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Who are the “savages” really? We see “savagery” in Nature, among animals and planetmates, just like we did among indigenous peoples.

“So white man wiped out these “savages” and committed genocide on entire societies/cultures of them. And the indigenous peoples … they were the savages?!

“I think we currently have a similar attitude about our planetmates as White Man has had about indigenous peoples historically. We are the savages seeing “savagery” in other people … and in Nature.

“We are seeing what is going on in Nature through filters biased in our favor, much like being ethnocentric in judging other cultures and “races.” And with a closer look and putting judgment to the side we come up with an entirely different understanding — one that aids the cross-species understanding between humans and planetmates that is now, and none too soon, dawning on us…..”

– excerpted from “Planetmates: The Great Reveal'”

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