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The American Middle Class has been aiding US fascism. Let’s clear our own consciences as we continue The Awakening … #Occupy

The Middle Class has been aiding the repression. It is time for The Awakening. Let’s clear our own consciences as we continue to #occupy

People think that it is better economically than it is and that there are jobs to be had because the folks that would be INCLINED to think that exist in worlds that reinforce their prejudices. What folks who are not getting the reality of THE GREAT RECESSION are seeing in their circles, neighborhoods, and their routines is rather narrow.

I have been “off the beaten path” for several years now in California and Oregon. I have seen things in Amerika that I would not have believed possible in America. Barbara Ehrenreich has been writing on it, for one, though.

For example, what is not said enough, is that it is not just about a war on the middle class. The fact is that ever since Reagan, the War on Poverty has become a War on the Poor — and the middle class has been helping.

THE MIDDLE CLASS HAS BEEN HELPING OPPRESS their less fortunate brothers and sisters. They’ve gotten the jobs they do have to work against all those under them as “brown shirts”. And I mean at all levels of “brown shirting”–from the tyrannical security guard up thru to the white-collar corporate ranks enforcing corporate-bankster financial squeezes and wide across through the state and federal workers and police (check out their actions against the heroic protesters on Wall Street for example) enforcing the egregious and fascist predilections of the moneyed and powerful.

The middle class has participated in all kinds of ways in the (no longer creeping) tsunami of fascism. And progressives and patriots of all kinds, at this time, need to look in the mirror to be sure they are not engaging in fascist tendencies to those below them, even as they decry the ones above spitting on THEM.

We’ve got to do it all folks. Nobody’s wrong here. It just happens to be time for The Awakening, is all.

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