“You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free” … What Real and Unritualized Spiritual Experience Looks Like

“Each One of Us Is an Experiment in Truth.” Ritual As Shadow Experience, Part Seven: Love – Over and Around Us Lies

Part Four of a Primal Re-Experience: “Love – Over and Around Us Lies”

After a short period of quiet and apparent inner reflection, the experiencer, Mary Lynn Adzema, continues expressing the positive feelings and insights as they unfold in the aftermath of the earlier dramatic re-experience of pains endured after her caesarean birth. In “Primal Spirituality – Part Three of Excerpt from a Primal Re-Experience: ‘Let Go, Let God,'” the experiencer related an awareness welling up in her of the degree to which she had been running away from fear in her life—which earlier she had seen was connected to the experience after birth of having the umbilical cord cut prematurely which as a newborn she interpreted as the man with the knife (the doctor) wanting to murder her. She expressed a growing awareness how that running away had kept her feeling exhausted throughout her life, and how it was unnecessary because the thing she was running away from happened a long time ago and wasn’t true even then. Though the umbilical cord cutting was a painful assault it was not the attempt at murder that the newborn’s mind interpreted it to be and, never altered, became part of the foundation of her personality and her feelings about life, all unconsciously and without her knowing their origins previous to her primal experiences.

In this experience, the calmness spreads, the experiencer relates other positive feelings as they rise within her and the insights that come along with them. The facilitator, her husband, Michael Adzema (me) shares some of his own experiences that reinforce the new perceptions of truth, her life, life itself, and God, which have just dawned in Mary Lynn’s mind, releasing her from a lifetime prison of needless struggle.

The Tragedy of Faux Primal Therapy Is The Reason for These Videos

These excerpts show events that—while having many things in common with other experiences in primal therapy—are unique, just as every experience in primal therapy is unique, unexpected, and totally spontaneous, and occurring always as a complete surprise to both the experiencer and the facilitator. Indeed, over the decades since Janov shared the gift of primal therapy with the world—partly because Janov, for some good reasons, would not say exactly what would happen in primal sessions, let alone provide video—as is being done here—of what primal sessions can look like—thousands of people have undergone fake primal sessions under the guidance of faux primal therapists, who got their understanding of Primal from the words in Janov’s books, not from direct experience, and without ever having even observed an actual primal or a primal session. That is the main reason these videos are being shared. For more on this, go to the site, “Primal Spirituality: The Inner Authority.”

For Janov’s decision, while it made sense as he foresaw a future of earnest therapists lining up to learn from him, thus assuring a kind of quality control, indeed had the opposite effect in the real world where (1) people are arrogant and assume they already know, and don’t need to be trained; or they feel they are way past that; (2) many people who would want to be trained were dissuaded because of the financial, geographical, and the family and life disruptions that Janov’s way entailed.

Thus, Janov’s refusal to “share the keys to the kingdom”—as the outsiders would call it—actally led them to concoct pretty wild and pretty far off the mark faux primal therapies. This led to the denigration of primal therapy … it’s being called “primal scream” therapy … and sure enough, there were quite a few variations of faux primal therapy that were really just scream practice … and it led (my main point here) into two major prevalent trends among the faux therapists: (1) the tendency to think that the therapy has something to do with yelling out as loud as possible every thought that crossed one’s mind; (2) the tendency for faux therapists to plan or schedule some of the events that would occur in a client’s session—totally anti-primal in that it continues to make the therapist the doer and initiator and thus eliminates the possibility of the experiencer discovering for him- or herself what he or she really is by keeping the session completely unstructured, and only coming into form moment-by-moment, following the inner events of the client, the experiencer.

One of the main reasons I have taken on the burden of publishing these videos and my wife, the experiencer, has bravely agreed to let the world in on her private life is to do something to stop this trade in faux primal—with neither the clients nor the therapists aware of the harm and waste of money and time and life entailed. I personally learned of the death of a dear friend who dedicated her life to a faux primal therapy, which did nothing to alter the pattern of self-abuse for which she came to therapy (overeating). For with decades of faux primals and even becoming a faux therapist herself, her obesity remained. She died much earlier than she would have had she had a clue as to what real primal therapy is.

Incidentally, about myself as the facilitator in these videos: While I was not trained directly by Janov, I received my therapy and primal awareness under the direction of Janov’s head of therapist training, the late Jules Roth, after Jules and his wife Helen left Janov to start their own Center in Denver, which was called the Certified Primal Therapists’ Center. That is to say, I learned from the man who Janov appointed to train therapists for him and who wrote the first article on training for Janov, which Janov had published in one of his early primal publications.

Part Five of a Primal Re-Experience: “The Truth Sets You Free”

Part Five of Mary Lynn’s session shows the completion of the process for this particular primal re-experience. Elaborations and revelations unfold as the experiencer feels free, unburdened for the time being, and experiences gratitude and wonder of the power of what she has experienced which could so drastically change how she was feeling and even her view of life and herself a little bit in such a short time. The talk is more conversational and more like a sharing, with the experiencer leading in terms of the topic, and the facilitator reflecting back from his own experience to validate and support the new perceptions of things the experiencer is still in the process of just glimpsing.

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