Prodigal Human – Bk 10

Prodigal Human: The Descent of Man … Book Chapters and Links

Prodigal Human, Preface: Falls from Grace, Prodigal Human, Primal Return … Overview (still to come)


Chapter 1: Birth—An Awakening or a Forgetting?

Is Birth the Beginning of Consciousness, as We Assume, or Is It the Forgetting of Innate Divine Awareness: Out of Eden, Part One, Birth — An Awakening or a Forgetting?

Chapter 2: Agrarian Revolution … or Devolution?

We Once Had the Run of the Forest and the “Original Affluent Society”: Early Human Savagery Is a Patriarchal Myth Rationalizing Our Descent Into Civilization

Chapter 3: Bipedalism, Birth Trauma, and Big Brains

Birth Pain Causes a Feverish Human Mind, Struggling Against Nature and the Divine, Which We Call “Intelligence”: Out of Eden, Part Three — Birth, “Intelligence,” and Culture

Chapter 4: Secondary Altriciality and the Origins of Culture

Why We Can’t Get No Satisfaction and What It Has to Do With Being Born Helpless: Out of Eden, Part Four — Secondary Altriciality and the Origins of Culture

To Be Continued with …


Chapter 5: Origins of Ego, Savagery, and the Apocalypse

Chapter 6: Divine Providence and Disease

Chapter 7: Class War—Big Accumulators, Small Accumulators, Controllers, Conformers

Chapter 8: Children and the “Love Contract”

Chapter 9: Family Investment and Fortification

Chapter 10: Ego, Control, Ritual, and Phantom Gods—Religion Versus Spirituality

Chapter 11: A-Mazing Culture, Wrong-Gettedness … Humans Become Abominations in Nature … Treatment of Planetmates and Children as Tools of Ego

Chapter 12: The Present, Forgetting, Life and Death, Light and Darkness, Pleasure and Pain


Chapter 13: Redemption, Love, Faith … Welcome Home

Chapter 14: We Can Return to Nobility

Chapter 15: Back to the Garden … Unity is the Most Sublime Love


Chapter 16: Isaac’s Eyes—The Primal Scene, Children as Assets, and Societal God

Chapter 17: Loss of Self—The Second, The Patriarchal Fall from Grace

Chapter 18: Heading Home … Our Prodigal Return

Prodigal Human Epilogue: Are We Entering a Primal Renaissance?

Prodigal Human, Appendix A: The Prasads of The Great Reveal from The Planetmates—“A Blessing for You…To Choose or Refuse”

*** This is a work-in-progress. More will be added in the near future. ***

To Be Continued with Primal Return: Return to the Garden and Primal Renaissance — Book 11

Return to Falls from Grace – Bk 9

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