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Are Crop Circles Messages from Our Higher Self Urging Us to a Primal Return to Nature to save Ourselves? Crop Circles, UFOs, and the First Fall from Grace in Nature


UFOs, Crop Circles, and the World as an “Epiphenomenon” of Consciousness: Matter As Metaphor, Part Five — A Call to Regain Harmony with Nature, Writ Large


What Occurs in Psychic Reality Manifests Physically

What Occurs in Psychic Reality Manifests Physically

On grosser levels of physical reality—other than brain—in the world, this is also true, according to Sheldrake’s theory of morphogenetic fields. For every physical form … in the explicate order (borrowing from David Bohm‘s terminology) has its morphogenetic field or pattern in the implicate order. And since this implicate order is identical with what we normally call “consciousness” … as we have been establishing … a subset of which is thought or psyche or the mental, then what occurs in the realm of the psychic will often manifest (to us) in physical reality.

This perspective is fruitful for understanding many common but otherwise unexplainable events, such as synchronicity.


In Observing the World, We Are Observing Mind

Further, the idea that physical reality is comprised of psychic events means something astounding. What this means is that Reality has the same substance as do dreams: Material Reality has psychic substance. And literally, as the mystics say, life IS a dream. When we look at Reality we are observing the workings of Mind.


motherearth image-303413-galleryV9-efgn

Or as some people would say, the workings of God.


Crop Circles and UFOs

This perspective also brings a whole new interpretation to many of the current unexplainables on the world stage: Crop circles and UFOs are two I would like to deal with briefly.




A good example of how this occurs can be seen in the example of UFOs. There is a famous explanation of UFOs by Jung (1978), in which he stated that UFOs were a representation of our modern need for wholeness. In Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies, Jung attributes this perception of glowing circular images to a psychic need.

UFO over Rio.  Photos by Cinimod StudioUFOs-

It is interesting that Jung never, in that book, clearly states whether he thinks UFOs are real or hallucinated, and, considering the inconclusiveness of our understanding of these sightings, one can see why. But there may be another reason.

As pointed out earlier, Jung’s perception of reality was very much in line with the premises of this book: That is to say that psychic reality — what I call Experience and many call Consciousness — is the fundamental reality. Thus, it may be that Jung could not help but foresee the implications of that viewpoint, as I will set forth here: That is, that UFOs might actually be a “physical” manifestation — a collective perceptual reality — of that collective psychic need.


Crop Circles

To make this clearer, let me say that I am thus putting UFOs in the same category of physical reality as the phenomenon, even more recently emerged, of crop circles. Crop circles are indisputably physical: They stick around for a while, and there are many photos of them. And while some crop circles are acknowledged hoaxes, perpetrated by all too human agents, many others are not to be explained away so easily. [Footnote 2]


In these instances, circles (once again) are found written large in fields of cultivated plants. Often, these circles have elements of mandalas included on them.These mandala qualities only underscore the interpretation I am making that they also, like the glowing circular “saucers,” are manifestations (symbolically) of a pressing modern-day need for psychic integration and spiritual-emotional wholeness.

Our First Split from Grace — Agriculture, the Agrarian Revolution, the Neolithic Era

Consider this: These crop circle formations are clustered around neolithic sites — that is, ancient structures related to the time when we began using agriculture. Of the over ten thousand crop circles discovered to date, a staggering number of these, forty percent in fact, were found within a forty mile radius of Stonehenge. They line up with magnetic and electromagnetic lines on Earth as do Stonehenge, Avebury, the Uffington Horse, and dozens of other sites these crop circles are found near. Note that these sites are neolithic in origin, which is to say that they are from the time of the agrarian revolution when we made a major split from Nature and began controlling Her as opposed to being in harmony with Her as were our ancient hunter-gatherer forebears.

Collingbourne Kingstone Borage SAeytetyety circle17Crop Circle 9th May 2010 Below Stonehenge Near Amesbury Wiltshire UK

I have pointed out elsewhere how this agrarian revolution was a fall from grace in Nature — a setting up of a duality, the first major one, pitting humans against Nature. It represents the beginnings of radical mistrust and fear of Nature, hence control of Her, that we are seeing the dire consequences of today with the environmental collapse we have set in motion and are beginning to feel the effects of.

All this together lends itself to a fantastic conclusion about crop circles’ possible meanings for humanity: Is it possible that these agricultural circles are the way our innermost psyche, our inner higher unconscious reality is trying to tell us to “get back to where you once belonged” by placing a sign back at the exact place of our original detour?! Is it possible it is saying, “O.K., here is where you screwed up. Go back to GO, go back to wholeness and integration — the circles, see? Uh, do not collect any two hundred dollars though.”


Physical Reality As an Epiphenomenon of Consciousness

Regardless of one’s interpretation of crop circles, the point is that an opening to the possible understanding of phenomena such as crop circles arises with the acceptance of the new-paradigm primacy-of-the-psychic-world postulate — that is, if one simply considers psychic reality as the true reality and physical reality as only an “epiphenomenon” of it … instead of the other way around.



2. A few things to consider before dismissing crop circles: The Facts About December 2012 – Crop Circles. And Crop circles. And, most importantly, Crop Circles.

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The First Retreat from the Natural Self Was Matriarchal Consciousness; It Should Hardly Be Our Goal: You Cannot “Balance” a Duality … You Can Only Transcend One.


Matriarchy Is Not an Answer to Patriarchy: Is “White Man’s” Pride and Prejudices Keeping Us from Seeing Our Real Solutions, Our Primal Return?


A Golden Age

The question that naturally arises from the preceding chapter’s conclusions on the current state of affairs and their unfortunately intractable response is, What can be done about the present crisis in consciousness? But in order to do anything about our situation, we must delve a little deeper into understanding this state of consciousness and into how it has come to be that way. A more thorough exposition of exactly that endeavor can be found in several other works of mine (The Great Reveal, Apocalypse Emergency, Apocalypse—No!, 21st Century and Its Discontents, and Adzema, 1993a, 1993b).

From Ancient Greece?

images20120115-195400For our purposes here, I would like to point out that similar conclusions to what we have arrived at about our crisis have been coming forth from many quarters of our culture in modern times. Examples are Rupert Sheldrake’s The Rebirth of Nature, Marilyn French’s Beyond Power, Theodore Roszak’s  The Voice of the Earth, Starhawk’s The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess, Richard Tarnas’s The Passion of the Western Mind, John White’s The Meeting of Science and Spirit, and Ken Wilber’s Up from Eden. Nevertheless, what almost all of these perspectives lack is a well-grounded anthropological perspective (Beyond Power being the notable exception). Their analysis of the historical process that has brought us to this pass is often heavily conditioned by a Western bias towards history which sees humanity as beginning in ancient Greece during a matriarchal “Golden Age.”

Completely overlooking, in this way, the full 99% of our specie’s history that occurred prior to that time — when we truly did live in harmony with Nature, as foragers and then hunter-gatherers — these theorists naturally come to the conclusion that our problems in consciousness arose when we switched over from a matriarchal mode of existence to a patriarchal one: That is, with the advance of nomadic patriarchal conquerors over the pastoral and agricultural “matriarchal” cultures of the Hellenic period of ancient Greece.

Matriarchal Is Not an Answer to Patriarchal

This is unfortunate because to seek to find a Golden Age in the matriarchal period has required of such writers that they completely overlook many of the obvious shortcomings of the matriarchal view. This is not to say that the matriarchal cultures may not have been more harmonious with Nature … and with their inner natures … than their patriarchal successors. That they were less violent is also true. Therefore, that matriarchal cultures were less “fallen from grace” than patriarchal ones is not something I would dispute.

What I think is crucial to make known, however, is that the matriarchal cultures themselves were also “fallen from grace”: from a previous, even more “golden” state — one which was even less violent and more harmonious with Nature. [Footnote 1]


Is “White Man’s” Pride and Prejudices Keeping Us from Seeing Our Real Solutions, Our Primal Return?

But the writers in this area are apparently unaware of the true conditions of cultures outside of or prior to the Western “royal” line. Evidently, they are still to some extent influenced by the Western conditioning which has us scapegoat and denigrate such cultures and viewpoints as “primitive,” “savage,” and “uncivilized.” Thus they have us begin our history with a supposed “Greek miracle,” where we are said to have just “awakened” from a prior collective addiction to superstition, magic, and violence.

Lawlor_iconRobert Lawlor, in his book, Voices of the First Day, is one theorist who has not made such a mistake. In fact, Lawlor’s depiction of the aboriginal Australian world view demonstrate exactly the kind of “unfallenness,” “higher consciousness,” and harmony with Reality that most “matriarchal” theorists think they are espousing. It is one that is more truly in line with what might actually be our Reality — as the cutting edges of our sciences are finally telling us … despite themselves. It is interesting how we have come full circle in this way.

The First Retreat: Matriarchal Consciousness

Nevertheless, in response to the popular “return to the matriarchy” view, it is important to point out that it is not necessarily a good thing to go to matriarchal consciousness as a way of correcting patriarchal consciousness, even if it does represent a marginally better state of affairs.  For one does not correct the problems inherent in a duality by swinging to the other end in that same duality.

You Cannot “Balance” a Duality … You Can Only Transcend One.

That approach simply reinforces that particular split, that particular duality. After all, one would not think it a good idea to go from a period of totalitarian fascism to one of complete anarchy, for example. That would only put in play the forces to create another extreme crackdown. Neither would one consider it wise to swing from an extreme of hedonistic behavior to one of anal-compulsive repression; nor would one wish to order up a period of flood to counter one of drought!

“Balancing” Opposites Is an Impossible Struggle. Only a “Conjunction of Opposites” Brings Transcendence.

Though this pendulum-swinging tendency is often observed, it is hardly a desirable thing.  So, as it turns out, neither is it an ideal solution to go from patriarchality to matriarchality — just to “balance the opposites” . . . as some matriarchal advocates espouse. For doing either of these extremes sets up and reinforces the forces at the opposite extreme, readying them for the next wild swing in the other direction! No, one can only correct a duality by transcending that duality. And transcending, by the way, involves a synthesis — that is, either a going beyond, or a going before, to a state where both elements are not opposed — to a state where there is a “conjunction of opposites,” not their continued opposition.

Primal Consciousness

Hunter-gatherer consciousness — termed paleolithic consciousness by one researcher — and especially the even earlier forager consciousness was characterized by just such a, relatively, non-dualistic acceptance of That Which Is … for the most part. Its way of life, corresponding, has been called the “original affluent society,” in that it is estimated that only four hours a day were needed for attending to survival concerns.

But a mistrust set in.  Fearfulness and intractability in the face of change followed; and hence there arose the desire to attempt to control Nature, rather than to follow Her and conform to Her rhythms.

Continued with Ritual As Shadow: Magic, Ritual, and Superstition Occur with the Beginnings of Ego and the Agrarian Desire to Control Nature — the Matriarchal Consciousness

Return to “Why Did He Do It? White Man.” It Is Only Now That His Own Demise Is at Hand That Rational Man Stops to Reflect — The Primal Return


1.  See also Matriarchy: a real solution to the shift in consciousness?

Continue with Ritual As Shadow: Magic, Ritual, and Superstition Occur with the Beginnings of Ego and the Agrarian Desire to Control Nature — the Matriarchal Consciousness

Return to “Why Did He Do It? White Man.” It Is Only Now That His Own Demise Is at Hand That Rational Man Stops to Reflect — The Primal Return

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