive. They never expected to come out alive, let alone successful.

The wonderfulness of it would not have been so great and it would not have worked if it had not been that they did not know how it would end. If they had known, they would not have been so scared or so into the experience.

The fact that in the end it was going to be seen as being great, wonderful, and worth it had to be hidden from them the whole time or it wouldn’t have had such an incredible ending. It wouldn’t have been, ultimately, so wonderful, so beautifully poignant with pleasure.

But it did end, and wonderfully at that. So when it did there was huge relief and glee. It had ended up being one very long peek-a-boo.


Heaven Slickers

peekaboo-112985720581pu430990_10150547919349514_1536913684_nWell, “City Slickers” brings us forgetful divinities a metaphor for our lives as humans. And in the same way as those city slickers, we as “heaven slickers,” when we take this adventure of human existence, we have to do it honestly. We have to forget that we are all knowing; we have to come down from being God and allow ourselves to be a limited self in order to have all the experiences fully, which in the end are known to be fun.


Had to Have Faith

angelblessingjumpfrombldgintofiremanarmsBut what the city slickers did need was faith. They just had to have faith and persevere. And so therefore they won, at the end. So, also, we as forgetful divinities simply have to have faith and to persevere.


Continue with Mind and Motion ~ Being and Forgetting; We Are Stardust … Sorta; and Where the Poignancy Comes In: Reality Is a Funny God

Return to What I Can Tell You About the Seed of Light in the Deepest Darkness: The Witness Self, The Beneficence of Experience, and the Secret About Oneself One Dares Never Reveal

To Read the Entire Book … on-line, free at this time … of which this is an excerpt, Go to Experience Is Divinity

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Recipe for Game of Humanness — Take Equal Parts Emptiness and Stupidity … Add a Belief in a Death: Experience Is Divinity, Part Five — Life Is the Divine Playing Peek a Boo with Herself


Evils Are Concoctions from the Minds of Forgetful Divinities: Since God Is All, and Is All Good, How Can Evil Exist Unless Divinity Forgets Who She Is?


How Can God Be Devilish?

So it is only humans, forgetting their nature, who can conceive the incredible horror and act out the most hideous things possible.


But that also is part of the plan or game for humanness. For how could God act devilish and murderous unless He allowed Himself? Think about it.

And I know you’re saying, why would God want to act devilish and murderous? Ok, maybe I’m ahead of myself, but just hold that thought.


How ’Bout if He Allowed Himself to Forget?

But say there was a reason. And I know you think there’s no reason—God is good, blah blah blah, lightness and light and all that; but just check this out now.

How could God act devilish and murderous if He wanted to, unless He allowed Himself, willingly, to totally forget who He is…that is, Goodness, Awareness, Bliss?


389335_10150741534982477_261144863_nLet’s remember that there is no such thing as death. It’s another impossibility. For God is All, and always existing. And all things that seem to be actual things and therefore separate are actually only variations on the One and Only Reality… I say reality, I won’t even say one and only thing or form, for they are illusions, too; they are Illusory props of the game.

It’s simple when you know. But knowing requires seeing or apprehending accurately. And the point of this game as humans is that seeing so clearly is impossible, as we are filled with the illusory. Totally wiping the God consciousness of knowledge, of its foundation, source, whatever, allows a kind of vacuum into which anything can crawl, in which anything can respond…in which the most obvious untruths are allowed to dominate the play of the game as if they were more than just the smoke they are.



It Is the Greatest Adventure

So it is the greatest adventure, fraught with the greatest possibilities of extreme fear, terror, and so on.


In this way God, who is not darkness, creates darkness. Now why would She want to do that?

Remember, that the darkness She creates is only fake darkness. Remember peek-a-boo? The baby’s alarmed…but he was wrong.

If you think of the nature of peek-a-boo…of what is happening, what is involved…. If you’re starting to see that, you’re starting to get it.


God Playing Peek-a-Boo with Himself

Peek_a_Boo_by_punkviciousSo, you see, God cannot possibly be darkness, but in this way He does create it. Now, you ask, why would He do that? I’ll get to that specifically. But for now just think of it as like allowing a game of peek-a-boo in which one does not recognize one’s mother even when she’s in plain sight. So imagine the baby’s cries and traumas then! Imagine: Mommy’s not there, mommy’s there, and the baby still thinks mommy’s not there!

So, it is this total amnesia of the game of humanness that creates the possibility of not even knowing that—not knowing God is actually there … impossible to be anywhere else—even, even when not seen. This amnesia creates the possibilities of even more extreme…oh, how can I say…more intense pain. The baby becomes totally convinced that indeed momma is gone forever…and that he is totally alone, and must live without love…so surely he will die!


Indeed this does describe the state of many a human when in a state of total forgetfulness if you think about it. For, staring directly into the face of God, so to speak, he can be so overcome with fear as to only see the relatively tiny sliver of unique attributes that he, as God, has decided to adopt for this particular game of being in the world, as a human.


It Was in Front of You the Whole Time!

What I’m saying is this total amnesia unique to humans allows for the possibility, unlike any other game, where such fear can be held, that you can totally forget the face of God even when it’s right in front of you. The source of comfort is right in front of you, and all you can see is yourself.


trobriandAnd by that I mean you can see yourself, not you as God, but you as the unique creation that you created yourself so as to try an experiment. Because every, every living thing is an experiment in creation. And so it’s those little things—things that make us different—that might be the only thing we’d see. As humans, most of the time, we don’t see God or even Reality except the parts of them that happen to mirror the limited self we chose to manifest, especially the parts of that self that are hidden to us. So that’s another part of it.


So, the adventure of humanness is such a fascinating game. For it allows darkness and hideousness, and war … murder … torture! … all that we abhor to exist. However, keep in mind that the fact that we abhor these evils—these concoctions from the minds of forgetful divinities—is a sign that we are finding some roots in our true nature which is light and goodness.


Why We Create Hell and Satan

This game even allows the creation of a belief in the opposite of truth … truth being no thing, except goodness, light, and bliss. It allows that humans, in their forgetfulness, and in their fear, existing without a glimmer of real truth, to conjure the opposite! So, a hell is concocted, and even an opposite of God, a Satan.


Recipe for Game of Humanness: Take Equal Parts Emptiness and Stupidity…

So we’ve got a game that has components of total emptiness and utter royal stupidity, which allows a belief that death is both an end to life and that it is painful. Don’t we believe that? Well, that’s not the truth. But that’s what we come to believe. That death is an end, and a painful one, to our lives is what we come to believe coming into human form. [Footnote 1].


Add a Belief in a Death…

Think of it. We have a game that has components of total emptiness and utter royal stupidity which allows a belief that death is both an end of life, and that it is painful. And that it is terrifyingly real, and terrifying because there is that darkness beyond it which…aaaaas usual!…all the yet unprojected interesting details of this temporary creation of God, this ego, can be viewed like on a movie screen. And lacking the fundamental truth that it is just a movie, well, the parameters of this game allow for the most terrifying, most extreme feelings of any kind that is possible.


Continue with Our Divine Adventure in Forgetfulness Has Us Misunderstanding the Pain We Give Ourselves to Wake Up: Experience Is Divinity, Part Six — The Poignancy of It All

Return to Fetishing and Fearing What’s Hidden … Life Is a Dark Screen: To Be Ignorant of Identity with Divinity Is the Purpose of the Human Form.


1. How we end up believing in death being an end and it being painful while coming into our human form is explained in detail in my writings about our prenatal and perinatal traumas. A good deal of the book, Apocalypse—No! has to to with how our early traumas in the womb and at birth imprint us for life in ways that make us inordinately fearful and untrusting. See especially Apocalypse – No! Chapter Seven: “We Ain’t Born Typical”” and from there on.

Also, a good number of the Prasads of The Great Reveal deal with this subject of humans having a birth unique among planetmates that makes us inordinately fearful of pain and insecure. See especially The Great Reveal, Chapter Eleven: The Third Prasad – Humans Only Half Ready for Life at Birth and from there on.

Continue with Our Divine Adventure in Forgetfulness Has Us Misunderstanding the Pain We Give Ourselves to Wake Up: Experience Is Divinity, Part Six — The Poignancy of It All

Return to Fetishing and Fearing What’s Hidden … Life Is a Dark Screen: To Be Ignorant of Identity with Divinity Is the Purpose of the Human Form.

To Read the Entire Book … on-line, free at this time … of which this is an excerpt, Go to Experience Is Divinity

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Life Is a Dark Screen … Fetishing and Fearing What’s Hidden: To Be Ignorant of Identity with Divinity Is the Purpose of the Human Form.


Life Is About Learning Not to Project Our Fears onto a Vast Unknown Which Is Essentially No-Thing : The Universe’s Trippiest Game Is to Become Human


Grof_CosmicGameiconSo, Divinity doesn’t ever pick pain for us, except to bring us back to happiness. What I’m getting at is that God is good. The Divine defines goodness. The amount of darkness we see in the Divine is indeed equal to the amount of darkness we have created for ourselves. It may even be a while to realize that even choosing the darkness was perfect, as the light is better seen in contrast to darkness and we better understand our own nature as Divinity, we better understand Truth in relation to the Untruth we hid ourselves with.