“Slaughtering” Smart Folks: “they would become rote learners of narrowly applicable, short-lived ‘knowledge,’ removing the educated class as a barrier to a totalitarian America”

From the 70s on, in America, “This would remove the educated class as a barrier to any kind of totalitarian efforts.”:

“So liberal arts ideals were bulldozed away to make room for the career tracks leading directly into positions in management, medicine, law, and many new and highly specialized niches — usually the kind of specialization that would not occur until the postgraduate years, or after graduation directly on the job….

“Rather, if corporations were seen or heard to be needing, say, people knowledgeable in inter-managerial, mid-corporate, communicative intercourse and response, well entire four year programs were built around that. Add that kind of narrowly focused citizenry with its ephemeral knowledge and you have the kind of population that will do the bidding of the overseers and be happy for their fat paychecks — until their narrow niche of “knowledge” becomes obsolete….

“Slaughtering Smart Folks 

“They will be happy for their paychecks, not knowing of any higher ideals than greed and accumulation. They will not know of their manipulation, would not know of the historical predecessors to it or the like. They would not have training in original thought but rather in training in decided upon processes and procedures and the jargon accompanying it. So they would become rote learners of narrowly applicable and short-lived “knowledge.” This would remove the educated class as a barrier to any kind of totalitarian efforts….”

– from “Culture War, Class War: Occupy Generations and the Rise and Fall of ‘Obvious Truths'”



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