“You Lose Your Form, You Lose Your Fear”: Experience Is Divinity, Part Fourteen — The Dream Is Over, Liquid Memories, and THE TRUTH


Realizing hOMelessness, The Hidden Face of Death, and Being God in Spite of You: Uncertainty Wakes Up Zombies … “Won’t Be Nothing but Big ol’ Hearts Dancing in Our Eyes”


The Dream Is Over.

imaggfdhjjkgesprisonbreak460_thumbBut, you know, at some point we want to go back.

Pretty much when we’re talking like this, we’re tired of it … we’re tired of the whole thing, all the drama, the Cosmic Dream. We’ve had enough of it, and we want to go back. We’re ready. We’re ready to understand, to remember again….


Liquid Memories

No Pain, No Gain –> No Form, No Fear

307204_287636994583277_2132120819_n391768_3052183483978_2088528074_nPerhaps by this time we have had certain experiences—and they do come to us in a variety of ways—where we have discovered that when you lose your form, you lose your fear. When one has a near death experience, what one says about it afterward is that all fear and worry disappeared upon release of the physical form.


In Heaven There Is No…

In a near death experience or in deep meditation or using psychedelics one might get a taste of that “heaven”—that state of bliss and no-form—and one realizes that in that state there is no such thing as an unhappy experience.


562844_2927234920342_423932017_nfun-times-with-god1There is also no such thing as an experience in our no-form state that is less than magnificent. There is nothing boring about Truth-Awareness-Bliss. God is the opposite of an icon. It is only in the human form that we diminish Experience, that we reduce it down to a “measly trickle of awareness,” filtering out the vastness of a Universe of All Experience.


Indeed, it is this that creates the drug addiction in humans. All of the drugs that become addictive have one thing in common: they reduce the awareness of one’s form, they reduce bodily awareness. In doing this, in some of them the awareness of Mind is amplified.


Realizing hOMelessness

It is a situation that is similar in structure to dying, and drug addiction is almost always an indirect wish for or longing for death … to return to the no-form state, to go hOMe.

So at the point when one wants to go back, drug addiction is more likely, for it mimics the spiritual goal. Indeed it gives a taste of the goal.

But, like the Siren calling, it ultimately leads one away from spiritual awareness. All drugs are some form of expanding awareness beyond the stagnation of the physical form, but like all signposts to the Divine, they block out awareness of the Divine when they are focused on, relied on. They are then the Buddhas on the path who must be killed; they are the Sirens to be resisted.

Uncertainty Wakes Up Zombies

For it is the unexpected that creates real experience.


God moving in mysterious ways.

If you know it, if you expect it, it is just a trance state. And all addictions are about trying to re-live, ever and again, a particular experience or set of experiences, which happened at the beginning of that addiction. We all try to re-create pleasurable experiences; we call it addiction when it is most obvious that it is counterproductive.

Those early experiences in the addiction may have originally been a step out of the boring life of everyperson—they almost invariably were—but in trying to have them again, one has created simply a different type of stagnation of life. It is like getting stuck in a rut, now, on the other side of the road from which one has pulled away.


Our Prodigal Return

But somehow or other, one way or another, sooner or later, we succeed. We make our way down the road. We end up hOMe. Like prodigal children we return to the embrace of the Universal Soul.


“Hey, Thanks for That Death I Wasn’t Expecting!”

484006_434131589990339_399158917_nThose most clinging to form and with the least experience of no-form are the most insistent on the reality of death … that is, of death being an end of consciousness.

But eventually, as you near hOMe, sure enough you realize there is no death. Other-than-Western cultures have it easier in coming to this awareness, for the vast majority of them have institutionalized ways of going regularly into nonordinary states of consciousness where the death-rebirth experience naturally occurs. Over and over again, before they actually die, they face what is felt to be death and discover it has another side—a hidden face which is an expansion of consciousness, a rebirth. More and more the prospect of death loses its anxiety; over time one becomes less fearful and more free. This is why Plato advised, “Practice dying.”



The Hidden Face of Death

jesus-crucified-in-the-wombhomepageHowever, Westerners, as in everything else, filter out real or deep experience from their lives; they further diminish consciousness from what it already is in just being human. They fortify, regimentize, medicalize, regulate, pharmacalize, and “insure” their lives against any possible deep experience, let alone death, and so they fear it most exceedingly, having nary a glimpse of its beatific other face … and knowing little of its nature as another peek-a-boo, another thing that will be fun to discover was not as was feared and in fact was something wonderful.


But as I have stressed throughout this work, the Universe—ourselves in essence—continually brings to us the experiences we need in order to grow and re-member again. In might take a dire illness, a neurotic or psychotic break, psychedelics, near-death experience, addiction in any of its forms, accidents, tragedies, or the death of a loved one. In various ways, and gradually over time, we recall our formlessness, we regain our liquid memories.


Death then loses its power in derailing our perception of What Is. We learn that killing is not possible for God, for there is no death.


Also, since there is no death, there is no time limit on realizing our Divinity.

Being God in Spite of You

reaching_out1jacob-ladderAnd we learn everything about getting back by teaching ourselves the way back through the ways we interact with each other and the things we do to each other… even the bad things.

We are always ourselves trying to get ourselves back hOMe. We do that by acting upon ourselves through the actions of ourselves in the forms of others and though all those “external” events, which are also ourselves being on our side, teaching us, guiding us, and re-membering us.


422859_387261117968828_443833723_nThe events that we encounter coming into the world as humans—most notably at the prenatal, perinatal, primal scene (around age four or five), and identity stages … more about this later—have the effect of reducing our awareness of Divinity and separating us from hOMe. The events that occur at and between those times through our interaction with ourselves as others serve to increase that diminution of consciousness … when we are newbies not wanting to go hOMe yet.

And later in life, beginning sometime in adulthood and when we have had enough and feel we are ready to go back, the grand U-turn begins and our interactions with ourselves as others serves to reverse that narrowed awareness.


So, it’s all Love that we give each other because whether we are assisting ourselves in reducing awareness to set up the experiment in Experience we call the individual self or helping ourselves back from it, we are glorifying the Divine adventure and moving it along. In spite of ourselves, we can’t help but be God.


And in spite of ourselves we can’t help but act as the Divine to ourselves and to others, perfectly, in bringing about many Divine adventures in consciousness. For even the seeming imperfection of it all—our actions and others—is part of that perfection, even if the realization of that does not come till after we have left our human form. 


“Won’t Be Nothin’ But Big ol’ Hearts Dancin’ in Our Eyes”

angelblessing1asdfdafaThere is a verse to a song that expresses this: “In spite of ourselves, we’re gonna end up a sittin on a rainbow… Against all odds, yeah, we’re the big door prize…”

There’s the knowledge.

“We’re gonna spite our noses right off of our faces…”

That’s true. That’s God speaking, you see?

“Won’t be nothing but big ol’ hearts dancing in our eyes.”

Nothing but Love. And that’s THE TRUTH.

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