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God’s “glory”? … “You’re still fucking peasants as far as i can see.” — John Lennon

God’s *glory*? … or human fear and peasantry 

“We used to say that God did things for His own glory … that he manifested in form to glorify Himself in creation. But that is a lame word — *glory*. It’s like peasants giving the reasons for what kings do. Peasants who, thinking of royalty as being almost different beings from them, higher ones, don’t understand what their motives really are … especially when those rulers are being capricious and needlessly harmful, murderous … but they feel they’d better suck up to “the man.” It’s a nice sounding and flattering word that doesn’t really mean anything and can be applied to cover everything….”

– from “Funny God: The Tao of Funny God and the Mind’s True Liberation”

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