Life Is a Dark Screen … Fetishing and Fearing What’s Hidden: To Be Ignorant of Identity with Divinity Is the Purpose of the Human Form.


Life Is About Learning Not to Project Our Fears onto a Vast Unknown Which Is Essentially No-Thing : The Universe’s Trippiest Game Is to Become Human


Grof_CosmicGameiconSo, Divinity doesn’t ever pick pain for us, except to bring us back to happiness. What I’m getting at is that God is good. The Divine defines goodness. The amount of darkness we see in the Divine is indeed equal to the amount of darkness we have created for ourselves. It may even be a while to realize that even choosing the darkness was perfect, as the light is better seen in contrast to darkness and we better understand our own nature as Divinity, we better understand Truth in relation to the Untruth we hid ourselves with.


Where the Horror Comes In

Training in Faith, In Not Fearing

Remember peek-a-boo? It is the way that mothers teach their babies…by putting something in darkness, putting something out of view. That is what causes the upset, right? But it’s how babies are taught to not fear.

Basically, what we are trying to be taught, in peek-a-boo with God, in giving ourselves pain, is not to fear. We are being taught that when something is not in plain sight, basically not to project our own inner horrors into that unknowing.


We can take the example of nakedness and lewdness. We know that cultures determine what is considered lewd largely through determining what is allowed to be seen and what is not. And from this we see there is a kind of a universal truth that what’s ever kept in the darkness is magnified. The darkness is also where we project all the things inside that we don’t know yet. And that’s where all the horror comes from. It’s basically from darkness … from the fact that something is not known.


Fetishing and Fearing What’s Hidden

It is almost like there was a point in every culture where that which attracts inordinate interest, and even fixation, or even fetish, is always that which has been concealed. Where there is no darkness, where there is no hidden truth, let alone agendas, there is no fear.

Without these cultural filters on perception consciousness of nakedness is nothing more than as natural as, and just as overlooked as, our consciousness of the way animals look. They are also “naked.” But how often do you think what any of them look like in detail? You are not thinking about their appearance as being shameful or needing covering up…Well,most people don’t think of animals as needing covering like humans do. And they are not attracting your attention just because they only have fur on them.

There is a lack of interest in nudity and no shame when nothing is concealed. So also with other realities and thoughts. In Divinity—the state of total awareness and light … with everything at hand, or, “at thought,” to be more precise—you are freed from the wondering, worrying, the interest, the fixation, the curiosity…let alone the fear, uncertainty, of terror, horror, all of which arise out of the things that are hidden, that are concealed, that are in darkness.


Horror Comes from What’s Kept in Darkness

The darkness is also where we project all the things inside we don’t know yet. That is where all the horror comes from. It’s basically from darkness … from the fact that something is not known.

Project Our Personal Hiddens onto a Vast Unknown Which Is Essentially No-Thing

Like I’ve been saying, even in peek-a-boo that’s the case. But later, it’s God that teaches us, right? What we’re learning, in peek-a-boo with God, is not to fear. We’re being taught that when something is not in plain sight not to project our own inner horrors into the unknowing or into what always comes down to being no-thing…no thing at all.


The Purpose of the Human Form

Male-doctor-spanking-a-newborn-baby-12383229-0The darkness makes a wonderful screen for projecting imaginary, truly mental, and fleeting as thought non-realities.

It is the reason for choosing the human form…in fact…. That is, to be completely ignorant of your identity with divinity, to create darkness, is the purpose of the human form.

In becoming human, you throw yourself, completely, into such a darkness, with the foreknowledge that God is good, and that you will always be in His, Her presence…. In fact you will be literally moving and thinking in total God immersion, and the only difference between people will be the degree to which they know that, or don’t.

Becoming Human Is God’s Trippiest Game.

jumpcliffSo it is the trippiest game that God plays. Imagine, it would be like any of us throwing ourselves onto another planet with complete total amnesia. teilhardnothumans (2)And the game would not even be known to be a game! You don’t know it’s a game, you just show up! That’s what’s so much different from us and the animals.

So, God plays this game…and we as God choose it because it is the most fraught with…well, let us say…let us simply call it peek-a-boo. By that I mean it is the most fraught with totally and sincerely believing the most horrible and hideous and terrifying things which can happen. It is because of that total amnesia…that lack of any link to truth…that we can believe the most horrible things are possible or real.


Life Is a Dark Screen

Life is come into and without any remembrance of our true nature, right? Now, life is essentially, then, a dark screen! Because we have no sense of our true nature, life is essentially a dark screen upon which anything can be found.

So the human form has its purpose in being a kind of a purging of all the unknown within. It’s not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with these things unknown. Life is like a projecting out, so that it can be seen, of all the things that one would conceive as a unique divine actor.


Animals Remember It Is Just a Movie, Unlike Us.

But this dream-like nature of reality is remembered again when in the presence of the divine, when in Divinity, or even, say, taking on an animal or other form where there is never that total amnesia. For nonhuman planetmates only engage in the kind of pretend that an actor has when performing a role in a play. See that’s what their reality is like. They always remember, so they’re always pretending…even when it’s something seemingly horrible that’s in the script. And they never confuse the role with their own true essence.


How Can God Be Devilish?

So it is only humans, forgetting their nature, who can conceive the incredible horror and act out the most hideous things possible.


But that also is part of the plan or game for humanness. For how could God act devilish and murderous unless He allowed Himself? Think about it.

And I know you’re saying, why would God want to act devilish and murderous? Ok, maybe I’m ahead of myself, but just hold that thought.


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