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Third Week of the 2nd Annual Birthday Book Giveaway. *Apocalypse Emergency for FREE … *Planetmates: The Great Reveal* for as little as 99 cents


This is the Third Week of the 2nd Annual Birthday Book Giveaway. Like last year, I’m going to do celebrate my birthday hobbit-style and give gifts to my friends and followers.

This week, the enthusiastically recommended *Apocalypse Emergency: Love’s Wake-Up Call* will be available for FREE from May 20th thru May 24th. One reviewer remarked “I absolutely could not put this book down! One of the best I’ve read….”

And the startling … one reviewer calling it “beautifully alarming” … *Planetmates: The Great Reveal* will be available at a huge discount. It goes from 99 cents up to 4.99 in increments of one dollar beginning Friday, May 20th, and ending at midnight on May 26th. At which time it will return to its normal price of 9.99.


From May 13th thru May 20th –

The glowingly reviewed *PLANETMATES: THE GREAT REVEAL* can be had for a mere 99 cents on May 20th … continuing for 32 hours … then going up in increments of a dollar every 32 hours after that to 4.99 on May 25th at 4pm, ending at midnight on May 26th….


Of *Planetmates* one reviewer remarked,

“The book is beautifully alarming. It provides the scolding humanity deserves and the wisdom it needs to experience…. From the varied viewpoints of `non-human’ planetary life flows a brilliant discourse [and, at times, rant] describing life’s intimate frustration and suffering as a result of humanity’s consuming destruction of the planet and spiritual communal existence.”

Another reviewer wrote,

“The book brings forth many things which have been hidden from us for all kinds of reasons (because with the truth your are FREE to experience all knowings of the universe).”

Still another reviewer has it that,

“Planetmates The Great Reveal”, is unique. Michael Adzema has an obvious gift for exposing us to ideas that immediately seem like we’ve always known them. He can be disturbingly honest, straight-forward and amusing, but he is always clear….

“The book isn’t just another frightening prognostication of the unavoidable doom that will befall our planet; it is a guide to preventing that….

“This book is very readable and very stimulating. It would be an excellent selection for any discussion group. You will be left wanting to talk about this one.

“Michael Adzema’s final words make seeing ourselves as we are, worth the courage it takes to do that:
“… and something wonderful is going to happen.””


On May 20th th thru 24th,


Heartily recommended, of *Apocalypse Emergency*, one reviewer wrote “In beautifully written words, Michael Adzema takes you through an unusual way to help people understand the ramifications, including as I see it too, Earth not being able to sustain life in the near future. I absolutely could not put this book down! One of the best I’ve read and would strongly suggest those of you who are as worried about this Planet to read it and see what you can do to help save the Earth!”



On May 27th, another free book offer and reduced book offer will begin and will be announced in another event like this

Details of the final week of the book giveaway will be announced at the time.

Here is a link to use for all my books….


Join me in celebrating my birthday — hobbit-style — where on a birthday one gives gifts away.

This is a chance to receive four of my books for free, with my compliments, and you can leave it just at that.

OR you get ALL OF THEM for as little as $4.96 total … These are kindle/e-book format, and they normally would total to 76 dollars.

Or any combination in between.

This continues for four weeks … ending on June 2nd.

Remember, you have to get there on Friday of each week to get the best deal on the pay-for book, though free is free all weekend long.


p.s.: if you appreciate this. you can help by rating my book and putting a comment or review on any of my books at Amazon, sharing the book, or simply passing along anything you learn from them.


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“You are invited to a return to unity with Nature and a harmonious understanding of our role, perhaps our destiny, in the grand scheme of things”: A re-visioning of humans in Nature

The idea that humans are rational is now a joke. The idea that we are “God’s chosen species” and magically endowed with the senses and quality of those perceptions to see reality better than any other species that we even know of … well, that would be a joke if the inherent arrogance in that were not so un-funny.

This book goes a long way toward overturning these and many other biases we have — self-congratulatory prejudices humans have in looking out at Nature. You will be challenged and confronted to think differently about many things you thought were certain. Attitudes and habits of thought are undermined.

But what remains is something stronger. You see humanity in a new light. It is one that opens a door on a reality greater than the one humans have contrived for their benefit alone. In doing this, you are invited to a return to unity with Nature and a harmonious understanding of our role, perhaps our destiny, in the grand scheme of things.

Central to all this is an acknowledgement and understanding of how we have come to set ourselves against Nature and all life on this planet. That is the starting point for a re-visioning of humans in Nature: We must begin with looking at the consequences of our estrangement. Certainly, as in any other process of revelation, seeing clearly allows an opportunity for transformation, whereas staying stuck in counterproductive habits of thought leads only to increasing stagnation of life process and a slow, though feverish, slide to death. Beyond that, vistas of larger possibilities for humanity abound. One might very well see their own destiny and future within them.

– excerpted from “Planetmates: The Great Reveal'”

For any of Michael Adzema’s books, go to Michael Adzema at Amazon

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“Humans, in their evolution from planetmates, for survival advantages became crazier…” say planetmates. Video commentary on 8th prasad

“Humans, in their evolution from planetmates, for survival advantages became crazier. And this is when we became more human…. It was a tradeoff. We became pretty good at surviving  … we managed to overpopulate this planet. But we’re crazed mother-fuckers … and we’re going to eliminate this planet and all the life on it” say planetmates in the Eighth Prasad.

what defines us as being human. how we became separate from all other Earth Citizens…. in the Eighth Prasad from the Planetmates

– from “Planetmates: The Great Reveal”

for any of Michael Adzema’s books, including Planetmates: The Great Reveal go to

#Planetmates – The Great Reveal #apocalypse #evolution #ecocide #humans #survival #extinction #book #Michael Adzema – author #anthropology

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