Wounded Deer, Centaurs – Bk 5

Wounded Deer and Centaurs … Book Chapters and Links

Wounded Deer and Centaurs: The Necessary Hero and the Perinatal Zeitgeist of Postmodern Times


Prologue — For Earth’s Sake, Get Real: “Sure It’s Hard But Always Are We Here Helping You”

Part 1: Roots of Our Dis-Ease

Chapter One: We Are a Fever … Human Nature Is Fashioned at Birth and Before

Chapter Two: Ain’t Born Typical – The Perinatal Unconscious Driving Our Humanicide

Chapter Three: Everything You’ve Forgotten About Birth … Projecting the Perinatal Zeitgeist

Chapter Four: Twenty-First Century and Its Discontents — The Primal Screen

Part 2: What It Looks Like and Why

Chapter Five: Prenatal Imprints of Our Unnatural Self

Chapter Six: Prenatal Oxygen Hunger and Fire… Why We’re Big on Burning

Chapter Seven: Civilization and Apocalypse … Deep Thoughts on The Fall

Chapter Eight: Return of the Centaur and How We Look to the Gods

Chapter Nine: The Prenatal Hunger Games, Fetal Malnutrition — Class and Culture Wars

Chapter Ten: “Bad Blood” Craziness – Poisoned, Infected

Chapter Eleven: Prenatal Irritation-Revulsion … Creeped Out in the Womb

Chapter Twelve:  Toxic Womb ~ Toxic World … Gaia Is Calling

Part 3: What We Need to Do

Chapter Thirteen: Perinatal Printouts of Sixties, X, and Millennial Generations … Regression in the Service of Society

Chapter Fourteen: Birth Wars ~ World Woes … Life or Death Matters

Part 4: Where There’s Hope

Chapter Fifteen: Psychological History of Today’s Generations … the Unsung Consciousness Revolution

Chapter Sixteen: Eden Arise and a Call to Centaurs

Continue with Book Six: The Great Reveal by the Planetmates

Return to Book Four: Apocalypse No:
Apocalypse or Earth Rebirth and the Emerging Perinatal Unconscious

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